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Because "It's Now or Never," Indivisible Resistance to Trump Gains Steam

Because "It's Now or Never," Indivisible Resistance to Trump Gains Steam

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

From Carpinteria, Calif. to Kansas City, Mo. to Charlottesville, Va., pockets of resistance—catalyzed by the "Indivisible Guide"—to the Trump administration are popping up nationwide.

Good to see this! Organize! Organize! Organize! Across America, before the fascists make it too late.


In addition to indivisibleguide.com check out justicedemocrats.com and #dementer. All are working in concert to get progressives into office in 2018, they are all supporting each other to do two things; nullify the republican onslaught and to replace the existing establishment/corporate/bought-off democrats with progressives. We need to take action at a local/state level now so please go to these sites, find a home and lets get to work.


We need to generate some ideas now in answer to T’s bluster; complaining about him is not good enough. What would we do differently about middle America’s jobs? About heath care? About the wealthy paying their fair share? etc, etc. Most D members of the Establishment don’t want to do anything about these issues, since they don’t want to do anything to change them, but we already know how “slow, incremental change” works in a campaign, which is to say not that well. People are desperate and looking for new solutions; the one who supplies them will have a chance at winning. Let’s make sure the Trumpkins are not the only ones with definitive ideas.

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I think the Tea Party tactics have a chance of success. Basically it seems to be an “in your face” strategy where people jam town hall type meetings with member of Congress and vent their anger about some issue (in the case of the Tea Party it was Obamacare). I think it also involved intense lobbying with e-mails, phone calls, letters, and personal visits to offices of members of Congress. and rallies as well.

It’s good to see real people interacting with real people locally. This builds much stronger bonds than people (like us) interacting individually in cyberspace.

But that is not to say that cyberspace interaction is not useful.

It can be used to great advantage by linking these local resistance groups together, and thereby build an intrepid movement that will tear these ruling fascists asunder.

If we stand united through all adversity, then victory will be assured.

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I am reminded of a golden oldie by the Rolling Stones (edited):

“Ev’rywhere I hear the sound
Of marching charging feet, boy
'Cause summer’s here and the time is right
For marching in the street, boy.”

Summer is coming.

Working towards 2018 is admirable. But could just be too late. We need to have non-Republicans running for every small office up for grabs this year with very vocal campaigns. And we need to resist every action that leads towards a dictatorship.

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As I understand it, the Tea party phenomenon was a Koch brothers brain child, whom funded much of the ‘astro turf’ movement. This is significant with respect to the ‘true grassroots origins’ of Indivisible and Justice Democrats; where Americans are urgently organizing to prepare for bitter struggle against entrenched corrupted forces. The Tea Party, successful as it was, is hardly insurmountable; as it was founded on deception. We’ve seen video of Tea Party crowds whose vitriol consistently overpower their collective grasp of issues.
The progressive side on the other hand, is clear eyed and concise in argument, able to deliver a fact punch to the throat of any bullshit artist the Trump camp or GOP put up. ‘Justice Democrats’ are preparing to deep clean the Party, by openly and vociferously challenging all Blue Dogs, in primaries. From Chuck Schumer to Cory Booker and DNC leadership - the careers of these traitors will be coming to an abrupt conclusion. It’s about time.
Justice Democrats will not accept super PAC funding: it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to fund the coffers of these critically important organizations. Whether it be $27.00 or $2.70 a month, it is incumbent on the citizenry to step up, so this fight can be waged and prolonged, until we take back our government. All during this struggle ‘we must demand public funding of elections!’ Remember, Senator Bernie Sanders wasn’t taken seriously until the opposition began tracking his contribution numbers. We can achieve victory with only modest giving, providing we also take it upon ourselves to ‘emphatically denounce’ the policies of our GOP and corporate Democratic representatives, until they curl up into the fetal position. We do this with an avalanche of petitions, letters and phone calls to the editor and representative offices. This is what Senator Bill Bradley meant when he said “Democracy is not a vicarious experience.”
These actions must be carried out in thoughtful representation of our patriotism and in brotherhood, to inspire all oppressed people of the world. However, at the same time, our message must be delivered to the opposition in awe inspiring form and finality, as if struck by ‘the people’s blistering, flaming missile of incorruptible justice.’

This is your moment for introspection, for taking on your end of this ‘real conflict’ we are embroiled in. It is time to stand up and ask yourself ‘what can I do for my country.’ Because in the final analysis, our primary enemy comes from within our borders; Lady Liberty’s torch is dimming and she needs us like never before.

Attack Trump on everything, and it only becomes so much noise. His supporters don’t believe the corporate MSM (for good reason) or anything coming out of the actual Left, which is unfortunate. Many of his supporters want the same thing that many on the Left want, but they operate with a different set of facts, some of them seriously flawed, particularly with regard to Climate Change, and some actually close to the mark, as with their beliefs that a gang of international billionaires, including George Soros, influence policy in the EU and the US in an attempt to create a world fascist quasi-state that will be run by and for such billionaires and a small number of giant multinational corporations.

Trump is very vulnerable, with regard to losing the support of his voters, on his cozying up to Wall Street and his tax plan, which apparently raises taxes on the middle class while substantially lowering taxes on the wealthy. It is not only significantly different from what he was promising on the campaign trail, but is obviously very self-serving. Also, the preponderance of billionaires and other extremely wealthy people in his cabinet is a weak spot. On the other hand, attacking him using Identity Politics or with regard to his immigration policy only serves to galvanize his support among his followers.

Of course, the corporate MSM is playing its own game for its own purposes. If the Left makes common cause with those evil cretins, nothing good can come out of it for the long term.

Good stuff! Thank you, Murph

It has to be for more than organizing for illegal immigrants- it has to be about the environment.