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Because 'Puerto Rico Must no Longer be Treated as a Colony,' Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Lead Demand to End Painful Austerity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/because-puerto-rico-must-no-longer-be-treated-colony-sanders-and-ocasio-cortez-lead

When I saw this pic, I first thought she would be a great VP!!!


Puerto Rico is treated like dirt. I’m sure they’re still hurting from the hurricane. The banks are holding them hostage. Geezzz, no wonder I get sick reading news these days. It’s still basically a colony and treated as such. Peace


Every time you turn around there’s Bernie, leading.

Of course, he’s too far left for the average Democrat. Which is why I’m not a Democrat.


Which is why I’m not a Democrat.

And why I left the Democrats in 2016. Oh, and by the way, while Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and Haiti is an “independent” country, can we please extend our reach and get our boot off of Haiti’s neck? We’ve only been trying to destroy them since 1804.


Too young now, but someday for sure.

Unfortunately, she’s not old enough. Next time!

That’s the problem. Democrats are not currently in control of the Democratic Party. Republicans are.

and correct - Every time you turn around there’s Bernie, leading. !!!


You get after it Bernie, you too, A O-C. Thanks to all co-sponsors, actually. Sen. Merkley, nice to see you back.
Long may you run, Puerto Ricans, long may you run. Your own lives and common destiny, anyway.

" There was music in the cafes at night
And revolution in the air…
The only thing I know how to do
Was to keep on keepin’ on
Like a bird that flew
Tangled up in blue "
Throw off the yoke Puerto Rican folks.
Bernie in 2020.


Modern Puerto Rican citizens are no different than U.S. citizens. They want it both ways and no headaches on the side. Gain without pain.
Well, they’re just an island canary in a nasty old coal mine so to speak now. Natural disasters and big disruption is coming at breakneck speed. And, unless they have control over their island, budgets and future self-determination to a much greater degree, they’re toast.
The Atlantic Ocean is in the warm up circle, taking practice swings before it comes to the plate. It will bat last.

ah yes. One day in the future then, for sure!

It is seldom recognized that along with other indigenous people of the tribes, we shunned the brown inhabitants of S. California and Texas.


A pipe dream, but what a nice pipe dream! Bernie/AOC IN THE OVAL OFFICE!

Puerto Rico is not like a colony; it is a colony. Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and West Virginia are like colonies, sort of, though they are states.

Puerto Rico is land held in the aftermath of invasion. Yes, it had other colonial woes before that. Yes, it would have other woes were it granted independence that it does not have now. This tends to lead to the common dross of comments about invaded peoples being in some way to blame for the results of the invasion.

Of course the invaded peoples want some benefit from the invaders. Putting aside the fact that most any understanding of propriety, responsibility, or culpability would show that they were massively owed, invasion forcibly removes the social infrastructure that would respond to many problems. Citizens of the invading country, who in this case largely never knew of the invasion to forget it, may wish to insist that an invaded people “do something for themselves” when they are actively and forcibly prevented from doing so, partly by the colonial government, but mostly by the extensive ownership of their resources, the spoils of war, by invaders, descendants of invaders, and business associates of invaders.

The question is not so much aid for Puerto Rico: they should get aid, surely; they will not get anything adequate, surely. The question is by what process to break the dependency and create an independence, not only the facade of one, by changing government, but also an actual change, including thereby a change in the ownership and mode of the economy.

The one viable example, for all the objections that one might reasonably have, is Cuba. Perhaps this is inevitably because of a violent revolution, but perhaps not. But if not, it must be because owners can be routed in some other way.

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Ah, it is not a question of aid, it is a question of reparations for all the looting.
Colonies are not held by empires to practice charity.

Looting recently made worst by the financial attacks of neoliberalism and neocolonialism, schemes, which resulted in the public debt problem, the imposed promesa and dictatorial junta, the draconian measures for the benefit of the vultures,
the depopulation, the destruction of our people in our island…
the aftermath of the possibly geoengineered María, a financial bonanza for a few with the so called “reconstruction” or “aid”, like in any conventional war:
laundering public money from the empire’s taxpayers to the private hands of friends, contractors and corporations.


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It is one thing that it would move towards justice for some sort of actual reparation to be done. But the laundering and the bribery that you mention make me feel that most any separation that could be accomplished might be the best practical route. How we in both places accomplish that seems less certain.

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