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Before Anything Else, We Are All Human


Before Anything Else, We Are All Human

Weary of He Who Must Not Be Named? In desperate, soul-starved need of proof that his hate-filled America is not, in fact, all we are as a country? Visit the Ad Council's "Love Has No Labels" inclusion-themed PSA, which just won a Creative Arts Emmy for Best Commercial. A tale of love, hope, joy, it seeks to “challenge us to open our eyes to our bias," and remind us in these bleak times of our common humanity. Hold fast to it, and we'll make it.


Great stuff that celebrates truth and wisdom.
Odd how the happiest of moments brings tears to our eyes.


I watched the "Love Has No Labels" video and there is a lot I like about it, so my nitpicking will probably seem out of place and if anyone can straighten me out regarding what I sensed was discordant in it please explain to me where I misunderstood/what I'm missing.

The title is "Love Has No Labels" yet in the video the following statement is made: "We know that labels don’t devalue us they help define us: keeping us dialed into our cultures, and our beliefs, and who we are. As Americans."

Unless I'm wrong and seeing discordant messages I'd like to see this statement changed to be consistent with the title, or the title changed to something that incorporates this part of the message ("Love Has No Devaluing Labels" or some such).

Like I wrote, I liked much about the video and am open to the idea that I saw/heard a discordant note when there is none.


Surely, it's a good message and I like it but I can't help httnking about any radiation effects on the participants behind the screen. I'm old and remembering when shoe stores let us look at our foot bones and later we learned that this exposure may have caused some of us to contract cancer later in life.
May they be well.