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Because 'We 're Running Out of Time,' World Leaders Finally Commit to Tackling Superbug Scourge


Because 'We 're Running Out of Time,' World Leaders Finally Commit to Tackling Superbug Scourge

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

More than a decade after the World Health Organization (WHO) began warning about its global threats, world leaders on Wednesday are gathering for a historic high-level meeting at the United Nations General Assembly, where they committed to a coordinated approach to discuss how to fight the scourge of "


Not true -- our plants are our medicines -- though knowledge of this has largely
been destroyed as control over medical practices moved from females into male

Native Americans had penicillin -- many natural anti-biotics in nature -- from tea
tree oil to other substances. Even today, many of these products still exist and
are used -- that's why people who have been made ill by pharmaceutical drugs with
their myriad numbers of side effects -- have turned to health food stores.


I haven't yet read entire article which I will do --

However, I think the question is also whether we are actually creating new disease
by our habits of filth and pollution --

and, most of all, by destruction of our immune systems.

The harm that vaccines are doing to our children has to be understood.

Quote --
A report released this week by a coalition of environmental and public health organizations
found that pharmaceutical companies are contributing to the rise of superbugs through their
industrial waste which pollutes local soil and water systems, thereby interacting with local bacteria.

In the very short time since the "invaders" arrived on this continent, they have destroyed nature,
natives by genocide -- and not only here, but around the world for their own profit.

A fact sheet from the WHO states:

Quote -- Antimicrobial resistance occurs naturally over time, usually through genetic changes.
However, the misuse and overuse of antimicrobials is accelerating this process.
In many places, antibiotics are overused and misused in people and animals, and often given
without professional oversight. Examples of misuse include when they are taken by people with
viral infections like colds and flu, and when they are given as growth promoters in animals and fish.

If you want to help the planet and yourself -- stop eating animals.


Article on study referred/linked to in article:


In the meantime the big pharmaceuticals are seeking the next viagra


So am I to assume those that instigated the antibiotics everywhere platform have milked every last penny out of the hedge and now are abandoning the fund?


"if we don't begin to reverse it now, it's going to be much harder in the future,"

This is a meaningless cliche. It completely fails to address that this is something urgent and in need of quick and purposeful action, right now. And these are the people in the forefront of this issue? Help!


Native Americans had penicillin?


Yes - and often what is put forth as discovery is actually re-discovery.

****Native American healing has saved millions of lives, thanks to the invention of penicillin, **
**which was derived from a Native American treatment for infection using mold. **
**Before penicillin was discovered by doctors, Native Americans had been using it as a remedy **
**for centuries to treat illnesses.****

An interesting story about penicillin in WWII was that there wasn't always sufficient supply for
British soldiers -- so doctors used to take the urine of American soldiers to treat British wounded.

Also, when they moved from natural penicillin to synthetic, some developed allergies to it.

Penicillin is a natural product and part of an ancient traditional remedy thousands of years old. Synthetic antibiotics may be used by the hospitals we are ill in, but only God and mold can make penicillin.
Penicillin is made by the blue and white penicillium molds. Commercial penicillin is made by the pencillium chrysogenum mold. The mold that makes roquefort or brie cheese is a penicillium. The hard white crust on brie cheese is made of colonies of pencillium camemberti.
All commercial penicillin comes from cells extracted from a mold growing on a cantaloupe found in Peoria, Illinois, in 1941.To make commercial penicillin, you need a descendant of this strain. In the U.S., this strain is offered for sale here but I don't know if they sell it to non-schools.
_To grow penicillin on bread: _
_ Put a penicillium mold such as a piece of brie crust, Dorset Blue Vinney cheese, bleu cheese or moldy lemon or orange skin in with some whole grain sourdough bread and store in a dark, damp place that is not completely airtight. You may also be able to leave the bread by itself and have the mold form naturally. Penicillium mold is in the air all around us. You only need to be able to identify it once it has formed to obtain a particular mold. Be careful to never breathe in mold spores. See Molds for identifying molds and cautions about working with molds
This is how ancient civilizations made penicillin. They did not have the equipment to extract or differentiate between different pencillium molds and took what they could get. You could put the moldy bread in with lemons if you wanted to grow the mold on lemon skin. (To use the flesh of the lemon and not waste it, make lemon pudding )
Once you have grown the penicillium on bread, this bread can be used topically (on the outside of the body) to prevent infections such as those made from wounds.

Some interesting articles here -- https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylc=X3oDMTFiN25laTRvBF9TAzIwMjM1MzgwNzUEaXRjAzEEc2VjA3NyY2hfcWEEc2xrA3NyY2h3ZWI-?p=Penicillin+discovered+by+native+americans&fr=yfp-t&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8


Yes; I suppose vaccines are rather like smallpox, polio, tuberculosis, diptheria, cholera, typhoid fever etc in the damage they do to children.


Vaccines are causing Autism in children - and long before full blown Autism they were creating
milder forms of Autism with learning defects and many other problems. They are also harming
immune systems -- and probably for much longer than we have realized.
Combined with the movement to stop breast feeding, it has been very harmful.

Not sure, but think perhaps you meant that vaccines can carry LIVE viruses -- as they once did.
But, when they move to "deactivated" virus there are many harmful steps -- radiation to deactivate,
for one example. All of this is passed onto the child in the injection on top of the many harmful poisons
already in these vaccines.
HOWEVER, the more they "deactivate" the virus, the more boosters are required.
Vaccines, of course, do not provide anything like life-long immunity to disease which the natural wild
childhood diseases provide. At best they provide temporary immunity, if even that.

Additionally, they also have also been discovering that the natural/wild childhood diseases when a
child has recovered from them provide protection from many of the ailments/diseases we see now
rising in our populations -- diabetes, osteoporosis -- there's a long list. Sorry it's late and no chance
I can dig out the full list at this moment.

Vaccines usually appear as disease has peaked and cases are falling -- thus they will look like
a success, but really not. This has long been true -- including with smallpox and polio.
The measles vaccine was a surprise to the medical community as no one had called for a vaccine;
it was completely unnecessary.


A lot of movement going on -- Monsanto -- recognized and despised now all over the world
is selling out to Bayer -- also a company with questionable reputation.
Also Merck selling off part of their business to Bayer. New Monopolies are being created.


Fukuda told NPR he's hoping world leaders will see the threat of superbugs on par with that posed by climate change.

This must be Fukuda's shortened way of saying that he hopes world leaders refuse to address this for a few decades, then have a few decades worth of 'meetings' at which little to nothing gets accomplished. Then, once it's too late to solve the problem, apply a new tax to be paid by anyone who gets an infection and then assure the people that progress is being made.