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Because She Was Wrong About Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, Daniel Ellsberg Joins Campaign Against Flournoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/because-she-was-wrong-about-iraq-afghanistan-syria-yemen-and-libya-daniel-ellsberg


Biden picked her.

Mother Jones reported Thursday that Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, said during the call that “criticism of Flournoy’s ties to the defense industry could just as easily apply to the other nominees Biden is considering”—a perhaps unintentionally damning assessment of Biden’s other potential Pentagon nominees.

According to the Wall Street Journal , other candidates in the running for the post include former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, a Lockheed Martin board member, and Gen. Lloyd Austin, a Raytheon board member.


there are a thousand flournoys waiting in the wings. what good does all this posturing over this face or that face do?

they key is not voting in a creep to make these appointments in the first place!

we have a simple job: stop voting for evil. Lesser or otherwise. Just put the bloody crack pipe down and turn off the tv. vote for what you want, not what you’re force fed.


[blockquote]“If President-elect Biden really has a progressive agenda in mind for his administration, he should appoint members of his cabinet and other high-level positions who demonstrate progressive thinking and do not move this fractured country backwards.”
—Jody Williams, Nobel Prize-winning peace activist[/blockquote]

I am not sure what sentiments like this are to achieve, unless they are to dull us to the reality of our situation and act as a substitute for the hard, unpleasant work ahead of us if we are to extricate ourselves from our descent into global catastrophe. Joe Biden IS the problem and appealing (or pleading) to him to fix what he is committed otherwise and the exact opposite to is weak, ineffective and unhelpful.


The reasons for not picking Flournoy are the same ones Biden should not have been promoted as president.

Biden is the problem as is the corporate owned DNC.


My choice would be Andrew Bacevich.


Ellsberg, STILL showing guts and speaking truth to power.


Funny thing about being a Neo-Liberal candidate for that position is that being right is at the bottom of the list of qualifications. What matters is always supporting your corporate masters, your acting abilities as you must be able to lie in a convincing and sincere manner as well as being completely conscious free at being the direct cause of death of uncounted hundreds of thousands. And, in keeping with the above, in helps to love aggressive militarism with all your heart.


The business of America, is business.
America’s biggest business is war.
And business is good. And will remain so.


When Biden starts giving Republicans, and Wall Street, exactly what they want (again), he will pretend it’s the adult responsible thing to do.

Joe Biden Has a Long History of Giving Republicans Exactly What They Want
For Republicans, Joe Biden has long been the ideal negotiating partner — because he’s so willing to cave in on most anything Republicans want.



Quite frankly , it my opinion speaking truth to power would entail people like Ellsberg and Chomsky rallying on the behalf of a third party rather then promoting the corrupt DNC.

Promoting the DNC (as they do election after election) is not an act of courage. It the easy way out.

These guys should be getting behind a third party now. There no reason to believe these words by Ellsberg will change Bidens mind. The US has two years until midterms. Get 10 Peoples party elected and watch the Democrats take notice.


It’s time to retire this “Department of Defense” euphemism and call it what it is - the Department of War.


It was named the War Department up until 1947.


And POGO ain’t just a sweet ole down-home satirical cartoon character anymore
Project on Government Oversight
the facts, just the facts
I nominate Ellsberg for being declared Living National Treasure award along with fairly ample team of truth tellers and documentarists.


It really has to be asked: Why haven’t we heard a peep from the People’s Party? Not a press conference, not an internet ad, – nothing! Ditto the Greens. Not even on Common Dreams!


Chomsky does not promote the democratic party, he considers it the “lesser of two evils.”

Noam Chomsky describes himself as an anarcho-syndicalist and libertarian socialist, and is considered to be a key intellectual figure within the left wing of politics of the United States.

He is actually a threat to both political parties in the US.

As an anti-capitalist and libertarian socialist philosophy, anarchism is placed on the far-left of the political spectrum and much of its economics and legal philosophy reflect anti-authoritarian interpretations of left-wing politics such as communism, collectivism, syndicalism, mutualism, or participatory economics.

Chomsky is not a democrat. He is so far left he is rarely seen, and as of late, never seen on CNN or MSNBC. Yet Chomsky is:

One of the most cited scholars alive, Chomsky has influenced a broad array of academic fields. He is widely recognized as having helped to spark the cognitive revolution in the human sciences, contributing to the development of a new cognitivistic framework for the study of language and the mind.

Chomsky interview:

… If decisions are shifted from government (“government is the problem,” as Reagan claimed) they do not disappear. They are placed in the hands of the corporate sector, which must be guided solely by greed (per neoliberal economic guru Milton Friedman). With such guidelines in place, results are not hard to anticipate.

On top of the near-$50 trillion train robbery, the international economy (“globalization”) has been structured to set American working people in competition with those in low-wage countries with no workers’ rights while the very rich are granted protection from market forces, by exorbitant patent rights, to take one example. Again, the effects of this bipartisan enterprise are not a surprise.

Less educated workers may not know the details or understand the mechanisms that have been designed to undermine their lives, but they see the outcomes. The Democrats offer them nothing. They long ago abandoned the working class and have been full collaborators in the racket. [Rozenberg Quarterly]


He was on CNN once. The most important intellectual in the world, as far as I am concerned, a giant in many fields, and Neera Tanden, Bakari Sellers and the like are on all the time, while he isn’t. His critique of the media (entirely accurate) in Manufacturing Consent is obviously a big reason why.


The Democratic party is like an abusive spouse; no matter how much you do for them, no matter how nice you are to them, they aren’t going to change. And the ONLY solution, as in the case of an abusive spouse, is to leave them and treat them as the enemy - to stop allowing them to manipulate you through fear! If that means 4 more years of Trump, fine. Because let me tell you folks, Biden ain’t that much better. And if we continue doing what we are doing (lote), things are NEVER going to improve.

Either way, abandoning the Democratic party or voting lote, will lead to our circumstances becoming worse, but only the former contains within it the possibility of improving our circumstances. The latter only promises a continuing, and, ultimately fatal, deterioration of our condition.


Yes, and the fact that Biden was selected over a year ago by the DNC before he was elected for POTUS corroborates your post. Like I have posted before, no one can ever hope to be allowed to become POTUS that is not a puppet of the MIC. That is why People that are anti- military like Dr. Jill Stein and others are demonized as too radical.


“Her unquestioned intelligence and competence have long been in service to her serious interventionist misjudgments and to her own involvement in a revolving-door military-industrial complex.”

And that needs to be the point and such service will see to it that Life as we know it will cease.