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Before #ExxonKnew, There Were #SmokeAndFumes Around Smog



That would be smoke and mirrors.


Ever notice how no petroleum product is ever implicated as a cause of any disease or illness ?

Could it be that the petroleum industry's PR and legal offices sidetrack any research via coercion or purchase before it ever goes public ?


Loved the photo attached to the article of a smog choked city. It is a perfect symbol of centrist disconnection, disorientation and dysfunctional thinking.
Reminds me of watching a golf game one afternoon on tv, when the announcers chimed at the blimp view of a smog ridden American city, "Look at that! What a gorgeous, beautiful day. Isn't that just wonderful?"


Of course Big Oil knew the consequences of it's business and has always tried to muddy the waters as you say. It's not like information didn't exist in the 70's and global warming was already being modeled that I have direct knowledge of as early as 1975 while I was still at university. In those years, our task was to build a model for what cities and towns would become, or be rebuilt and built in the 21st century and global warming was part of that, also included a population twice as large and many other factors too.
Resources was a big part of this, as were the wars over them. Every major thing I can think of was covered and all have become a reality, including the creation of enemies to maintain and expand the MIC. Naturally such models being done at universities all over the country were ignored and relegated to some basement file room, but for a time it appeared some parts of government wanted to pay attention and take positive steps to better serve a rapidly growing population. So yes, those in positions of power certainly did know what to expect and not only from Big Oil, but Big everything. Recall that, in the 70's, the term "sell out" was used more than a lot and there's a reason why which you've touched on it part. You can take it further if you like Deirdre.


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Your post sounds like the start of a public statement of solidarity for integrity in good governance practices.

I find myself thinking that structuring the basis for Good Faith in Society and Governance is absolutely essential to root practices of governance in principles that document, sustain and balance Good Will, Justice and Integrity.

Economic models, when they do not serve coherent Integrity are guaranteed to fracture along all lines where integrity has been sacrificed for advantage. Today they serve constantly shifting ideological power blocs. The legacy of predatory capital has established entire 'sacrificial zones' in ecological, social, documentational, analytical and economic spheres. These, once sacrificed for short term gain, result in degradation in every sphere of human activity and render coherence itself a marginalized rather than essential aspect of life.

Science, when claimed by corporate interests for purposes of profit rather than broad based coherent documentation, which necessarily establishes coherence beyond the profit motive of any given entity, is rendered a 'technology' NOT science. Such practices, today, represent an egregious and criminal extraction of societal and planetary integrity. The value extracted results in costs to the planet and societies, which the corporate legacy then in turn further "externalizes". In short, this represents institutionalized parasitic accounting practices that when assessed with labor abuses, abuses of human and ecological integrity in resource extraction, the resulting 'false advertising' as falsely representing such entities as producing a legitimate good for society, and the peddling of influence in structures of governance are tantamount to organized crime.


When I was a child in Eagle Rock which started out as a quirky small town till L.A. metastasized and captured it and made it a neighborhood suburb, L.A. 41, Calif. as we used to finish and return address our mail. In those days houses had in their back yards "incinerators," little concrete stoves for burning our trash. Then it was decided by the then Powers That Be that those trash burning incinerators were what was causing all that smog. It became illegal to use them, a law all the patents supported and abided by, and I guess the trash collection industry had to expand and create landfill spaces.

The smog of my childhood was intense. There are mountains that ring the Northeast portion of L.A, wherein Eagle Rock lies but they would completely disappear, be unseeable until rain came and would temporarily clean out the air causing these hidden mountains to miraculously appear. It made your eyes burn and in my case taking a deep breath on a smoggy afternoon gave me a pain in my back that felt like I had inhaled a golf ball.

Eliminating the trash incinerators did not lesson the smog in the slightest. Most days you could see the air if not the mountains that were hidden behind it. Vehicle exhaust was the problem along with smoky eruptions from big factories. Kids with bad asthma were not allowed to play outdoors during "recess" kickball, dodgeball, tetherball all were bad because that got us breathing hard.

The greater Los Angeles Area was a basin. You could see that clearly if you were driving through the mountain on the Angeles Crest Highway and when you looked down into the valley you were headed into, the air down there on a bad day looked like oil.

We breathed it and played in it because that was what was there.


EnemyofWar. Thanks for the link to this excellent article: http://www.thenation.com/article/secret-history-lead/ This article not only exposes the poison of lead additives, it also shows how corporations work with universities and the government to promote junk science and approval to bring poison products to market and keep them there in addition to "environmental discrimination."


And all of us whose mothers inhaled those fumes have 600 times the lead in our bones as our ancestors and 6-10 fewer IQ points. Do you think the 0.01% mind having a dumber populace? Sloan and Kettering founded their Cancer Research Institute to buy their way into heaven and to promote the chemical based pharmaceuticals to cure the diseases their corporations caused. What a beautiful scheme.