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Behavior of Australia's Prime Minister at Pacific Islands Forum Makes Clear Climate Crisis Not A Priority

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/16/behavior-australias-prime-minister-pacific-islands-forum-makes-clear-climate-crisis

The changing face of planet Earth

Andrew Glikson
Earth and Climate scientist
Australian National University


This is the truth from one of his fellow countrymen, yes, it is time for tears.


Ciao Gilbert !

Strange heh - Tim Flannery is from Australia too, just as James Hansen is from the US, and on and on - virtually all politicians refuse to ‘get behind the science’ - as one Greta Thundberg advises.

But they will, once the people wake up. I keep wondering if Rights for the Environment would not really help ~ They would be universal if adopted by the United Nations - a template - and then individual nations could modify as required - something like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


many -

The United Nations (sadly) was immediately diverted from its mission of peace
in the world by the assassination of Dag Hammarskjold –

And those with the opposing mission of orchestrating wars and warmongering
for their personal gain have done nothing since but further destroy everything
the United Nations was intended to stand for.

Like CIA’s Operation Gladio which planned and ensured that only right wing
governments would rise to power in the nations over which the United States had
influence and control at the end of WWII – Italy, France, Japan, Germany – the
same scheme seems to have been played out at the United Nations.

Also notice that NASA’s mission was also diverted from protection of the earth.

We could once take great comfort in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
but Declarations that are ignored and trampled and overridden by the right
essentially become non-existent.

Of course, no one has actually torn up the Human Rights Declaration as many
other documents have been torn up and thrown to the winds – and recall that our
own Constitution was declared “just a piece of paper” by “W” Bush – and has ben
so reversed in its intentions as to be meaningless now.

Habeas Corpus is gone – so is the 2nd amendment which is now being used to
create violence and chaos by gun in our societies to overturn democracy, any right
to peaceful protest in the US is responded to by violence - Gestapo style by our
police – and NSA spies on Americans 24/7. Females still do not have an Equal
Rights Amendment and GOP has refused to even renew The Violence Against
Women Act – and African Americans and people of color continue under
threat of imprisonment and are regularly shot in our streets. The war on the Native
American continues as well – still for the same purpose: genocide and theft of their
land and natural resources.

Most of this right wing agenda was carried out in secrecy by those with strong interest
in power for the few and domination over the masses by them. One could easily say
from the beginning with our Founders who didn’t actually create a democracy here,
but continuing on with a major turning point being the end of WWII and the alleged
defeat of Hitler/Nazis and right wing insanities across the globe.

I am accountable to the Australian people," said Morrison. “That’s who I’m accountable for.”

No he’s accountable to special Interest groups and profit .

So the young people of Australia don’t care about climate change and using fossil fuels to irrevocably damage themselves and their natural habitat.

We need to raise conciousness to change conciousness that includes getting the boomers to wake up too .


Memory is a strange thing Greenwich, and persists in strange ways - place-names, for example, or TJ’s ‘Declaration’ - heroes from the distant past…

The very fact that the UN exists is hopeful, and even if it went the way of the League of Nations, it would rise again, because of the innate decency in some human beings. Opposed to that are some indecent human beings, dangerous, scarred or perhaps just part of nature’s ‘scene’.

It is a Universe of opposites - and the tension between is energy, at all scales, in a fractal Universe.

People used to ask me why I didn’t move to the mountains when I climbed full time, for example, but chose to keep my home in the city. It was for two reasons - one, I believe in the city, just as I believe in the wild places, and two - it is the tension between the city and the wild places that energizes, and that is even more important than # 1. Both the city and the mountains and deserts I find beautiful, and all that is beautiful is somehow a reflection of the primal attraction that keeps the world going.

Peter Fonda died yesterday, and I watched “Easy Rider” in tribute. I am from the sixties, and in part lived that life. Instead of a bike, I had a beautiful Ford half-ton, and my ride was in the nineties, not the sixties, though I did even visit San Francisco and hitch across Canada on the way back during that by-gone era. And “Easy Rider” did end that era - the rest was downhill and ugly, to this day.

So I relate strongly to “Easy Rider” - and its message. Freedom is dangerous - not only to the free spirits of the world - but especially to the powers that be and the folk who acquiesce. And I do know of what I speak.

“My mistress still - the open road and the bright eyes of danger” (Robert Louis Stevenson, I believe).

Dag was probably assassinated - enough said. But it doesn’t matter, because of that ‘strange memory’ that I began this conversation with, and sacrifice is real too, and saturated in blood all too often.

Ideals matter, and are not Utopic - they are rather a Necessity, even if unrealized most of the time. They are a beacon in a very dark night - a lighthouse on a dark sea.

The UN does good work, day to day, and if flawed, it is only as Bill Tilman, my favorite mountaineer, once said, in quoting someone else:

‘Ships are OK - it’s the men in them’.

But only some are bad, and some good, and the rest somewhere on the continuum in between - Energy.

I am always taken aback at the romantic idealism of the progressive left. In many ways they are hopeless, espousing any new cause, patting themselves on the back, as it were, in a very dangerous and scary world -

Speaking of that, I am reminded of Jack Nicholson, who starred in “Easy Rider” of course - in his movie “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise.and Demi Moore.

"You can’t handle the truth… and ‘you want me on that wall’.

This is not Hollywood - this is the world we live in, and as Ian Tyson sings - “Wishin don’t make it so”.

Rights for the Environment is promising. It is a sound and sturdy legal argument - a modern version of the aboriginal ‘sacred’ view of nature.

Will it save the world - I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

the problem is not just Morrison, it is the Australian people who elected him knowing his commitment to coal and fossil fuels. Its hard to feel sorry for them when the climate bites there. But I can cry for the Pacific Islanders who the Australian electorate disrespected.

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We are all guilty here. We talk about the seriousness of addressing the climate crisis, and a moment later we are talking about some other pet peeve as if we will be around to work on it, or enjoy our successes.


As an Australian citizen, I’d urge people to boycott this nation.

Do not travel here, do not purchase any products that originate here- but instead pass the word that Australian and New South Wales governments- and the vast majority of its media are every bit as destructively Trump & Republican like as their American counterparts.

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Over the weekend I was talking among friends about impending climate chaos, one of whom is quite wealthy and produces an out-sized carbon footprint. He advised us that we were wasting time worrying about something we can’t fix.

Our response was that he didn’t understand what we were worried about: Not that we can’t fix this problem but that as a species we built a system that has now become more important than species – even our own – themselves.