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Because Women Cannot 'Expect the Courts to Protect Us,' Warren Calls for Federal Law to Affirm Abortion Rights at Democratic Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/because-women-cannot-expect-courts-protect-us-warren-calls-federal-law-affirm

So, how many people who called Bernie supporters sexist in 2016 are already committed to Joe Biden?

I might not be paying attention, but I haven’t heard anyone hyping Warren as possibly the first female president. I guess that doesn’t matter now.

Democrats on offense. What a noble idea. Completely foreign to them.
I put on my Bernie bumper sticker a few days ago. Maybe I’ll get a Warren one to put along side.
But which should be on the left side and which on the right.

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Republicans keep trying to give corporations (pandering to donors) and fetuses (pandering to conservative voters) legal standing as persons under US Law.

A President can just issue an Executive Order that legally interprets a person under the US Constitution to be a living breathing human being.

That would solve both problems with very few words in an Executive Order.

Of course it will be brought to court, as would a new law, and hopefully common sense would prevail.