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Before Chaos Hit, GOP Lawmakers Denounced for 'Desperate Attempt at a Coup' by Denying Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/chaos-hit-gop-lawmakers-denounced-desperate-attempt-coup-denying-election-results

Wednesday, 6PM in D.C and they are just now putting up barricades in front of the Capitol. Really? They didn’t know enough to do this Tuesday?!!!
And they couldn’t hose those rioters off the building? Really?
No one arrested during daylight and their siege of the Chambers?
If people of color had done this, there would have been more than a few cracked heads, within minutes.
All a dog & pony show.
Don’t insult my intelligence.


So this is the outcome of more than 200 years of the American dream. 74 million people voted for a sociopathic moron, and by implication, gave their tacit approval of the crocodile-brained ignorant fascist mob that descended on Washington. Let that sink in…74MILLION!!.
Now that Biden has a majority in both houses, let us see how a lifetime corporate Democrat and his fellow corporate Democrats in both houses can change the path of the descent of America as being seen as a Shit-hole country in the eyes of the world.
Let us see how far their wealthy donors, who have benefited mightily under Trump administration, will let those who they have bought and paid for, go.
I won’t hold my breath.


from the article:
“Democracy will prevail again today,” the groups concluded, “and history will not speak kindly of those who attempted to subvert it.”

  1. Not today. There are senators and congress peoples who want to complete discussions and finish the reading of the electoral votes for prez and VP. Not likely!

  2. Not tomorrow. Expecting another mob action.

  3. Jan 21st is first day democracy returns. Til then, it is absolute disruptions.

  4. Gitmo for every person from the illiterate mob who entered the capitol building. No rush for their first court date.

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I hope the majority of both houses of Congress will abide by this in its treatment of its criminal colleagues (well, at least those who’ve played their hands in this coup): no censure, prosecution for conspiracy to violate oaths of office and to participate in sedition, impeachment and disbarment, and loss of all financial assets to a fund for social welfare. If Biden, Pelosi, et al. don’t agree, well, toss them into the frying pan with the rest of the conspirators and collaborators.

Absolutely all those who stormed the capitol and destroyed property should be arrested and tried. The president who incited this mob and in whose name these actions were taken should be arrested as soon as he is no longer president. I applaud the call by the Manufacturers Association that Pence and the cabinet should remove Trump under the 25th amendment immediately. He is too dangerous to be allowed to serve even just the 14 days he has remaining in his term.

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The reporting is that four people are dead.

Look at these Congress people from Pennsylvania----These Republicans want to throw out the votes of their own state ???–there is no other slate to vote on. WHO VOTES FOR THESE CLOWNS!

Republicans denounce the mob??? Ya right ----they are the MOB—TRAITORS

we do not need denouncements --we need convictions for treason-

-the real question is whether the Democrats will act to protect the Constitution or will they let the treason slide like they have done so many times since R Nixon’s treason

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"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln

“Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers, then we know who owns them.” Robin Williams

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This situation just happened yesterday and Congress was up up all night counting electoral ballots. Things don’t happen instantly, but here’s a quick recap: Joe Manchin demanded tech companies de-platform the president (some have); Pelosi called for and accepted the resignation of the Sargent at Arms this morning; Pelosi, in a sign of defiance against the president, let her caucus and the public know they’d be finishing counting ballots last night; the House Judiciary Committee formally called on the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment; Schumer demanded the president resign or be impeached; Chris Coons and other Democratic Senators have called on the same; AOC wants Cruz and Hawley ejected from Congress.

The big question is if Republicans will do the right thing. Will the leadership do as it did in Nixon’s case, and ask Trump to resign? Will enough Republicans support impeachment and removal from office? If there are 66 votes to remove the president, then the House will get the articles to the Senate expeditiously I bet. Congress is still in session, next week is just a work-in-the-District week for the House.

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Freedoms—Political —check
We got a long way to go

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The problem is simple—all the money-----Bernie brought up Sheldon Adelson getting a $500 million tax cut------Sheldon bribed the Republican party with 75 million this past election------about 200 million from 2016-----how does one man hand the Republican Party $200 million----this is bribary pure and simple-----and zero reporting on all these bribes.

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