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Because Paris Deal Not Nearly Enough, European Climate Kids File Suit


Because Paris Deal Not Nearly Enough, European Climate Kids File Suit

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Whether we like it or not, we are going to be the main ones affected by the consequences that climate change entails."


Someone really needs to explain to these kids the full scope of the situation. Yes we can cut emissions entirely, except then literally the entire world would be in poverty and disarray. The reason why these situations take longer, and why they are so challenging is because of politics, economic decision making, industrial planning, problem solving, and climate externalities. You cant just eliminate a source of energy before there are plans in place that can hold society up while we transition to another source. If you don’t do this its the same thing as driving a bus off an unfinished road.

These kids have a great example to look at in Germany, where despite all their action for renewables the country still needs economic security and energy from natural gas. This is why they have partnered with Russia to develop and construct a pipeline.


This is great. This should put the fossil fuel industry on further notice, as well as the banks that fund them. Between the pressure to divest from these banks, the continual protests over pipeline construction, cities voting to join the ‘climate mayors’ who pledge to adhere to the Paris Agreements, individuals choosing solar for their homes, and the lawsuits like this one, investors are worrying that they will soon have stranded assets. And they will. All of this will turn the tide


The transition off fossil fuels will be most dramatic by switching to electric vehicles. The process of switching off fossil fuel energy plants will take longer. Even so the world is finally recognizing the inherent preference that comes with solar, wind and other forms of energy. However those plants must yet be built and old fossil fuel plants decommissioned. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with providing supplemental energy production to handle peak periods until sufficient solar and wind facilities can be constructed.

Denmark is leading the way and will be the exemplar nation to watch as they switch off fossil fuels almost entirely.

That pipeline has not been approved and is only being proposed. If you can show otherwise please cite the source for it?


I presume that that pound Sterling sign in tha article is supposed to be a Euro sign?


Considering the fact that Germany is in the process of choosing bids for the project I would say they are most likely to go through with it.


And yet a most compelling, inspiring idea here is that these kids (possibly future leaders) are learning to represent themselves and fight against the powers that be for a better future.

Even if they lose the lawsuit, they have learned a priceless lesson.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison


I’m not against their fight. I’m against their ignorance that the reason we are not doing more is simply because we are not fighting. To act as if we are not doing enough simply because we choose not to is blasphemy. Its one thing to be a kid and be a leader saying that I support something and therefore I will inspire others. This problem is far more advanced than that premise. This problem requires innovation, logistics, engineering, economics, associated industries, and politics; none of which any of these kids have truly taken into consideration. They don’t even make a legitament proposal for what they want, but they know they want it.