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Because 'Our Democracy Deserves Better,' From Climate Change to Democracy Itself, Calls for Debate to Address Core Issues


Because 'Our Democracy Deserves Better,' From Climate Change to Democracy Itself, Calls for Debate to Address Core Issues

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head Monday for the first presidential debate of 2016.

The expected size of the viewing audience is receiving media attention, with some projecting "Super Bowl-esque number potentials."


I for one will skip the debate.
I can't stand the sight of either of these losers.
So I will spend my time in a much more productive way.
I will watch the grass grow.


Just as money needs to be taken out of politics, we also need to get the DNC and the RNC out of the debates.


A debate without those candidates who could theoretically win enough electoral votes to win the presidency is not a debate, even if it had good, pointed questions.

Jill Stein will be outside the debate too. Why wasn't that mentioned?

I will boycott this so called debate. I despise both candidates and don't relish two hours of nausea.


Hillary's fundamental problem is that she defeated the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party through what has been widely perceived as fraud on a massive scale. Then throughout the convention she never made an inch of peace with the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Now she's wondering why, with the support of the billionaires and the support of the Party establishment, she has no traction.

Donald Trump has the support of 78% of all Evangelicals, despite him not having one Christian value in his entire body. This doesn't make a lick of sense to anybody until they realize how profoundly un-Christian an Evangelical can get sometimes, from worshiping money to betraying Jesus's dictum to "Love your enemies" to being pro nuclear holocaust in certain rare circumstances to racist rants.


Its more likely that Clinton and Trump will discuss Brad and Angelina this evening than issues of substance.


No theatre for me tonight, thanks. i'll catch Stein and Johnson on, "Democracy Now", tomorrow morning.


I just mailed in my early voting ballot and Stein got my vote. However, I will watch this farce on Democracynow because it is always good to hear/see what the enemy is up to.


Yet another "news story" about a "news story" consisting of a compendium of quotes from people saying how awful things are. Yawn--zzzzzz
The only way to change "politics as usual' is to boycott it. Otherwise, you are giving the sponsors and the meaningless party establishments exactly what they want--attention.
Starve the beast!! Don't watch the "debate" and do not vote for any member of either the Republican or Democratic party. it is "strong medicine" but at this point it is the only thing such people understand.


Just posted this one on OEN, which I believe ties in well with your comment.


Huggs to you for you excellent points. I looked up the Leaugue of Women Voters who used to run real debates, here is a link to their letter to the moderators and my response to it :slight_smile:

Dear LWV,

I have read your letter to the moderators of the "debates". While you make very valid points what is glaringly missing is the voice of third party candidates that do not get a chance to be heard. Trump and Clinton are very much disliked by millions of voters who are not aware of the other choices that are available. Your league should seriously consider hosting true, real debates between all candidates not simply the two "main" ones, that is, the Democratic and Republican choices. Thank You.


The important questions will not be asked. Such how will Trump get people to torture terrorists? And what is his secret plan to defeat ISIS? And how will Trump convince the Europeans that climate change is a hoax. And how will he enable the police to end all violence in African American neighborhoods? Also, how will he actually get Mexico to pay for his wall. And how will he go about deporting undocumented immigrants? How will he get NATO countries to pay more for NATO? How we end immigration from all countries involved in terrorism? How will he pay for an increased military budget? How will he deal with the trillions of deficits after cutting taxes for the rick and corporations. Basically, how will he do anything he claims he will do?


Even if I wished to watch this spectacle of democratic decay, I don't watch TV. (If forced to watch Clockwork Orange style I'd burst a vessel.) I also happen to be working. I'll check out Jill Stein via Twitter. (On break, Hillbot boss lady...)


On the single 'key issue' --- or as I call it the 'meta-issue' --- which is the actual cancerous cause of all our hundreds of little 'identity issues', all of the more significant, but still subordinate 'symptom problems' like; never ending wars, Wall Street looting, vast inequality of racial, economic and political power, causation of this environmental death spiral, et al., and our entire "ailing social order" [Zygmunt Bauman], is only the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, which has 'captured', controls, and now nearly fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal global HQ metropole, and merely 'poses' as, America.

The 2015/6 hollow sound-bite campaign slogan, without an 'object', is why Bernie and his campaign collapsed like a cheap suitcase.

Because of this damn Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE that has 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal global HQ metropole, and merely 'poses' as America, what is necessary and essential is a loud, public, sustained, but non-violent "Shout heard round the world" to ignite a Second America "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" just as our fellow American colonial 'subjects' had the brains and guts to engage in 'action' against the Empire 240 years ago.

This 21st century Empire --- 25 years beyond the collapse of the last 'Evil Empire' (which we were told was the last Empire on earth) --- can not survive as the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE that it IS, once "we the people" simply 'expose' and 'call it out' as an Empire!

