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Because the Climate Crisis Is the 'Number One Priority,' Says Harry Reid, Senate Democrats Must Kill Filibuster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/because-climate-crisis-number-one-priority-says-harry-reid-senate-democrats-must

While it’s certainly good to hear this, where was he in 2016? He threw his support to Clinton instead of Sanders, who was the one demanding to address climate change. He wasn’t thinking of his grandchildren then.
Unfortunately Buyer’s Remorse when it comes to Climate Disaster is too late.
I’d be curious to know which candidate he’s backing in 2020, because there are only 2 we can count on to address the issue. Sanders and Gabbard.


As much as I like Gabbard, The Ticket has to be Sanders/Warren. Then, it would be truly amazing to have Gabbard become Sec of Defense!


Bernie will not pick a white 70 year old woman to be his VP. It is Nina or nobody. Have reservations about Tulsi also as a Pres/VP pick but she definitely belongs in a progressive administration under Bernie.


Boy, is Harry an “optimist”, or what.

Taking money by politicians, for influence and special treatment, would need to be made a felony, before any of what he suggested would be possible, and we all know that’ll never happen in our lifetimes.

It’d probably be best to buy a lifeboat, some life vests, and waterproof shoes, in preparation for the inevitable.


Harry, please just stay in the shadows where you belong you sold-out schmuck.


Both have the smarts and integrity to take on any position. Time to pray?

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And your comment is exactly worth what?

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Troll on.

Yeah Harry, don’t speak a word until Tom and Dick speak first.

Hey, 8 year old retarded boy. Does your Mom know that you’re on here with a bunch of groan-ups?

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Go away punk.

Let me expound just a bit…

Here you are, afforded free information on a website run by people whose primary interest isn’t to make a clucking buck, and all you have is poison for the author that passed along some information to you.

It’s not an essay! It is what it is!

Refer to my opening line now again.


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Talk is cheap Harry. Where were you when you had a chance to do something?


Don’t feed the trolls

Don’t forget 2009-2010 when he had 59 or 60 votes and wouldn’t change the Senate rules, and as a result we got stuck with ObaminableCare. When the Republicans took over, they changed the rules immediately to get their SCOTUS nominees confirmed.


Oh mind your own business. I’ll feed the clucking trolls as much as I clucking like.


Or, change the rules so that, if a Senator says the word “Fillibuster”, it is Over as soon as he/she stops Talking.

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Right – why didn’t Reid do something given the opportunities he had?


During his years as Senate Majority Leader Harry serially told us “I don’t have the votes”.

Perhaps his current comments indicate that he is posturing to be Jay Inslee’s campaign manager ?


‘I don’t have the votes.’

That reminds me of LBJ, who didn’t have the votes to get the civil rights bills passed. LBJ made Sargent Shriver his persuader. Shriver had lunch with various Senators and told each one similar things, like ‘Ya know, Senator, we’re not going to be able to nominate your choice for the federal district court until we have your vote on the civil rights bill.’ Yep, the bills were passed.

Congressional leaders know how to play hard ball, and when they don’t, it’s because they don’t want to.

(I got the story about Shriver from a PBS program, but I don’t remember which one. LBJ used the telephone a lot to apply the legendary ‘LBJ treatment’ to members of Congress. It worked, but it requires leaders who aren’t crypto-Republicans. )