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Because This Is 2018, An Actual Nazi Is the GOP Candidate For An Illinois Congressional Seat, and He's Even On the TeeVee


Because This Is 2018, An Actual Nazi Is the GOP Candidate For An Illinois Congressional Seat, and He's Even On the TeeVee

Leaving Roy Moore in the dust, Arthur Jones - in-your-face Nazi, Holocaust denier, white supremacist and GOP candidate for Illinois’ 3rd District, argued in a CNN interview that he's not really a Nazi anymore, just "an American patriot and statesman" who believes the Holocaust is “an international extortion racket by the Jews" and neither the commie media nor "cursed two-party, Jew party, queer party system" can stand the truth. "This is not a good look" for the GOP, some say, but at this point not an entirely surprising one.


Hard line to walk, I guess…warn people about the real Jones vs giving him free publicity and visibility just like the media did with Dump…and look where you the media landed us…and actually continue to inure us to shocking behaviors in a so-called public servant.


Some years ago I recall watching some daytime talk show where a number of KKK members in white hoods and robes while proudly waving Swastikas were interviewed about their beliefs. They brought with them their Children, dressed in the same garb and when asked about their own beliefs those children repeated the same things their parents did.

I felt bad for those kids. Oftimes I think the only thing that can save them is if this stuff remains in the news and the people continue to publicly shame those belief systems.


SdP, you’re awfully optimistic! 1–That there’ll be substantial public censure and 2–That the kids (any of them) will be able to rise above their programming. I hope you’re right.

Years ago, I saw Morris Dees as he toured and spoke; he had a reformed skinhead with him. And today there’s a guy… Christian Picciolini and his group Life After Hate (which, btw, Dump’s hatchet man took funding away from). He’s a powerful speaker…

(Haven’t seen you around for a long time! Welcome back!)



A “retired insurance agent”. Of course he became a nazi. Despite the fact that the predation system has nested insurance as to be ubiquitous, it, like health insurance requires a constant ginning of the predation niches. That is why instead of societal integrity being maintained by the governance system - you have the insanely transparent fascism of the title “Citizens United”. I don’t see myself considered to be, much less treated as a participatory citizen in this.


That was my first thought as well.


Well, there you have it. A belligerently proud outed Nazi running for office as a republican. Who’d have thunk it?


Now what do we do with these deplorable people who, in the past, were castigated and marginalized to the extent they were actually embarrassed to show their faces?
The great tragedy of Donald Trump is that he has enabled these cockroaches to emerge from under the toilet into the daylight without being stomped on. It is up to the rest of us, to use what is left of the democratic process to throw out this president and express such a societal universal disgust for these creeps that it sends them and president douchebag back to the dark place from whence they emerged.


I hate Illinois nazis!..


Does this mean he’s the lone republican who’s against providing military support and financial assistance to Israel? And he can be counted on to get the US out of the middle east altogether? And stop selling military equipment to Saudi Arabi? And and and…


Well, I have to admit, that Jones is a perfect fit for the WHITE SUPREMACIST…WHITE HOUSE!


Ya know I lived in Il for 54 yrs and for the most part it wasn’t known for being a crazy state like Wi or Mi have become, Oh well, why not in todays America. We can house the Jews in the “holding” prisons along with the Muslims, Mexicans, blacks, Italians, Irish, Germans and …


And a fucking insurance salesman on top of that!!! That has to be the icing on the Nazi cake!!


I hate ALL reactionaries AND Nazis


You know it’s funny (granted in a sick way) that many of the white “conservatives” think that Ryan & McConnell are liberals & Communists. The US has really become a fucked up country since st Ronnie of Reagan.


Hahaha! If you think about it, insurance is a kind of socialist program. Levy premiums from the public at large to provide for individual loss . As a National Socialist he’s the perfect fit.


Hasn’t Normon Finkelstein (Ph. D Princeton ) made a similar argument about the Holocaust racket? Finkelstein explains this in his 2000 bock “The Holocaust Industry”.
Finkelstein’s parents were actual Holocaust survivors.
Decades of white guilt are producing an ugly backlash. God help us…


This district, the Illinois 3rd, has a D+6 rating. It has had Democrat representatives for a long time. The current representative, D Dan Lipinski has typically won with a 2-to-1 vote margin. Lipinski ran unopposed in 2016; Jones had been removed from the 2016 ballot; Ballotpedia doesn’t tell us the grounds for Jones’ removal from the ballot.

That is why the Republicans can’t find anyone to run in the primary and then serve as a sacrificial lamb in the general election. If it is any comfort, having an opponent, and a ‘Nazi’ at that, will increase voter turn out, which Democrats consider a good thing.

Do you want it to be? Or is it more pleasurable to shout at the Nazi for the next several months, until he is defeated. BTW, will you organize the Antifa to appear at all of Arthur Jones’ events to oppose him?


Who cares?
He will never be elected anyway.


Why was this sub-human even given a platform by CNN from which to spew his ignorance and hate speak? This is what they did with Trump - lots of free publicity and that helped get him elected. He doesn’t deserve to be heard and I do not understand why he’s even acknowledged, except it’s a story…a bad one.