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Befriending the Saudis Highlights U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights


Befriending the Saudis Highlights U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights

Sonali Kolhatkar

Since World War II, the United States has maintained a close friendship with one of the world’s worst human rights violators, Saudi Arabia. Given mounting evidence of the Saudi monarchy’s appalling behavior, that relationship must end in order to start reconciling U.S. actions with its stated support for human rights.


This was a nice expansion on the pot and kettle aphorism. I wish the citizenry of the USA could grasp the hypocrisy, but that would mean critical thinking...


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"If we supposedly support the Arab Spring revolutions, why are we backing Saudi Arabia, the leader of the counterrevolutions?

"Perhaps it is because the Saudi regime’s cruelty is consistent with the U.S.’ own hypocritical adherence to human rights on paper and rights violations in practice."

Once again, I must challenge the use of the WE-frame since it couples militarism directly with the citizenry. The U.S. is, in many ways, a military dictatorship. It has its President and cabinet to essentially serve as fig leaf figureheads, but it is largely the Deep State composed of military personnel and their corporate partners in global crime that run things.

Second, the key to all of the Saudi support goes to an earlier statistic: that U.S. martial forces, which is to say all of the weapons producers and traffickers supply the Saudi elites will billions in munitions. And as I shared in a thread yesterday, it seems reasonable--given the general sociopathy of persons born to privileged families (in many cases inheriting a distinct empathy deficit) that the purchase of all those sophisticated weapons requires a target. Yemen, as target, is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Here in the U.S. Bible belt South, most men have LOTS of guns. And many like to use them... typically on wild "game." Since Saudi Arabia probably has little in the wild game department, to the Saudi princes, the next "best" thing is finding a nation to deem as enemy, so that at least some of that cache of weapons can be utilized.

This sickening behavior serves the MIC well since the more partners in global crimes it can create, the faster it moves inventory. Weapons, after all, ARE its business.


"If the Taliban in Afghanistan is our enemy, why is the Taliban-like government of Saudi Arabia our friend?

Anyone except the most politically naive and ignorant know the answer is a no brainor!

The Taliban in Afghanistan, refuse to be Amerika's thugs; while Saudi Arabia's regime, one of the most egregious, abominable in the whole world, happen to be Amerika's thugs!


Well, at least the Saudis had nothing to do with 9/11.


Abby Martin's latest installment of her excellent new show, "The Empire Files" tells the story of the Saudi rise to power and its support by the US since the days of FDR.

The future of the US is rather hopeless as long as people like Martin have no voice in the MSM.


Great point, which makes the rhetoric on gun control in the US all the more sickening and hypocritical. Yeah, sure, we will really decrease gun violence by restricting citizens instead of the corporations that profit from the sale of weapons. Our politicians focus on one to avoid the truth of the later.


Good point. When Castro kicked out the Amerikan Empire businesses and the economic elite in 1959, that cost the economic elite and big business untold trillions of $ and had to be demonized to the average American, while these same people are making trillions of $ by doing business with Communist China. The US Empire really could care less what type of government they are doing business with as long as it fits their bottom line.

Communism, in Cuba was an anathema to the Empire strictly for business reasons. The demonization of Communism, like terrorism and Muslims today, was nothing but a phony bogeyman and a red herring for the American brainwashed masses.


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