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Because 'People Are Suffering,' Khanna Says Democrats Have 'Moral Obligation' to Quickly Reach Deal With White House on Covid Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/because-people-are-suffering-khanna-says-democrats-have-moral-obligation-quickly


Give them nothing. The pugs will only use it to say “See? WE saved you!”.


Democrats are supposed to acquiesce to conservative robbery just to get a few crumbs for the folks who are desperate. Why is it conservatives are never asked or required to sacrifice giving up a few perks to help the majority? Inequality mixed with unchecked conservatism are destroying America.


Ro is a good guy, but his position is naive.
The Democrats already agreed to Trump/GOP deals that primarily benefited the wealthy and large corporations, as this proposed deal does.
Those deals didn’t have any systemic change or safeguards in them, and they failed to help the majority of Americans.
So now he wants to agree to yet another lousy deal, not caring that voters will could be misled into thinking that Trump is doing something good for them, just before election day.
Feckless, Ro.
Democrats have a “moral obligation” to put forward a serious, comprehensive bill that taxes the wealthy, closes tax loopholes, holds corporations accountable, creates jobs, rebuilds the economy into a green economy, and protects the most vulnerable Americans.


I keep seeing the word recession being used as to the status of the economy of which elicits a wry chuckle as I do to keep from losing my mind. We’re in a f**king depression, worse than the one in the '30s. It’s just taking longer to get up to steam, so to speak. By January winter will be a thing of wrath felt by millions of new homeless Americans for the first time in their lives. And Congress? Not even the crickets can be heard. Seems the new justice hearing is way more important than child hunger. At least Ro has our backs. Not Nancy and her $10 a bowl ice cream from a commercial grade freezer that would feed a family of four for a better part of a year. Screw them all. And folks still wonder why I’m not voting and am proud of it. Give me a reason and I’ll start voting again. Until then…Netflix or Amazon binging on election day.


Nancy Pelosi and “moral obligation”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Where was Pelosi when there was a moral obligation to at least investigate and possibly prosecute Bush and his fellow war criminals who lied us into the “worst foreign policy disaster in U.S. history”. This is all a political game and the suffering
of millions of innocents, regardless of what country they are in, is not seriously considered. Read rhe 2014 research conducted by professors Gilens and Page which concluded that the business of the Congress has almost nothing to do with what the American people say they want.


Not voting is voting.


Puppets of the Play. The Dems & Repubs are but now puppets of the play…their strings being pulled by their donors. The real action goes on behind the stage. But we must have bread & circus, food stores and entertainment…once those are taken, reality strikes. A nation of consumers.


Thank you. As soon as Pelosi says okay to limiting corporate liability by forcing workers back to work—McConnell says he’s not doing anything without that—everyone here will be screaming about how she sold us out. The Republican caucus doesn’t support any bill right now, they’ve oriented their calendar around a Supreme Court appointment, but Ro has everyone yelling at Pelosi in ignorance over a top line number of $1.8 billion without discussing what McConnell, who refuses to be part of the negotiations, wants.

Does anybody here really think that $1.8 billion is a clean offer? Does anyone here really think McConnell is onboard with a clean offer? Ro’s just seeking attention for himself, and maybe trying to help his rich Silicon Valley cronies.


Ro doesn’t have your back, he’s just grabbing attention for himself and maybe looking to pass a bill beneficial to his Silicon Valley buddies. See my comment above.

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Maybe. But I’m not seeing any objective evidence to conclude that this is true over the alternate possibility that he actually cares about poor people and thinks there could be a chance (as the article states including people from WaPo) that Trump could influence McConnel so that some more money ends up in the hands of the desperate. My hands don’t qualify - I work remotely and for me COVID is an annoyance but I have had no severe personal impact - I know that is not the case for many. I’m not going to be this cynical about Ro just yet. And his other big fight I know him for - to help the people of Yemen doesn’t seem to benefit any Silicon Valley buddies.

Note: I was looking into the issue of Reps not living in their district as I heard an ad from Joe Collins attacking Maxine Waters for this, but I see that Waters lives just outside (like 0.1 mi outside) and used to be inside before redistricting. So not a justifiable attack. Then I found that Khanna made the same attack against Honda, but it was equally non-justifiable. So yes, Khanna is a politician as you are so fond of saying about Sanders and others, so I’m no going to rule it out. But I’m going to need more before I go to that conclusion.

