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Begin The Trump Resistance Plan Before It’s Too Late


Begin The Trump Resistance Plan Before It’s Too Late

Steven Harper

“Immediate necessity makes many things convenient, which if continued would grow into oppression…” — Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776)


"Trump can offer [Republicans] a deal. They get his support for the hard-right policies that many Republicans have wanted for years. In return...they...give him...what he wants....[The] Senate majority leader...wants Trump's deal.....[Yet it would take] only three [Republicans] to flip [Trump's]...margin in the Senate into a bulwark that protects liberty from his assault.

Politics being politics, what would be the legislative price Democrats paid for support from three Republicans? Signing onto bills that give the right all but everything they want, rather than everything - thus legitimizing vast shifts right, and undercutting Democrat criticism of the ruinous effects of right wing legislation?


" No shot has been fired, but make no mistake: the war for America was started on November 8th."

Make no mistake! The shots were fired in Dallas, November 1963. The war started then! Trump is the result, not the cause, of the American, Fascist, Empire. It is just being exposed now for what has been hidden from the American, public for so many years and like the quote from Einstein: '' ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO FLOURISH, IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING". Many good people of America that have had political, power have done nothing and allowed themselves to be either corrupted or apathetic to war criminals like Bush and Obama.


Preservation of the norms is critical. The two norms focused on here must be preserved. I think there are a number of other norms that are vital to preserve. Russian interference with the US election is unacceptable as are Trump's conflicts on interest. There is a whole laundry list of things Trump would have to do in order to accepted as a president in the usual manner and I doubt if any of those things on the list will ever get checked off.


From the article:
"For 230 years, two norms have anchored American democracy. One is that elections must be free of foreign interference. Another is that the presidency must be free of institutionalized corruption. Trump is undermining both. The TRP’s single goal is to preserve those norms."

But oh what a crock, there are no such norms to preserve. The political corruption and foreign influence run deep through both duopoly parties.

Can we discern no Saudi or Israeli influence over US politics, Democrat and Republican, administration after administration, Clinton and Bush and Obama?

Can we discern no institutionalized corruption by transnational corporate power, fossil fuel interests, the military-industrial-congressional complex?

What an utter crock. Trump is horrific and utterly corrupt, and in some ways is taking the blatant cronyism and transparent corruption to new levels of shamelessness. Make no mistake, we need to fight hard, and fight to win, against Trump and his whole agenda and his whole team of corruption and cronyism. But the fundamental institutional rot runs back decades, and thoroughly infects both duopoly parties. There are no such norms to preserve. We need to fight against the whole mess, not delude ourselves that installing Clinton or another thoroughly corrupt corporatist would restore some "normalcy" that does not embody complete corruption and influence.


No shot has been fired, but make no mistake: the war for America began on Nov. 8.

Another Democrat awakens from his coma to rescue a democracy that exists only in his head, thanks to a Republican once again on his way to the White House. The war for America started on Nov. 8th??? Incredible. Yup, the evil Trump stole our "democracy" from the good and pious Democrats who had no problems interfering in the elections of other countries or pursuing regime change until they got a taste of their own medicine. By all means, let's work extra hard to get a Democrat back in charge so Harper and other country club Democrats/limousine liberals can go back to sleep.

Trump, as evil as he certainly is, is the more visible tumor of an all pervading cancer that has afflicted this country for decades. Removing him won't eliminate the cancer. That cancer will not be cured with a change of personnel or party affiliations, nor will it abate with the same old status quo forms of protest. The endless cycle of speak up when it's a Republican and apologize and defend if it's a Democrat only feeds the cancer, the cancer being this country's predatory, vicious, money-fueled political system. Dump Trump, the quicker the better, but it's time to change the system, not just the players.


Also, what another crock. Please, anyone, provide evidence -- not an evidence-free insistent assertion by the US "intelligence" establishment and opportunistic politicians or "mainstream" media megaphones, but any piece of actual evidence -- that Russia swung the US election, or hacked the DNC or Podesta emails, or provided any material to Wikileaks.


