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Because There Is No Difference: On Bikers, Headscarves, Haka and Unity

Because There Is No Difference: On Bikers, Headscarves, Haka and Unity

In need of a glimmer of light, we looked to New Zealand, where in the face of a bloody cataclysm the country has risen together in extraordinary strength and grace to steadfastly declare, "We are one." Their leader mourned, consoled, embraced all, took action; women donned headscarves; gangs performed haka; thousands guarded mosques and joined Muslim prayers; and a 95-year-old World War ll vet took four buses to attend a rally against racism because, despite all, "We care for each other."

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We could have used leadership and sanity like this after 9/11.

But no.


These Kiwi acts of love and solidarity drown out the hateful ravings of that Kiwi legislator who blamed immigrants for the attack. That legislator was, of course, a descendant of immigrants to NZ.


Haka is a fine art, touching on all human aspects - every fibre of the heart, coordinated by mind, expressed in succinct LANGUAGE, voiced by the entire body.

Thank you!
“Our differences are the glue that hold us so tightly together.”


Hi tapatio—: ) It’s amazing what just one national leader can do to make the world a better place----words matter! : )

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Do you mean Senator Fraser Anning? He is not from New Zealand but from Australia, as is Brenton Tarrant, the suspected perpetrator.

Thanks for the correction!

WOW- Amerikkka is not the greatest place on earth!
If only the Palestinians could get this type of LOVE from their torturers. between amerkkka and isreal , they are keeping nzi ideology alive.

That act of performing Haka. I think a lot of us would feel better after doing so.
Who needs Tai Chi?

…The Soul of New Zealand seems to be a real shining Jewel…Praise be…

…I must admit in reviewing the comments that I’m disturbed that after a WEEK, that there aren’t more tributes to the solidarity of these fine folks…WTF!!..