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Because We Don’t Have a Right to Vote…

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/because-we-dont-have-right-vote

Because we don’t have a right to vote, we don’t have a democracy, and never did.


Because we don’t have a right to vote, the DNC openly conducts a fraudulent primary.

Because we don’t have a right to vote, the DNC attempts to have Green Party candidates from ballots.

And then there are all those victims of the “law and order” crowd who really don’t have a right to vote because they spent time in jail.


A short allegory of our “2020” right to vote for the benefit of Thom Hartman:

Executioner: “You’re lucky… you can either die by lethal injection or firing squad. Which do you prefer?”

Condemned inmate: “HHhmmmm… I can’t decide. Is there a third choice?”

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Actually you are quite wrong, we do have a right to vote. It is in the 15th amendment, section 1.
It says that “The right of citizens of the united states to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

The problem is that republicans have packed the courts with far right fascists so to deny the vote for those they don’t want to vote. And that is how we lose our democracy.

It depends on how you define a *“condition of servitude”:
*** a right by which something (such as a senator or representative) owned by one person (the electorate) is subject to a specified use or enjoyment by another (corporations and the 1%).

As I see it, your right to vote has been grotesquely abridged by the “condition of servitude” that is the hallmark of our money/power corruption machine called washington.

The question was that we have the right to vote, which we do. As for whether our vote matters is a different question.
The US has always had the rich dictating policies to help themselves. It is what the founders wanted. They wanted the elites to run everything and thought that farmers were the ones with the most commonsense and would vote the elites in. Which is how we get a minority to rule over us. The founders hated city folk, the poor unwashed uneducated masses as or the mob as they called them.
That isn’t going to change until we have a revolution of some kind, either peaceful or violent. The rural people complain about the elites on the coast and ignore the elites that rob their pockets because of the divide using hate towards others.
One only has to read Zinn’s “the people’s history of the US” to understand how the rich has kept most americans down.