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Before House and Senate Vote, Here's 13 Worst Things in Trump-GOP-Tax Scam


Before House and Senate Vote, Here's 13 Worst Things in Trump-GOP-Tax Scam

Common Dreams staff

Tax experts warn the proposal prioritizes wealthiest Americans—like President Donald Trump, his billionaire cabinet, and the many millionaires in Congress —at the expense of working families with children


Everyone knows these thieves and what they are doing and because of gerrymandering there is no way to stop this vote from passing. It is party not country which equates to domestic terrorism, the collapse of a once civil society and the end of America. Welcome to Mordor.


Where’s Frodo?


Where is the Ring! :slight_smile:


I’m going to puke. For anyone who voted for Trump, I’m sure they’re feeling stupid now. Imagine all those seniors who thought Trump told the truth when he said he wouldn’t cut Medicare or Medicaid. They should’ve known better voting for Republicans, not that Dems are much better but at least none of them would back this absurd bill.


Government thieves are obsessed with security for obvious reasons.


We are all witnessing the Death of the Republican Party by Greed and Stupidity.

Now, all We the People need to do is kill off the other half of the Duopoly, so that We can start fresh.


Unless they are too stupid to feel stupid.


Got to give the devils their due, they did it. They didn’t cut the payroll tax yet they will raid it to pay for the hole in the deficit, 1.5 trillion. Yellin just raised interest rates, there goes any tax advantage, not to mention inflation. Why do they call social security entitlement? Don’t we pay for that during 40 and 50 years of employment? The Paul Ryan Ayn Rand wet dream. I just feel sorry for my senator Susan Collins. A slinky for a backbone. Is Ryan right, we will forgive when we see the results. We can keep our precious tax cut if we like it? I hope they choke on their own bile.


Yes Paul Ryan, you will have a full stomach and an empty soul for the rest of your meaningless life; thanks to the Koch brothers and the Mercers for finalizing their destruction of the U.S. This is real domestic terrorism. Off with their heads, quite literally.


His declarations of Catholic piety are nauseating. If it works the way they say, he should go straight to hell but probably not soon enough.


If you know of any specific stories of Dump voters regretting their vote, I’d sure like to hear them. The dumpist f’n idiots I know are not sorry and ARE “too stoopid to feel stupid.”


From your lips to KJU’s ears.


Doubly sickening…Ryan and others’ worship of Ayn Rand is so ironic. She was one sick puppy…almost makes Dump look healthy or normal.


I can’t help but remember the history of the French Revolution when the peasants rebelled and started chopping off the heads of the rich aristocrats and the legislators that served them.


I hear it sometimes. For example, a two ladies at my work said their husbands voted for him because they thought he cared about working class people. They told me they regret it though, seeing as he’s just behind typical Rep policies like cutting the taxes for rich people, backing deregulation especially of environment, increasing military spending, etc.


That’s great to hear. I hope his voters will start speaking out to each other. I think there are a lot more dumb voters than actual white supremacists or Nazis, so if the disappointed voters make a visible and noisy stand, there might be a chance of disabling Dump and with the momentum, a couple of dominos might fall??? Fantasy, I know.

Bottom line, I don’t want to live out my life in the Fourth Reich.


Number 13. Enriches President Trump and his family. In addition to cutting the top individual income tax rate and creating a tax break for income from pass-through business entities (of which Trump owns 500), the bill preserves the many existing tax loopholes for real estate investors and even creates a new one. The final bill exempts real estate owners from a provision meant to limit abuse of the new pass-through income deduction. [ITEP]

How Trumpish can you get? Designing legislation calculated to enrich himself should be an impeachable offense. He has a constant tunnel vision focused on “I, me and mine.” That describes a sociopath con artist, NOT a president.


I don’t think the white supremacists have someone of their own at the helm of government. Although Trump is racist, his own son in law is jewish, he supports Israel to a high degree being the first president and only country to ever establish an embassy in Jerusalem, etc. I think he played the racist card to gain those voters but mainly he’s a narcissist. If he truly was someone like hitler, we’d have something great to fear indeed.


Joe, thx. I also don’t think that a white supremacist per se is at the helm IN the WH. HOWEVER, I very much believe that fascists are now in control of pretty much everything and that Nazism is gaining. We’ll have to see…I’d love to be wrong. The cruelty of ICE deportations and the hypocrisy of anti-immigration policies are, to me, harbingers of the Nazism coming.

Kushner being Jewish and Dump moving the embassy in Israel are no comfort to me. Kushner is a POS no matter what religion he professes, and moving the embassy was a reckless move at best…playing to Israeli fundamentalism and hegemony.

You’re correct about Dump’s narcissism, but he’s also a vicious and hypocritical racist. The consensus of knowledgeable people is that he’s a malignant narcissist, aka a psychopath or sociopath (choose whichever you want) and with his uncontrolled impulsiveness/ impetuousness, he’s incredibly dangerous…to us and the world. Plus, how many Dump biographers have stated that he admires Hitler? And he was weaned by Roy Cohn? That’s all pretty scary!

I think we all need to be very alert, concerned, and ready to act, whatever that means…