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Because 'This Is a Public Health Crisis,' Pennsylvania Gov. Urged to Investigate Link Between Fracking and Childhood Cancers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/because-public-health-crisis-pennsylvania-gov-urged-investigate-link-between


“Fracking presents clear threats to our drinking water, our air quality, and to the health and safety of residents in these sacrifice zones.”
Those threats translate to deaths by either ignorance or arrogance and that is (or should) be a capital crime! Victims that are children are more than likely. Where is a prosecutor with the Moxie to charge the perps ?

Those threats include the cancers being created by the fracking fluids that include known carcinogens including millions of gallons of diesel fuel.


The fact that weather and rain events are increasing means pools of hazardous toxic waste will be overrun and washed-out into the wider environment and aquifers threatened - the claim that frack fluids “disposed” in injection wells or above-ground pools will stay where they are “supposed-to” will do no harm is madness!


Slick-water fracking and simply watering-down (dumping or spraying as road salt or oiling gravel roads) the radioactive and very toxic brine might’ve begun under the Democrats, but both parties enabled fracking at reservoirs, by 40 yr old reactors, school & graveyards. Water treatment plants were destroyed (mills and power stations shut down) as reported by ProPublica, DeSmogBlog, and at first, The Post Gazette. Then BOTH parties shut down DEP discussion of leaky casing, failed cement-jobs & annulars, causing many fracking fluid contaminated wells and aquifers. The local media abruptly changed sides and aided government cover up, hired an Israeli spook company to spy on protestors. Protesting lethal wet-gas pipelines on your own property could get you thrown into solitary confinement with foreign mercenary firms hired to intiminate those not arrested by “law enforcement” for protecting their own private property, water and air. By the second GasLand film, K Street shills had basically taken over the DCCC as ALEC drafted ever more anti-constitutional laws barring disclosure, protest or simply dissemination of the facts. Bet you we won’t be hearing this debated during the primaries, now that the Kochs fund the DNC and DCCC, and Energy In Depth silenced dissent?


In the face of such abuses of our common resources and the public trust, this engaging documentary shows people in action worldwide measuring and addressing the threats from methane and CO2, accelerating natural processes which sequester carbon and reduce methane leaks, and cleaning up excess toxins. For positive progress, support these and such efforts local to you!
Ice on Fire https://g.co/kgs/Hb3gpR


Most have no friggin’ clue what Fracking is or what’s in the Wastewater. Most States allow it and is a main cause of earthquakes, sinkholes and deadly diseases which the Medical System thrives on even tho they lie about their breakthroughs that only the Rich can afford… what a shit show this nightmare of a world turned into, where murderers and scam artists rule the rest of us. What a disgrace this Country has become.


Anybody see a problem with the containment pond in the photo with the story? Hope they’re not all built this way. The pond is below ground level, in a pit with small levees surrounding the pond, with all of the rain that we’re having this year, wont take long for the pit to fill with runoff from the surrounding land and overflow.
The bottom of the pit should be above grade a few feet min., with much taller levees. Guess that extra work would slightly cut into their profit, and we can’t have that.


More than a century of mining companies utilizing evaporating ponds has confirmed that such practice results in water table contamination and spreading serious contamination when heavy rain occurs.


It’s long past the time to cry “Wolf” about the dangers of fracking.

The biggest reason we don’t know what we should about fracking is that most state legislators are so beholden to fossil fuel interests that they write laws that permit frackers from disclosing what chemicals they use in their processes, and that don’t allow scientists to analyze the wastewater.

I sit here in utter shame – I use natgas for cooking, heat, and hot water.