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Because Working People 'Deserve a Rent Holiday as Much as the Cheesecake Factory,' Demand for Relief Grows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/because-working-people-deserve-rent-holiday-much-cheesecake-factory-demand-relief

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Hey, all you Citizens United bashers—it looks like a corporate “person” is showing more courage than the flesh-and-blood types. Who (with actual hands) will pick up the gauntlet?

Yes, rent moratorium for people! And mortgage moratorium too, for those of us who happen to “own” our homes (I put the “own” in quotes, because not being able to make our mortgage payments can have the same consequences as not be able to pay rent - eviction (even if they put a temporary hold on that).


People, working people, have no choice but to toil for bread on the table.
Our chances for success are voted on, crunched, dispersed in small increments, and have little wiggle room.
Business on the other hand is a choice. An investment in commerce. A chance at a brass ring.
Since when did that entail a free ride, or a bailout? I suppose if we were in fact a solvent, rich country, we could help out failing business adventures if the 99% were secure in health and employment. But the people first.
Bankruptcy, and a hand up for a business loan in the future is what the cheesecakers should get.
A sizable portion of new businesses fail in the first few years anyway.
Do we want to be a trickle down corporate state.


If we didn’t have to toil for CASH to pay to put bread on the table, this mess we’re in now might look a whole lot less intimidating. The idea that we have no choice is paralyzing.


OK, score reads “Corporate Good Guys 1, maybe.” What are they doing for their employees?

Do I hear a second? 2? Anyone? Anywhere?

It really does sound like time for a rent strike.


truth is, i’d love to see a bunch of cheesecake being perp-walked off the property by the eviction enforcers.

let’s face it, if any of us tried this, it would be off to the underpass and wet cardboard lifestyle.

ah, to be an actual non-person person, instead of the indentured help.


From the article:

“Cheesecake Factory is simultaneously doing a rent strike and refusing to give its workers paid sick leave,” tweeted blogger David Hines…"


Only if the company is turned over to the workers who will own and distribute what is earned, This should be a good time to understand that the profit motive has to go as it does not promote social cohesiveness. In fact, all the corporations who are now confirmed addicts expecting bailouts should be nationalized.


It can be devastatingly scary thinking that it won’t be happening under trump’s regime.
Nationalizing, healthcare first, pharma second. Probably should go carefully into the battle of pressing the country into more and more socialistic policies, even as they are badly needed.


I support the idea of helping Working people with rent Holliday 100%. However we should remember that the banks still collecting mortgages plus interest and counties collecting taxes. Therefore to be fair the deserving landlords also should see some reprieve.


Just imagining the exponential growth of corona virus going undetected infecting 10s of millions will make the great depression look like a picnic in comparison. Countries closing borders, commerce will come to a screeching halt. Recovery will take decades if ever. Listening to Trump, his pee brain supporters and the GOP monsters short circutting the social distancing regime we will all have to go get a casket and get ready to sign off. It’ll be akin to mass murder.


Temporary relief isn’t going to work, there will have to be loan forgiveness write off etc en mass. Putting more money in the hands of the robber barons would mean they’ll have the means to sweep up property for a song all over the country. The better choice is to turn rental units to the occupiers and write off the mortgages. Ownership to the workers.


Reminds me of a photo I have of me sleeping under a pier, on a piece of cardboard, in Virginia Beach during spring break 1969.
“Those were the days my friend.”

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All for it!

Sounds like the start of a full on strike.

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That is indeed a problem, and precisely the reason that a program on the order of the (also late) mobilization for World War II is necessary in order to avoid chaos on a much grander scale than that of WW II, which was to a great extent tightly choreographed (though with an indeterminate until the end came).

“Pee brain”–I like it!

We should be so lucky–or more to the point, more pissed of and more united.

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