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Because 'Nothing Has Changed Since Columbine,' Students, Teachers Call for Nationwide School Walkouts


Because 'Nothing Has Changed Since Columbine,' Students, Teachers Call for Nationwide School Walkouts

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As families continue to grieve and hold funerals for the 17 victims of the mass shooting at


One day of school walkouts will affect little to no change given how easily the people’s movements in the past have been ignored by the powerful. It will take repeated walk outs and strikes throughout the school year to get some attention. Does anyone in American have the fortitude to fight for their rights like this anymore?


Indeed schools, teachers, etc. have been demonized to the point that a walkout will give the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) more grist for their pro-death propaganda mill. The police are the ones who need to walkout.

When Dubya and the GOP Congress refused to renew the assault weapons ban the police held the only card that could force Congress’ hand. Had police staged a nationwide walkout, Congress and Dubya would have renewed the ban in a New York minute.

Yes, I know police union contracts prohibit such action, however, the walkout would have lasted only minutes at most, which would have limited any public safety risks and would have been for a higher cause, not just another case of police trying to get better compensation.


While I agree that a one day walkout will never be enough to sway the Republicans, it is something different, something new and something that is, for the first time, engaging students on the issue. Given the November elections, it is also well-timed. Nothing else has worked. I say go for it.


I completely understand this attempt but I fear it will just be one more thing for the fascists to ignore before it disappears from consciousness.


Since the pro-gun, pro-war, anti-abortionists don’t mind killing and maiming our youth in schools and unnecessary wars to enrich the war profiteers, don’t mind at all removing their healthcare, making higher education unaffordable, let alone publicly supported and free, and condemning them to debt peonage if they choose to attend college why should we worry so much about being ‘polite’ to such deadly policies?

May this be a bold step in many more actions so that, in the words of Eduardo Galeano, May Tomorrow Be More Than Just Another Name For Today.


Hopefully, this walk-out will also address these disturbing facts:


Cars, poisons, guns and all other dangerous things need to be controlled. The NRA and its lackeys don’t want gun control. One major rationale is that they need guns to defend themselves from government.

What is not considered is that the repressive arms of the government itself, armies, police and spy establishment all undergo the background checks, training in gun safety, licensing, registration and have the insurance that should be required by every gun owner.


Are you freaking kidding me? Why wait 2 months. Have they never heard Strike While The Iron Is Hot?!! When people have had enough the walkout will be immediate!

As it should be. Then nobody will be able to claim “…the time is not right”


I agree with Tucson_Don…why wait? Also, why limit to just students and teachers? Have you not also had enough? March 15, The Ides of March, turn the tide, everyone walk out, of your home, your office, stop your cab, your OTR truck, your train, your plane should be grounded…This Has To Stop…Period.


How about ONE DAY A WEEK??


Nothing will change if people keep voting for Republicans. Given that Republicans control a large number of state governments, both houses of Congress, and the presidency it is hard to interpret that as the public being strongly for gun control laws. Only a large victory for the Democrats at the polls will change anything.



What most appropriate day to celebrate Peace, Love, and the right to live without the Fear of Violence from Unregulated Guns.


I welcome the teachers, students and others. This can be a new beginning on the road to a nation that values the people rather than corporate power. We have the power to do it. Yes, it is only the beginning of a particular show of who we are, and what we want. I hope all people who value life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness take hands to carve out the new America!


It is not enough but it is on the right track. Why just the teachers? Why not students? Why not everyone! Why not shut the fucking country down and keep it that way until they do something. It would scare the living piss out of the elites. It might wake them up before the average person is on the street screaming for revolution. It might change everything.

But it’s just the teachers and they can isolate and discredit them, or just ignore them altogether.


Nothing will change if people keep voting for both parties of the Duopoly.

They are both corrupted and have been for many decades.

Both support the MIC and the spread of Empire which can only be achieved through the use of Death and Human Suffering. Sure, all of the Democrats in either party will not join with the Republicans to pass legislation in favor of the MIC. Just enough of them will, as they did last week when they gave the Military, what was it, $165 Billion more? They do this so enough of you voters won’t believe “all” of them are corrupt, giving you false hope that things may change.

Wake the fuck up. This is all a conspiracy to keep either party in power.


I cannot tell you how happy I am to see my fellow CDers respond in the same way. Why wait? Why just teachers? Do it now with everyone and continue till we win. That is how you will succeed.


Yeah! That’s the spirit!

Shut the Whole Fucking Country Down!

Now that’s the way to make a statement in support of our young people, and against this Corrupt Duopoly.


Yes, walkout but stay out until there are strong and well funded gun control regulations with an immediate effective date. A one day walkout will only get some positive publicity but not much else.


Definitely a great idea. This is an opportunity to help the younger generation see that change can occur but that it requires action. I would hope they add more days, include students, teachers parents and other members of the public who are willing. This is an issue we can all get together on!.