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Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers


Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers

Phyllis Bennis

How do we even talk about the horrific killings in Orlando, which left at least 50 LGBTQ revelers dead and more than 50 more injured in the middle of pride month? First we mourn. Then we rage. Then we hug our loved ones, especially our LGBTQ friends, comrades, and family members.

Then we look again, and we see the horror — that this murderer was licensed to carry guns and had no trouble buying incredibly powerful military-style weapons. So casually. So legally. So common, across our country. That’s when we start to rage again.


Project Censored "Orlando Killer Worked Inside the Global Security System"



During the "pride month" is the welcoming of LGBTQ into the U.S. military death machine being celebrated along with other victories of gay liberation? What goes around comes around and the Law of Karma, by whatever name, is in operation for everyone. This attack is just another example of eternal war. As Jesus taught, totally forgetting to teach anything at all about homosexuality, "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword". "Whatever you reap, you will sow". Karma.


Bennis gives us some important information here that points to the possibility that this was a black-op, since you can be sure that Mateen's "security" company, given some of its clients, is not a stranger to such operations. And as a self-hating homophobic gay man, Mateen would appear to have been ripe for exploitation as a set-up man and patsy for such a thing. The fact that many eyewitnesses reported several shooters, and the fact that Mateen himself supposedly said at the Pulse that "the US must stop bombing ISIS" (when we all know that the US has--directly or indirectly--been arming ISIS and pulling their punches, to say the least, in their fight against it, while severely criticizing Russia precisely for "bombing ISIS"), point to there being a psy-op, propaganda side to this event, aimed, like all the other suspicious terror events (Paris, Brussels, etc.) at continually fuelling "justifications" for the Empire's destruction and control of the Middle East. As for the "cui bono" question, while both Killary and Drumpf seem to be milking the tragedy for their respective campaigns, it cannot be denied that the deep state's general agenda is being handsomely served by all this domestic carnage. The world needs movements and leaders who will say "Stop!" to all of it, even at the risk of their own safety. It's the only way to end the madness. We need a mass movement calling for a moratorium on all aggressive military operations worldwide, on all terror drills, on all subversion of foreign governments through proxy operations and bogus dissent. The phony "Arab rebels" who only challenge the Empire's enemies would disappear overnight.