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Because It 'Undermines Representative Democracy,' Progressive Orgs. tell DNC: Ditch Superdelegate System


Because It 'Undermines Representative Democracy,' Progressive Orgs. tell DNC: Ditch Superdelegate System

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Echoing critiques made by Bernie Sanders and supporters of his presidential campaign, 14 progressive organizations are urging the Democratic Party to scrap the superdelegate system, which they say "undermines representative democracy."


The super delegate system was created expressly so that the Democratic Party could keep control of the election so no matter who the voters wanted as the candidate, the Party Insiders could ensure that their chosen candidate would be the nominee. The election process is also stacked at the local level so it has always been an unfair uphill battle for Sanders.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders has the requisite number of pledged delegates to win so that the selection later this month will be decided by the super delegates.

What is ironic is that this means that the Democratic Party could choose the strongest candidate against Donald Trump and virtually guarantee a Democrat in the White House next year (i.e. President Bernie Sanders). Of course they will never do that. The deck has been stacked against Sanders from the beginning and the Party Insiders are not about to change their minds, even though it means that there is a very good chance that the Democratic Party will lose the White House in November.

And Hillary Clinton would never withdraw gracefully even though that is what would be best for the Party and the Nation. Her Lust for Power is just too great for her to do what is both logical and good. As a result, the election between the two most hated candidates in history (Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump) will be decided on not who is the better candidate, but who the voters hate the least in November.


Even if they threw out the super delegates and Sanders got the nomination, I wouldn't vote for him now. He's lost all my trust with his enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary. If he won he'd probably turn against progressives like Obama.


They are superfluous and inappropriate to a Democracy.

I say, get rid of them.


"Because It 'Undermines Representative Democracy,' Progressive Orgs. tell DNC: Ditch Superdelegate System"

WTF?? A little too late I think...


"I was there at the creation of this party feature and I can attest that the idea of “super-delegates” making up around 15 percent of the voting delegates – and thus holding a powerful influence over the selection process – was never what was intended."...Spencer Oliver.

Here is Mr. Oliver's take, like many things, things become things that are not intended.


Superdelegates have no place in American politics, get rid of all of them, not some, but all of them.

Edit: As Mr. Oliver says, it still can be done, eliminate the voting rights of superdelegates, that is.

". The DNC could even do this by meeting the day before the convention and amending the party’s rules to correct this democratic deficit in our system."...Spencer Oliver.


Bernie decided not to take the fight to the convention floor which has disappointed his many supporters. It is odd that he would come so close and then cave at the very end when it wouldn't really matter anyway.

It looks like Bernie didn't want to change the system as much as he wanted to work within the system. An error in perception for many of his supporters who heard the word revolution but not the words 'political revolution'.

Bernie may have decided that he would douse the flames of those who were angry at having been disenfranchised during the nomination.

Bernie made a losing choice which is sad. He did not want to confront the DNC with supporters behind him. Bernie opted for collaboration not confrontation.

Sad to say but Bernie will join a march for justice but he wouldn't be the one to organize or lead the march it seems.

Bernie didn't want to lead what could be called a political rebellion as the follow up to his call for political revolution. Bernie is willing to let the disenfranchisement stand ...

..but Bernie forgets that we were disenfranchised of OUR votes not that we were disenfranchised of his nomination (though that happened).

He should have helped us regain our democracy at the convention. He should have led the political rebellion and embraced Americans protesting and demonstrating for their right to vote in a fair election.


WHAT THE FRUCK? Morphed! The Democratic Party has undergone back alley slice and dice political reassignment surgery. Now we have the 2016 edition of Tweedle Dee Dum and Tweedle Dee Dee where one is as big a bag of failed horse shit as the other. I guess it is one of those genetic ironies we humans are blessed with. What you generally believe is the thing they throw in the grave with you as they tap the box and label you just another nameless member of the super prey.. As for Democrats? Ain't none left. They have all been replaced with Stefford Cut-Outs bent, folded, mutilated and pigeonholed ritually by the evening propaganda.

Forget Both Wings of Wall Street's One Party System. Neither is worthy of an atheist's belief in the twisted concept of of group salvation. If there had been a Jesus these world class assholes would have incarnated much earlier just for a chance to scratch each other's eyes out over the life of Judas. Damn sure ain't gonna play the Martyr - that would mean raising taxes on all of their rich friends for such unnecessary citizen needs as health care, equality, a fair and even handed criminal injustice system, ending the Wars Of Empire and its ritual Murders for Dollars and stopping the destruction of our climate - the most pressing issue of anytime in our short but inglourious and self-destructive history.

What you are hearing is not the end of the earth because Donald KKK Trump might get elected. It is the sound and fury of their fart driven tempests in cheap aluminium teapots of desperate political chicanery. None are worthy of our votes but that does not seem to bother them. As proven in the primaries they will gladly take your vote from you if they "need" it without remorse or regret. After all when most of the world's largest fortunes are to be served there is not a disgusting depth that these professional hacks will not sink to. What's a little rolling around with decorative sewer ornaments hanging in your hair when serving the Gawd Almighty Dollar???

