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Because 'Richest Americans Do Not Need Another Massive Tax Cut,' 776 Groups Urge Congress to Stop Tax Scam 2.0


How about a strike like a no shopping or no driving day? How about a just enjoy nature day without tech? That should wake someone up. The tiny house movement is really taking hold also. Many people do not want to be saddled with a large house, many bills, tons of cleaning etc. Really taking hold in Vermont I have heard.


So, wages are all you care about? What about less stuff, living with nature, buying local, downsizing your living quarters. If you are a Dump supporter, what are you doing here on a progressive site? Go back to your Fox news etc. You are only here to get info- like what are THEY doing so I can report to my masters.


Who are you to determine what someone else needs?

It’s the same convoluted logic I hear from REgressives about weapons…who needs a semi auto rifle?

It’s none of your business? Just like it’s none of mine to tell you what you need.


In Europe, politicians are afraid of the voters, as it should be.
After all, WE, the People, are their employers.