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Behold! The "Sacrifices" of the Very, Very Rich


Behold! The "Sacrifices" of the Very, Very Rich

Ezra Rosser

A lot of ink has already been spilled about Louise Linton’s tone-deaf Instagram posts, but her posts and the public response to them provides a rare moment of collective wonder at the sense of entitlement and self-importance enjoyed by the rich.


The tarmac and taxiway where Ms. Linton’s plane is using were built with tax money. I am quite certain that many thousands of middle class families contributed more to building them than Ms. Linton did. The same is true of highways Walmart’s trucks use, and the education the scientists working for Big Pharm received.

‘As you drink the water, remember the spring.’ (Old Chinese proverb.)


“… it is not accurate to say that I have “sacrificed” for the grocery store. And the same is true of the government: when I pay for roads or for stability or for the rule of law through progressive taxation, I have not sacrificed, I have just met my obligations as a member of society.”

Except, it’s not a negotiated transaction. When i pay for groceries, i pay for those groceries that i select. When i pay taxes, i pay for EVERYTHING the government does, including war and corporatism, which i despise with every fiber of my being and would never intentionally or willingly buy.


Good point and one as a partial Quaker I appreciate. I think taxes ultimately fall back on the social contract supported by mechanisms for society making collective choices, even if the final bundle of choices includes things I disagree with. Up until some extreme point, respecting the choices and process may require paying, though holding one’s nose while paying, taxes.


She may be very, very rich, but as a human being, she is very, very ugly!


Repeated mass murder qualifies as an extreme point.


I like how obeying the law–which, of course, your high-priced lawyers have skewed to your advantage–is a sacrifice for the filthy rich.

Kamala Harris, a potential D-Party candidate for pres in 2020, let Mnuchin walk. She won’t get my vote.


Yes, but that makes Mr. Rosser’s point even more strongly: Very few among the very rich object to the MIC (MIPSFE etc.), and virtually none object to subsidies to corporations, as they collectively own them. Furthermore, they have a lot more disposable income than you or I do, and are free to spend it to support or obstruct whatever government policies they please.

Add to that the fact that even the USian “middle class” is taxed relatively lightly compared to that in other “developed” nations (look it up), we are getting a pretty good deal, though not as good as our peers where the government squanders less of our money on military adventurism and the rest of the alphabet and provides more to the public in return. Again, do your own research–critically, of course. I am a card carrying economist dedicated to helping expose the scam.


Thank you, Mr. Rosser, for correctly analyzing one of the most misunderstood aspects of the US economy and the US government, misunderstood because of mountains of dishonest propaganda over all time.


“When I pay taxes, I pay for EVERYTHING the government does…” If you vote, even if you vote for the losing candidate, you are tacitly accepting the system as it is.


This was followed by the Tiny Fingered Vulgarian stating that his lush apartments are proof he is better than the people in the media.


Eat the rich. I could start with Louise, but rancid tuna is not my forte’.
Follow the leader. Grab her by the pussy, and flush the fashion.


As I have said elsewhere, Steve Mnuchin is simply the dark side of Gen X-like Megyn Kelley. I was born in 58. I think he is either slightly before or right at the beginning of his cohort. He was born 1962. I worked with some of them in the late 80’s and they could send cold ice down your soul when they spoke of money. No appreciation for my parents’ generation (Depression WWII) and all the stuff of sacrifice which built the postwar economy they were living on the last remnants of. The word salad brainwashing of them was completed during the 80’s by Reagan and the right, the media, and some of their own culture. No allegiances to anything except the buck,as they understood it that was OK in large part because hippies, drug culture, etc. had sort of messed up the economy. Even while they sat in dorm rooms and did lines and listened to Springsteen, not at all internalizing what the music was about.
Now they are in positions of power (Peter Thiel, Pay Pal) After having often having gotten great state universtiy educations, they tend to say they are “independents” or maybe Libertarians.
Anybody who marries a guy like this is one of the most messed up individuals in the Western World on the issue of money. And likely knows it. And it’s OK because Ronnie gave her permission. The ONLY ethos she has is “they with the most toys wins.” Maybe she will die clutching a flower. Named rosebud.


And her husband, as a human being, which is A stretch, is even uglier…


I would think that the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would have serious thoughts about appearing in public, much less making wild statements about her husbands ill gotten wealth-
Mrs. Mnuchin, I ask you, have you no shame???


Another trustifarian whose sole contribution to our planet was learning to walk, semi-heel-to-toe on a runway, while sashaying. That, and $4, should get her a bus ticket. So she could go visit her husband in jail. Other than that, she and her husband are nothing more clever parasites.Whose comeuppance is coming.


Yeah, and as an actress she even played Marie Antoinette. Certainly fits, eh?


Yes, wealth through mortgage fraud. Oh, I also heard that she attended law school in England. Then why isn’t she a lawyer- himm.


You think “hippies” messed up the economy?? How about war including the war in Viet Nam where many boomers were killed or injured. The following generation did not have to deal with a draft.


And if you remain silent- then it seems that those who do not vote are apathetic.