Our formerly proud and sometimes improving country has become; diseased, sickened, and arrested by this cancerous tumor of Empire --- by "acting like a global Empire", which even (the hardly-radical) Tom Brokaw 'outed' on "Meet the Press" --- and Americans are both responsible, and the only people who can, arrest this damn Empire by simply 'exposing' it as an Empire to our fellow oppressed Americans.


I know I'm not in the same boat as everyone, but I've never been a huge follower of the WWE. I might just sit this one out (or follow it indirectly via Stein).


I feel the same about them, and if I could,
I'd go to a local "Viewing Event", say, at City
College, with signs to remind people that
there are more than 2 ways anything can be,
and that ONE party out of the bunch is actually NON-CORPORATE! (Not the Libertarians.) The Green Party!
At the risk of being too PC, I'd like to discourage the use of "loser" as a pejorative.
Calling despicables like Killary and 'Rump-
"losers" does a disservice to those of us
who are losing our battles for our health,
(thanks to the "Democratic" knife in the back
to Single Payer that has been twisting in us
for decades now),
and losing our battles for economic survival,
thanks to their refusal to even try to revive
FDR's jobs programs, flawed though they
their refusal to raise Social Security benefits
for Disabled People and retirees : UP TO
MINIMUM WAGE, which itself is less than half of what it should be...
Losing our homes, jobs, health, losing our
lives at home and abroad, many even
losing the will to live, when it SEEMS that
humanity is too stupid to go in the right
(LEFT!) direction.
Losers are VICTIMS of their predatory
capitalist system.
Jill Stein and her supporters are the real
"winners", making gains despite rigged media, a rigged voting system, (R.I.P. Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, Victor Thorn, John Ashe...www.TruthstreamMedia.com "Clinton
Body Count") and ossified thinking from
people who should know better.


Jill and the Greens have progressed greatly in the first giant step necessary for any organization, political movement, or party to ignite the essential "Political Revolution" ---- namely they have identified, recognized, adequately diagnosed, and publicly 'called-out' that EMPIRE is the disease that is killing us, our kids, our grand kids, our environment, and our whole world.

No other party, protests, media, progressive revolutionary movements (not even "Occupy" in 2011/12, nor Bernie's campaign 'take-off' in 2015/16), has reached this first and essential step of 'calling-out' the tumorous core disease of this cancer as being what it really is: an EMPIRE. (period).

It is certainly correct that the vast majority have no idea that the Greens have hit the target of all our "ailing social order", and hit it with a bulls eye --- but that is just a matter of time, message, and understanding by the mass of average Americans.

The target has been hit, pierced, homed-in on, and lit-up. Now it's just a matter of "firing for effect" as any artillery officer would say.

The barrage will be raining down on the target of Empire in good time --- now that it has been spotted, uncovered, lighted up, and the first few shells of truth are landing spot on.

That's quite an accomplishment, particularly since the current state of 'disguised' Empire can't suffer or survive to be seen at all.

I will be voting for Jill and the Green Party (of real people's democracy) based almost entirely on Jill and the Green's totally unique position on only one issue --- which is the meta-issue that drives all other lesser 'identity issues', which causes all of the more important 'symptom problems' (like; unending wars, WS looting, vast inequality, environmental destruction), and which even causes our entire "ailing social order" [Bauman]) --- and that single seminal 'meta-issue' is a real commitment by Jill and the Greens to confront this God-damned EMPIRE.

Or as Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.

”Berman, Morris 2007 "Dark Ages America, The Final Phase of Empire"

Some ill-informed idiots here and elsewhere argue that, "you can't just 'Shout-out' that America is the Headquarters of an Empire and expect that it will collapse the entire global Empire."

Well, if an idiot like Reagan can simply 'Shout down the next to the last Empire on earth, the so-called 'Evil Empire' (despite idiot Reagan not even knowing that ALL Empires are Evil), THEN surely the American people en-mass CAN 'Shout down' this final and last hidden Empire on earth --- because of the simple fact in the 21st century today, more than a quarter century beyond when the Soviet 'Evil Empire' collapsed, NO country that is certainly 'acting like an Empire', that is waging wars 'like an Empire', that is provably 'an Empire', and whose own citizens protest in the streets and 'call-it-out' as an EMPIRE can long survive as the HQ of an Empire.

We all have ---together --- the power to bell this vicious cat of Empire, and by 'shining a light' of truth on it, put an end to this Global VEMPIRE that now inhabits the 'body politic' of America!!!


The questions will set the tone, especially in the first 20 minutes, when people are actually paying attention.

Let's not measure success based on expectations, but by comparing substance of responses.

The MSM will not be able to handle that, so it will be up to people to listen carefully to and evaluate the unfiltered answers.


I've never noted the trending list. Where is it?


The debate's first question should be to Hillary. Ask do you believe in the fairness of the Democrats primary system? And, do you think trickery, electronic voting machine fraud or tampering with voter registration led to your being on this stage tonight? Why was DWS replaced?