And also, whoever provided the material to Wikileaks, what the material actually showed was real corruption within the DNC and Clinton campaign. No "fake news" at all. Real news. Real journalism.


Mr. Harper makes many excellent points about the threat Trumpism poses to the republic, but even he does not dare to say that a moment will come when a prominent Trump critic is killed. Whether the victim is an outspoken public figure, a journalist or an elected official, such a murder will have a chilling effect on whatever resistance does emerge in the coming months.

Putin has had to work hard to hide the links between himself and the killers who have struck down his enemies. In a country as insane and full of guns as ours, all Trump has to single out an enemy and sooner or later one of his crazed followers will reach for his gun. Just read about how frightened for her life and family Meghan Kelly became after she crossed Trump.


You're right or been involved with hearing about Dancing with the Stars.


I got as far as "Trump’s belittling of US intelligence conclusions that Russia hacked the election to help him win..." This signaled that veracity is not the writer's concern. As little as roughly 10 days ago, the CIA denied any Russian connection. Russia denies it, and more importantly, Wikileaks (who obtained the information) denies it, and above all, there is NO evidence connecting Russia with the leaks/hacks.

The election wasn't hacked. Voting machines weren't hacked. Whether the email server issue was a leak or a hack, it had no impact on vote counts. Much of the Dem voting base have deeply opposed the Clinton wing for the past 20 years. What the emails did was shine a light on facts about the Clinton wing -- facts that every American has a right to know.

In spite of selecting a candidate who drew such strong negatives, Clinton did win the majority of the popular vote. The Electoral College picked Trump, and that's the way our system works. Trump was deeply opposed by much of the Republican voting base, Clinton by Dem voters, but these were the choices the gods of US politics presented. As a result, roughly half of all US voters voted third party or withheld their votes.


"Trump’s belittling of US intelligence conclusions that Russia hacked the election to help him win seems to qualify." Would the CIA lie? Remember Iraq's "massive stockpiles of WMD?"

Putin has other concerns. The universe doesn't revolve around the US, an empire that has been in the process of dying. The overall quality of life in the US went from being rated at #1 when Reagan first took office (far from perfect, but better), down to #48 by the time Obama was elected. The longest, most expensive war in this country's history has drained us out militarily and economically. Because the US shut down/shipped out such a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, we can't rebuild this time. The people are deeply divided, split apart by class, race, and ideology, all pitted against each other.

It's rough on the notorious American ego, but we're a has-been empire.


Oh man, Steven Harper. Poor guy, what a terrible name.


The American Regime accuses the Russian Regime of interference in the election. Coming from Regime Changers and Nation Builders, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?


"The endless cycle of speak up when it's a Republican and apologize and defend if it's a Democrat only feeds the cancer, the cancer being this country's predatory, vicious, money-fueled political system."
Absolutely! We've got to keep spreading the word that this is what has been happening. People are starting to wake up.


The common goal here my fellow Americans, is an end to the extremely corrupt, two party Duopoly. Anything short of that is the 'Status Quo', more commonly known as Corporate Rule.


The pot is exceptional don't you know.


What would you accept as evidence?


Resist Trump?


First The Guardian, now the NYT, though they're being really careful.

Come for the pervy sex, stay for the treason. See Wyden questioning Comey. See Page. See Manafort.

And if you're not reading Sarah Kendzior on Twitter, you're using it wrong.


Webster, As I read the words of your comment, describing the truth about our thoroughly corrupt political system ,they have never sounded sweeter. I am inspired everytime I find someone else who understands that if you vote Democrat or Republican for any higher office at the state or federal level, you are voting to support corporate rule. Now, if only we can get through to the 120 million people who voted for Donnie or Blondie on November 8th, and show them how their votes are insuring the destruction of our Democracy, then we may be able to bury the remnants of the Duopoly for good. Thank you.


Amen to that! :+1: