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Because Nothing Says 'Happy Holidays' Like Illegal Occupation


Because Nothing Says 'Happy Holidays' Like Illegal Occupation...

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer announced that, as a deliberate effort to snub the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, all of the holiday gifts he's sending will be from the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights.


O little town of Bethlehem,

How still we see thee lie!

Above your deep and dreamless sleep,

The silent stars go by.

Yet in thy dark streets shineth

The everlasting Light,

The hopes and fears of all the years,

Are met in thee tonight.

(or not)


" help combat the latest effort by Israel's enemies to destroy the one and only Jewish state"

As always, the perpetrator accuses the Victim. That should read...

" to help combat the latest effort by Israel to destroy the one and only Palestinian state"



The late Imam Khomeini, father of the Iranian Revolution, declared that "the régime occupying Qods will disappear from the page of time". Demons like Dermer will find themselves in Sheol, where they belong.


Ron Dermer. He's the Israeli ambassador to the US. Here's my season greeting to him. Sir, you're a used, third rate douche bag.


This asshole is a true blue Zionist shit head who doesn't realize that Israel is setting on stolen land. Yes even the UN mandated portion was confiscated through genocide, massacres and force removal of welcoming Palestinian villagers and farmers.


Products made in the Occupied Territories should be banned outside of Israel. If Ron Dermer is Nutty Yahoo's brain, he must not have one of his own.


"fanatics and fools [that] are simply promoting a new anti-Semitism,"

I really hate what Israel does to those who are powerless. But I think I have met Jews, know a little about the Jewish faith and see no reason to hate any of them singularly or jointly. To go further, if asked to fill in the blank of the question "Jews are _____" I don't think I could.

And I hate even more being painted as a bigot when this whole conflict is about the bigotry of Israelites in their apartheid state.



Wow! Never quite read a statement such as yours. Well thought out, reasonable. Thank you heyjoe.


What has never been satisfactorily explained why there should be any state built on land violently stolen by invaders on another people's land.


And to be more precise, there is no "UN-mandated" part of Palestine. Only the Security Council has legislative authority and it did not endorse UNGA 181. Rather, it was developing a 5-year trusteeship plan for Palestine when the Zionist terror groups launched their ethnic cleansing blitzkrieg and seized it themselves with no protection from the mandatory British authority, or after May 1948 from the UN which had no military capacity. It has been nothing more than a 67-year armed robbery from the beginning.


I recommend that their constituents contact every elected US official and ask what they did with Dermer's gift. Did they send it back, pass it on to Good Will, or what? And insist upon a reply.


I assume you are referring to the United States, that would be Tecumseh's position.


It sort of reminds me of the ammo company that plans on donating the money it won in a judgment against the parents of a girl killed by their bullets to gun rights organizations, completely devoid of any shred of human decency whatsoever.


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