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Behind Many #ThoughtsandPrayers for Gun Massacre Victims, Millions in NRA Cash


Behind Many #ThoughtsandPrayers for Gun Massacre Victims, Millions in NRA Cash

Common Dreams staff

After at least 17 people were killed at a Florida high school Wednesday in a mass shooting that's being called "worse than Columbine," a late night television writer took to social media to highlight the National Rifle Association's contributions to politicians who defaulted to the "thoughts and prayers" response that's become standard following such massacres.


Please take note of the fact that these are all Republicans. That speaks for itself.


Sad day when your country can’t protect its children in schools and roams the world killing other people’s children at will. This is not going to end well. My heart goes out to the parents of these massacred children…unimaginable grief for any one who has children. It also makes me very, very angry.


Every one on the list should have to pay a visit to the family of those people murdered and explain to them why they need all the money that they have r


That they received from the N…R.A.


If I prayed, I’d pray for the day that we melt all guns into peace-medallions.


This piece outlines the obstacles to gun control (I’d prefer a different title)

it is also worth revisiting this piece:

I couldn’t find a recent article that has the stats re the import of millions of firearms from nations with far stricter gun control laws than the United States—not sure where this stands in 2018:


The NRA continually advocates for more mass killings as they want less restrictions on their fucking precious guns designed only to kill in ever increasing massive numbers. Once again it all comes down to money trumping life itself as the politicians sell their souls to these gun loving monsters.


And here we go again with MSM :rage::

“Let’s mourn our losses, celebrate our children before turning Florida shooting political
USA TODAY NETWORK Bob Gabordi, Florida Today”

Dear Bob Gabordi and others who are suggesting we “mourn” and “celebrate children” before turning political:

We do not “celebrate” children in this country— I could cite countless links that support this. Here’s just one:

"In their homes, in their cots or in the car — handguns and firearms reportedly kill more children in the US than the flu".

And telling people to “mourn first” before doing anything to stop this madness is absurd. For those of us that have the ability to feel we are in a CONTINUOUS state of mourning given the nonstop gun violence in the u.s. There will be no break in the mourning and grief associated with these preventable murders.

As long as we allow this, the death toll will keep ratcheting up.

From 2012 to 2014, on average, 1,297 children died annually from a gun-related injury in the US, according to the study, published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday.


The neo-liberal solution to these problems: 1) cut funding for mental health 2) Permit teachers and students to carry guns in class.


From reading the above list of politicians that received millions of $$$$$$$$$ from the N.R.A. I would say guns don’t kill innocent people so much as crooked politicians! And isn’t it the epitome of hypocrisy for these same politicians to say: " our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this evil tragedy!"


True, but I am sure the N.R.A. has paid off dems. as well.


If these people actually had hearts and prayed to something other than money and power, they wouldn’t take a dime form the N.R.A. For what they’re worth, they can take their hearts and prayers and drop them in the nearest dumpster. Better yet, for every dollar they get from the NRA, they should be required to donate a dollar to each and every family of the victims of these shootings. That would dry up the NRA dollars, fast. Another option is for the victim’s family to be allowed to file suit against any of their Congress people who take money from the NRA.


It is not political, Bobby. It’s life and death. It’s common sense. It’s protecting our children. It’s ending the grip that the terrorist organization, NRA, has over our “democratic” representatives. The fact that you call trying to protect our children “political” shows you are part of the problem. Anyone who is not a part of the solution is in the way and needs to be REMOVED. From office through voting them the fuck out, or from their other positions of power by getting their asses canned (you, Bob, and other NRA shills like Hannity, Limbaugh, etc).

Enough is enough.


How in the bloody hell can you link liberals with this? Call a spade a spade. The republican agenda is decidedly NOT Neo-fucking-liberal, it is regressive and deadly. All of them are so helplessly fucked in the head! My idiot, Korean war vet, Trump voting, republican asshole, father in law asked if he could purchase a lifetime membership in the NRA for me. I told him hell no! Then I rid myself of all semi auto rifles and ammo. I’ve been to Australia, and their law works because its government is responsible to the people, and is decidedly NOT a Fascist state, as the US clearly is.

Progressives would raise taxes and fund mental health care, as well as solve many of society’s problems, instead of continually telling us that that we need to reduce spending. Hell no. We need another tax bracket over 1 million a year and tax that ridiculous income at more than 51% to pay for a more civilized society. Nobody can earn a milliion dollars a rear by the sweat of their brow alone. At the very least you need a customer, …one customer at least, and look closer! There are many more herlping run such a show. This is needed to move more towards a society like Norway’s, compared to which we are hopelessly fucked up backwater banana republic.

The common sense part of Australia’s legislation is for the requester to demonstrate the need for the firearm. Personal protection doesn’t cut it.


Amen brother.
Totally agree.


You know, just about every criticism of Republicans in this Forum elicits an immediate response claiming that Democrats are just as bad. Well, excuse me, but by God they are not. Nothing is as bad!


Please read the definition of neo-liberal: http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=376 The republican agenda and much of the democrats agenda is neo-liberal by definition. I agree with most of what you are saying but please get on the same page with me on what a “neo-liberal” is.


I never said that all the dems. are just as bad, only that some have no doubt taken NRA bribes.


False equivalent statements are part of the problem, not part of the solution.