Ladies and Gentlemen. We are gathered here not to praise these Little Caesar Wannabes. We are here to bury them in their own political swamps. They may steal our votes but we are going to use the broken off levers to beat them severely about their own egos until they automatically deflate as the lack of substance can no longer count as operation normal.

Never Hillary And Never Donald!

My vote will be a conscious act of Defiance even if all hope of reform is gone until 2018.

As Jill Stein and others in history has said: "It is hard to be a Revolutionary in a counter revolutionary party."
To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: "We are now all hanging together. It is time to cut the ropes and take deep breaths.
Because if you ain't married "swinging" is not all it's cracked up to be."

As the church mouse said: "The only times change around here is on Sundays." And my fellow boys and girls in politics almost everyday can be a Sunday. If only we click our votes together on a paper trail. See that study about paper recording and non recording of votes? Guess who wins when there ain't nothing but an ethereal cosmic record lost in cyberspace?

Wait for it. Don't pounce until you can smell the darkness of their lies. You must not be afraid to vote for someone who believes in and stands up for what she or he says. Looking for that in either of the Frame Stream Parties is beyond futile when by intent our voices have been and will continue to be excluded. The Trumpies know that as well. Unfortunately the common sense gene is apparently made inactive through hate without the hope of a better world.


I disagree. He has not conceded the race and he is going to the convention to fight for his policies. I'm disappointed he didn't go Green or Independent but your description of what he did is over the top and bitter.
He still plans to lead the revolution and work with different groups organizing now to keep up the fight.
We have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. He is still doing what he said he would do. He is a wonderful person to have on our side and what he has done to open doors for us is monumental. Trashing him doesn't make it any better. We can vote for Jill Stein and still work with Bernie and the groups he is setting up. The more the merrier.


Hated now is he??? You have a screw loose or something. People are disappointed they don't hate him.


You misjudge me about Bernie. I love Bernie and will always defend him as having been the most decent of human beings and an honest politician. However that does not excuse him from criticism. Bernie did not seriously take issue (enough) with the disenfranchisement as it progressed throughout the nomination. Nor did he strenuously oppose the dirty tricks and so forth used against him. I don't know why he did not but it looks like he wanted to run a mostly philosophical race rather than one to win. He also limited himself right from the beginning like when he took the emails off the table right at the start. An unethical move by the way, if she committed a crime, it is not up to him to make excuses for it nor for him to dismiss the issue.

Bernie ran a race that helped Hillary rather than hurt her where she was vulnerable. I began to wonder whether he truly wanted to actually win? He wanted a more socially responsible Democratic Party but was that all? Maybe we all wanted reform more than him?

In any case here it is only two weeks before the convention and he removes all hope for his progressive supporters. My first thought was that as people assemble to protest this rigged election that Bernie decided to not lead them even in support of himself. Bernie arrives at the very end and then gives up instead of fighting for our democracy? He may be a loyal democrat but he failed us all right then. He returned to the fold as a politician not as the progressive leader or symbol that he had become. Our balloon deflated and we were led away from fighting for our rights and towards a meeker acceptance of already having lost those rights. Bernie is a good man but not a revolutionary.

Sadly he gave up at the very end and it failed us all. We not him get tossed into the hands of oligarchy because our politicians no longer believe in the power of the people to be in charge of their own democracy... and Bernie is among them in that. He chose not to fight for our rights and instead weakens us all by this 'lets just ask them nicely' strategy rather than leading demonstrations and protest marches. I still like Bernie but I respect him less for waiting till the very end and then not following through for us. He didn't want protests but we end up losing our rights to vote. He forgot that. It wasn't about him these demonstrations...it was about our being disenfranchised whomever was the candidate. He let us fall.


There is an off-shoot from Bernie's movement already - The Progressive People's Party - with the Bernie bird as it's symbol. Check it out...(or the People's Progressive Party, I DID see it quite a while ago. Sorry :wink:


"...this rigged election..." is precisely why Bernie stuck to the ISSUES! He was/is serious to bring to the fore-front the ISSUES that matter to the 98%. I can't wait until the convention, and am STILL emailing the superdelegates to encourage them to remain constant with the populace and endorse Bernie. Just the poll numbers should have each of them alarmed at this point...


Give me a break! Sanders never led a revolution nor intended to. People perhaps people like you wanted to hear that in his message but it was never there. Bernie was not Che, okay. He is a senator running for office not leader of the revolution. What is with people?

!People wanted too much from Bernie. They wanted a revolution but he only wanted a more socially responsive Democratic Party. He has done more for people than has anyone else since before Reagan. He opened up the debate for social justice and while I personally wish he had fought through till the convention, I am guessing that he didn't want to serve as a revolutionary leader plain and simple.

