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Because It's Time for 'New, Radical Ideas,' TED Talk on Universal Basic Income Gets Thunderous Applause


Because It's Time for 'New, Radical Ideas,' TED Talk on Universal Basic Income Gets Thunderous Applause

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The post will be updated to include video when the Bregman's TED Talk becomes available.

If the kind of reception the idea of a universal basic income received Tuesday is any gauge, political leaders should take note.

According to Business Insider, it "just got a standing ovation at this year's TED conference."


If implemented as described it would be a vast improvement from the current practise of having to navigate a confusing and contradictory web of social services providers and, if you are lucky enough to qualify, getting limited and conditional aid.
It's not all that radical, though -- that's how the original Canadian Family Allowance (baby bonus) was arranged. All parents of all children got a cheque. It worked.


Now we're talking.

Thank you CD for this article.

Direct Democracy


One question:

At what age would we begin to receive a Basic Income? If it is given to kids, it could result in people having more children to get more money. That would be counterproductive in terms of adding to the world's great overpopulation problem.

Otherwise, it is an idea whose time has come.


I never thought I would ever hear someone spouting that old discredited right-wing trope here on common dreams.


Note the language, venture capital for people. This is not what will likely happen, the globalists are the ones who are pushing this very hard. Why? To maintain a failing capitalist system where more and more people are becoming serfs and therefore have less and less income to spend on capitalist "stuff' the globalists know they will have to give us some money. But they will tightly control everything else e.g., like going to a cashless society where you can't make money any other way than their way. Inflation is likely how much venture capital will be left with that. I call this a way to maintain enough people at a minimum level to keep a system alive. Ugly stuff. And it is being sold with our favorite carrot "human progress".


Demeaning a very valid thought is not helpful!


There is not such thing as ethical capitalism. Universal Basic Income is just putting a band aid on a dying economic system. Abolish capitalism and start a new world in the ashes of the old.


Here is hoping it is more clear:


Yes!!!!That;s what happened with the welfare queens, their new cars, furniture and apts.


Yes! zpg/population connection has been addressing this for years.


What would be in its place- coops??


It's true though. As it is many poorer people are having more kids, and they cannot even feed themselves.


I heard that there is something like this in places in Europe- but it is the US equivalent of about five hundred a month. Hardly enough to live on anywhere in the US. Maybe Belize but not here.


That was obvious Republican bs.
I'm a proponent of UBI. The question is legitimate.


With the Trump tax cut, who will pay for this? This is the capitalist US with the most capitalist government ever- so good luck! Also, most people will call that a hand out in the Nanny state.


I've been hearing "4 trillion over 10 years" regarding Trump's proposed tax cuts. But I'must guessing 175B is the number that most Americans will think too large to consider.

Not a penny increase in the min wage in 9 years! Probably Canada will adopt this plan and then, along with single-payer health care, we'll have another reason to ask, "Why can't we have that here?"


Why should all the descendants of slave and opium traders get dividend checks every month?
Why shouldn't the rest of us?


Older people are given a basic income- it's called social security.


He can't even fund the military at that rate.