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Before Trump Pardoned Him, Arpaio Was Promoted by Media


Before Trump Pardoned Him, Arpaio Was Promoted by Media

Janine Jackson

There’s a great deal to be said about Donald Trump’s pardon for criminal racist Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, found guilty of criminal contempt for refusing to comply with a court’s order that he stop unconstitutionally profiling Latinx people.


Let the MF stand on his hands in knee deep shit in that pink fucking underwear when it’s 117 degrees in the shade.


Thanks for an interesting, germane piece. Arpaio shares the distinction with Trump of all kinds of media coverage that crowded out his adversaries. And a “reality television show” (I had forgotten, the totally forgettable). There you go. The gutter we are in has been largely created by electronic media, but not the “liberal media” of analysis and scholarship so often attacked. I’d otherwise say may God have mercy on Arpaio’s soul, but in this case, no. As Nancy Steinbeck once wrote, there are things you don’t have to forgive.


The MSM is complicit in virtually all of our current nightmare. Nothing on climate change, nothing on war. Strong focus when cops are killed, very little focus when cops are the killers. No critique of substantive issues (GMOS, bee populations, mega-mergers, etc.) that scream for fierce debate.

Instead we get things like an announcement that Dunkin’ Donuts is thinking about changing their name, or some celebrity getting in trouble or some other useless garbage like the Drump’s latest inanity.

It is long past time for us to take back the airwaves. Unfortunately, that’s likely to require Revolution. TPTB will fight mightily to maintain their propaganda machine.


Bring on the Revolution!

It cannot get here soon enough.


A little taste of his own treatment you say?


If I could recommend LadyK’s post more than once…


All I’ll say is how is this walking piece of excrement is above the law, if there really is one, gets pardoned. Oh, it slipped my mind of the other walking… who is supposedly running things.


And the hidden tragedy the coral reefs, that ALL will be dead by mid century. What a mess!


Actually, the “liberal media of analysis and scholarship” is pretty much the problem too. Read Herman and Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” and get familiar with Ms. Jackson’s organization FAIR.org .


You had to bring up that… I’m glad I moved from Florida and the Caribbean basin (and ended my employment in the oil industry) and gave away my scuba gear when I did. I’ll still remember them as they were 35 years ago.


Very good point by Ms Jackson, not made often or strongly enough.

I’ve lived in the Phoenix area since 2002, and watching the local television media fawn over Arpaio year after year has been a sickening spectacle, and its complicity in the miserable Arpaio regime of incompetence and racism has been never been fully exposed to this day. I hope this article is a first step.

Personally, the final straw was watching a local TV news broadcast, anchored by a crew of shark-toothed blonds in a state with a 1/3 hispanic population –a hispanic population that has lived here since long before the state was founded –rolling the cameras while “America’sToughest Sheriff” arrested a group of cleaning ladies at a local library. The local news stations were Arpaio’s happily willing tools.

I tossed my television after that.


Well aware of the work, thanks. I just put that in there for the sake of argument. That the term is really a big misnomer when you get to the bottom of it


How about Counter Spin? Janine Jackson is the host, and Counter Spin brings you the news behind the headlines with critical analysis. If Janine Jackson, and Counter Spin is pretty much the problem. too. We are all in a fix.


CNN ran nonstop coverage of every fart Trump made before the election and kept returning to videos showing Clinton stumbling, or Comey’s comments, or anything even minor that was negative. They now “hate” Trump because he attacked them for some mild criticism. Arpaio was the darling of the media exactly because he’s a gross, nasty, steeped-in-bigotry repulsive old man and he made news. They didn’t give a flying crap about the people he was torturing. They are complicit in every sense, just as CNN and every other media outlet that helped give Trump his victory with their nonstop coverage of that slimy creep are complicit for helping to foist him on us.


Dante would have a special circle just for Arpaio and Trump :smiley:


How did I miss the Dunkin Donuts story!


Counter Spin is produced by FAIR. FAIR is not liberal, it is leftist (or radical, before the word “radical” was expropriated to mean “extremist”). I am using the term “liberal” in “liberal media” in its classic non-USAn sense - the pro-capitalist, pro-military-interventionist-for-capitalism philosophy of the bourgeoisie. The classic examples of this liberal media are the NYT, the Washington Post, PBS and NPR.


For me the Dunkin Donuts story I’d like to hear is why there is such a preposterous density of them in the New England area - notably Rhode Island. You could hardly stand anywhere in the Newport area without one being in eyesight.


Reagan and Clinton deserve all the blame for the media monopolies and the result. The result is no news just permanent advertising. Everything is an ad for something. Witness Colbert VS Johnny Carson.