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Before Celebrating Sinn Féin Election Surge, Consider Their Pro-Austerity Record in the North of Ireland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/10/celebrating-sinn-fein-election-surge-consider-their-pro-austerity-record-north


Definitely not traveling there for holiday.

Unfortunately just as the case with the NDP here in Canada , as it is with so called Socialist parties in France , Spain, Greece and Italy, all have moved to the right and sold their souls for the Corporate dollar.

The Corporations in “Controlling the means of production” hold them all hostage. Do not play by the Corporate rules and that factory that was to be built in Ireland will be built in France and “Free trade” deals will ensure the goods produced elsewhere have open access to any market.


Sad that they are self serving elected jerks.
Just like our democrats and republicans in DC
Imagine that!


While a number may believe voting in Sinn Fein would herald a bright new dawn many were voting somewhat more pragmatically, well aware of imperfections and not expecting sun, moon and star. It is inarguable that SF are far from perfect, however, it has become increasingly clear to many that the business as usual of the Big Two swapping turns at the wheel since the inception of the state resulted in two main parties that simply don’t fear the electorate and hence don’t act in the general electorate’s interests. SF were the only viable alternative to upset that cosy arrangement, the only available wedge as the other parties barely exist - many don’t run candidates in all constituencies - and are in fact dwarfed by independent candidates’ share of the vote whose primary focus is often no further than the parish pump. SF were the third largest party after the last election and thus they were the obvious point to build on this time around, and that I believe is where a lot of their surge emanates from.

I’m just glad that their share from the last election didn’t scatter across a half-dozen other parties raising them all a little but still leaving FF and FG untroubled and dominating both sides of the house as it has always been. Now it’s looking like that domination may be nearing its end and folks in both will be wondering what went wrong, and probably planning on how to hobble the loathed SF. However, if SF want to maintain momentum then they’re going to have to perform markedly different to the two centre rights, otherwise the votes will just go back where they came from.


What a negative article! - equating Sinn Fein, who were originally denied representation at all, with the English government and their failed policies for their colony in N Ireland.

Sinn Fein which translates as “Ourselves” or if you like “US, Not Me” is the only All Ireland party. They won a huge victory because they do the work on the ground - in the communities. Don’t be fooled by nay-sayers from N Ireland.
Their victory in the Republic is a breakthrough for their progressive socialist agenda. Young people voted overwhelmingly for Sinn Fein and were encouraged by Sinn Fein to give their second preferences to progressives - the Greens and People before Profit. It is a turning point - the neo-fascist populist momentum has been stopped. It is worth celebrating!