I think he let us down by not sticking it out but that is just me. I at least recognize that people have been projecting on to him stuff that they wanted him to represent according to some ill defined sense of the 'movement' but maybe they should have asked Bernie first if he went along with their view.


Again, people. Bernie is going 'all the way to the convention'. He has not officially conceded. His delegates will still be called on the first ballot. There will not be a second ballot. Learn how these things work please, before making comments (I know, stupid request). Now, take off the tinfoil hat, put down the emotions. What serves us all more? 1. Crying about it, then taking his ball and going home? 2. Screaming at the convention and embarrassing himself and the Party from the convention floor, and still losing? 3. Continuing with platform votes and rules changes and getting good press at the convention? 4. running 3rd party and breaking his word, losing credibility and looking like a 'regular' politician, becoming a pariah, and hurting 3rd parties?

"...when the roll call at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is announced it will show that we won almost 1,900 delegates. That is a lot of delegates, far more than almost anyone thought we could win. But it is not enough to win the nomination. Secretary Clinton goes into the convention with 389 more pledged delegates than we have and a lot more super delegates."

Be smarter than this. Do not blame Bernie (or you really didn't understand what was going on in the first place). This is more than about him. Continue this work. Use the momentum. Use the new public awareness. Use the experience of new organizers. Use the new mold of 'we don't actually need Big Money for campaigns. Run/volunteer local, and use these experiences to connect to other issue movements and larger campaign. Ignore useless commenters.

Stein 2016


The Dems will lower the total of superdelegates but keep enough to control the nomination outcome, and then declare themselves democratic.


Unfortunately we have a situation that General Washington would have understood during the Revolution. What we have here are organizations that deliberately fail to communicate their corporatist leanings and intentions while presenting themselves as "Sunshine Progressives". Is your bottle of Wall Street Lube empty? Have no fear the Sunshine Progressives are here. They are just swell and we know that you will like them. They are so brazen that they do not even bother to remove "Made In Dixieland, Arkansas by Slick Willie Industries". We must give Senator Sanders credit. He has been in Washington since the 1990s arriving with The Devil's Own Married Children. We all know the problem with power and money for those who lust after it like fat little food junkies jonesing for the whole pie. That Bernie survived to this point in time is a miracle born from his own sense of doing the right thing in a world that only rewards obedience and conformity.


The superdelegates are strongly supported by the Black Congressional Caucus. They don't want to have to run against voters in order to attend the convention as delegates. Clinton is very beholden to the Black Congressional Caucus. Many of the members spread out through South Carolina to support her in what turned out to be a key victory in the primary race. After a stumbling beginning, her big win in South Carolina gave her momentum going into Super Tuesday which led to her getting a large lead in pledged delegates which she was able to maintain to until the end. To obtain credibility about being serious with regard to reforming the process progressives would have to support ending the caucuses. The caucuses disenfranchise large number of voters, particularly people who have low paying jobs and can't get off from work to attend the caucuses.


Not a fan of the Dem Party (elite) or DNC but how bout a decision for radical democracy where being an elected official automatically disqualifies you from being a delegate.


Bernie Sanders: I Have Not Suspended My Campaign

On July 24th Bernie will speak to his supporters in FDR Park in Philadelphia and declare victory. No, he won't be saying he is the nominee. He will be declaring victory for the progressive movement. Bernie is proud of the progress we have made. The progressive agenda is now a mainstream agenda. Bernie told his delegates that the right wing agenda has dominated the discourse long enough and together we have changed the conversation.

He acknowledged that there is still a long way to go to implement the agenda. Along those lines he announced that in the coming weeks new organizations will be launched to replace the campaign. One of the major focuses will be to elect progressives at the local and national level.

In explaining why he decided to endorse Hillary Clinton now, he praised her for agreeing to the most progressive platform ever. He praised victories on the minimum wage, college affordability, Native American rights, criminal justice, and the environment. He acknowledged that while progress was made we fell short on trade, health care, and the Middle East.

Sanders told his supporters that they must organize to make sure the TPP does not come to a vote in a lame duck session of Congress. Sanders sounded optimistic, but warned that he thinks it is possible that the TPP could pass in this Congress. He urged his delegates to contact their members of Congress to tell them to block a vote this year.

I watched Bernie's speech with Hillary on YouTube. I saw the chat explode with people saying that Bernie was a traitor. Many were posting F bombs. Bernie Sanders has done more for the progressive cause than any of those posters. I know that many of them worked hard over the last year and have been active for years. That does not give them the right to show such disrespect for a man who has spent his whole career fighting for the progressive cause.

Bernie Sanders got 13 million votes. Compare that to Dennis Kucinich and other past progressive candidates. Bernie has moved the progressive cause forward. He will continue to fight for us and I bet he will accomplish more than all of the haters combined. I'm still with you Bernie.

Bernie Sanders: I Have Not Suspended My Campaign | OpEdNews