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Because "The World Is on Fire,' DNC Urged to Back Climate Debate Resolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/24/because-world-fire-dnc-urged-back-climate-debate-resolution


PDA’s Tom Weis, from the article:

How are Democrats going to mobilize America ‘on a scale not seen since World War II’ to combat the ‘global climate emergency,’ as the Democratic Party Platform asserts, if they won’t even hold a climate emergency debate?

Good question, Tom. My answer: perhaps all that mobilize America stuff is mouthwash, and the DNC has other fish to fry. First priority: Shoulder that socialist aside. Were there to be something about climate, inevitable social concerns would arise, which could only help that damned socialist.

Of course, Sanders isn’t regarded as a real socialist by real socialists – no matter. The mere sentiment “Why not put society first?” is totally intolerable, in any form.

Q: How is Joe ByeDone gonna mobilize USAmerica?
A: Not.


DNC mofos need to watch this video:


Biden is not going to mobilize enough vote to get elected in the first place

He’s already told his Billionaire Base (and the rest of us): "Nothing will fundamentally change"

“inspiration” like THAT, will keep people on of couch.

So, lacking any meaningful platform, programs or message, just that he intends to keep Status Quo, we will only hear its our ‘obligation’ to vote for Biden “Vote for Me, I’m not Him” It’s Bidens turn, according to Wall Street. We’ve seen this movie and we know how it ends.


This would not even be relevant if the Green Party had their shit together and worked at GROWTH to become viable!


The DNC is too elitist to say the words the voters want to hear.

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Even if they did say the words, Would you believe them?


The likes of Tom Perez and DWS are putting one of the final nails into the coffin of the Democratic Party. Pray for Bernie and the Squad!


EACH in their own way make a mockery of having a functional democracy in the USA.

Their words, ideas, decisions cast aside the realities of what the people of this nation want or need, for their PERSONAL choices.

While their roles and goals may indeed be different on specifics, both Mitch McConnell and Tom Perez, thoroughly DISRESPECT the Constitution and the will of the People.

In a crucial moment of national decision-making these individuals use their “weight” to FORCE the population to stand by agog, passive to important changes that affect the whole world.

Tom Perez, leading a runaway group of elitist puppets known as the DNC decide WHAT shall be discussed by presidential candidates. If this is not ridiculous,then WHAT is? The world is threatened by global climate changes, and … TOM decides it will not be discussed in detail. Who or what IS he??
WHY do we accept this??

People deciding to RUN FOR PRESIDENT of the USA are TOLD WHAT they may or may not talk about??? Have we chosen the DNC to supervise our “Presidential” goals? Can we SEE we have dropped so far??

We should be ashamed we have sunk to such a level. We have become for all intents and purposes … politically pathetic. Democracy? WHERE?


Well, under the circumstances, maybe a few words from the movie, “Avatar” are appropriate, prophetic and hopefully, awakening for us here: “There’s no green there. They killed their Mother , and they’re gonna do the same here. More Sky People are gonna come. They’re gonna come like a rain that never ends. Unless we stop them. They chose me for something. I will stand and fight. You know I will. But I need a little help here.” And so I ask, will the God we know kindly help us here now?


" if the Green Party had their shit together … "

… but they DON’T.

Always have had the greatest goals and ideas.

But for the wrong reasons they act like a CLUB (they think that somehow that is more “democratic”), not a serious political organiation with serious and well thought-out strategic plans in place.

… with well thought-out messages and actions to bring new people on board to achieve those goals together.


Tom Perez is a puppet doing what the puppeteers demand. When the DNC reversed course to allow donations from fossil fuel companies, the writing was already on the wall. Guess we will have to depend on journalists to root out the candidates ideas on the GND. Let’s face it, a TV debate would have been Jake Tapper asking Bernie, “What will people do after you take away their cars and ability to fly?”


very true. Perhaps a climate catastrophe “debate” wouldn’t have been that great after all. I’d rather see Bernie and AOC put together a Green New Deal infomercial in the spirit of Ross Perot (RIP) and get some TRUTH in front of the sleeping masses.


the damn dems are no better than the horrific likes of David Koch. Now time to get rid of them.


The DINO DNC’s uncle tom perez is a neoliberal-tool scumbag - that’s his title and official job - to fuck-over progressives and our issues - in this case the entire world’s interests, tom you sellout douchbag! - betrayal after betrayal from these DINO corporate scum who do not serve the public, only their big-money clients!

It seems apparent for a very long time now, seriously screwing us over since at least bill clinton, those who control the DP private party are not interested in the 99% (only scamming our votes) so since they don’t give a shite about the “little people”, progressives, environmentalists, the Common Good, ending wars and bloated obscene military/pentagon budget, and more we must find a different way to gain representation rather that their betrayals - the question has been and is now , the how?

The DP is a private party; not a democratic institution, a mechanism for those who work their way up serving the big-money interests to dominate and maintain control of the people and policy direction to serve those big-money interests, and we must recognize that truth and not tolerate that reality any longer!


The Democratic party is dying a long, agonizing death. It could never rid itself of its corporate parasites.


Evidently all the DNC cares about is fundraising. Not even fundraising-for-the-purpose-of-getting-elected, just fundraising for the love of loot.

The climate debate would have put a kink in the cash flow from the industries of death, so they nixed it.

Yup, they love their loot so much they are willing to destroy the world to grab a little more, even though they’re already millionaires.

There’s no way for me to fathom that mentality.


Exactly, my prediction, if they put another neo-liberal on the ticket in 2020, is the young voters will burn the DNC house down, I will help and cheer them on, as much as I can.


“That isn’t leadership. That isn’t normal order. That isn’t what it means to be a Democrat.”

What it means to be a Democrat? Of course it is.

How many times do these con artist criminals have to screw over the base before it becomes unavoidable?

But, hey, it’s the Duopoly. Whataya gonna do?!