(Reference on the district issue, thought it is a bit old now: ~https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-congress-living-outside-district-20151222-html-htmlstory.html)


Here’s the deal: there is no offer unless McConnell deals. That’s it. Senate Republicans’s primary goal, what they’ve oriented their entire fall calendar around, what they’ve oriented their Senate campaigns around, is seating a sixth Supreme Court justice. That’s what they think will turn their base out and maybe, just maybe, help them hold the Senate. They haven’t lifted a finger to be party to the Treasury-House negotiations and Trump, whose power is slipping by the day, has no hold over them.

If McConnell passes a bill in the Senate, it’s going to be quickly so they can move the confirmation. Likely, the bill is going to be the same one they passed before, with corporate liability “protections” and large tax cuts. If you read what Republicans are saying, you would see this clearly. Ro knows all this too so he’s either 1) seeking attention for himself or 2) is looking to benefit his friends. Maybe he cares a little, but I fail to see how unless he’s working to get McConnell onboard.


Instead of not voting, I’d vote GREEN party. If the Greens would get enough votes, maybe then the Dems would start paying atttention to progressive issues.

The DNC thinks that progressives have no where else to go and take them for granted. That’s why their convention and Biden are more focused on attracting “Biden Republicans” than the real left.

I hope the People’s Party gains steam in the future.


Thank you Ro.

Many desperately need a stimulus check.

I just emailed my representatives to approve one.


Hi dara:
I saw a news story where in Virginia, if the rent is one day late, the sheriff puts a notice on the door—and they come back and take the property out. I saw a young black couple with 2 kids and a stroller leave --with no where to go----and all they had was the stroller and a few plastic bags—but no car. I do not know what happened to them—but winter is coming and what will happen to them? I know that they are not the only people and the only state that does not care about the People----but more and more it looks like America is in a long term recession/ depression.
I remember seeing a photo of people moving west in the Depression. There was a lady with 4 kids in her car—but the car wasn’t going anywhere—she had to sell the tires so that they could have something to eat. I think that a Iot of peopIe are Iike that family of the 1930s. Maybe Mr. Khanna is the closest we can get to FDR at the moment.


Another tax break for the wealthy in the works.


They might not stand on the working poor, but it’s not self evident that they stand for them. They might stand next to them and make barely audible sighs of meaningless sympathy, or other appropriate noises.


We’re all becoming Venezuelans, starved by repub neo cons and warmongering dems.


Where is legal immunity for corporate COVID malfeasance in this bill? I wouldn’t be surprised if Ro Khanna could tolerate or even advocate that kind of insult to the public, I’ve had disappointments from him before (his congressional district is just up the road apiece from me, here in Richmond CA).

On the plus side, it was Ro Khanna who made the timeless observation that the COVID outbreak in the White House is bigger than the national outbreaks of Taiwan, South Korea, and New Zealand put together!

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/10/2020          11          11
>  10.  03/16/2020       4,215       4,226
>  15.  04/20/2020     771,867     776,093
>  20.  05/25/2020     886,321   1,662,414
>  25.  06/29/2020     918,815   2,581,229
>  30.  08/03/2020   2,117,589   4,698,818
>  35.  09/07/2020   1,588,544   6,287,362
>  40.  10/12/2020   1,500,186   7,787,548

Mortality has more or less held steady at 700 deaths per day in USA – one more death every two minutes – since subsiding after the initial Northeast breakout in mid-June.

I said the same myself above. He and his rich tech buddy, Andrew Yang, are apparently pretending to be master negotiators by accepting an offer that the Chairs of the House jurisdictional committees find unacceptable (Pelosi isn’t doing this by herself). It’s also an offer that Senate Republicans, who have refused to join the negotiations, are not on board with either. They plan to reissue their tax cut and corporate liability protection bill next week, apparently. Ro will really like that bill!

I’ve never been more disappointed in Ro, frankly. He looks to be doing a two step in my opinion: helping his donor friends while sitting back letting Pelosi get criticized for a bad bill.