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Being a Doctor Who Performs Abortions Means You Always Fear Your Life is in Danger



Well, good for the Dr. for standing up to these idiots. She is right, good people can disagree, but threats should not be tolerated. Being an Ob-Gyn is tough enough without worrying about your safety. In my town we had 22 Ob-Gyn's twenty five years ago. Now there are 6.


Looking down from a alien spacecraft or the eyes of God, put a male and female rat on an island of abundance and a male and female human on another island of abundance and, except for the difference in gestation periods, both "intelligent" creatures breed themselves into famine and destroy the islands abundance.


You are practically choking to death on your misanthropic cynicism.


There are so many issues at work here,why so many unwanted pregnancies?Why so many kids neglected in our "society"? A dis-functional corporate media that fails to discuss real issues!


Perhaps you have absolutely no empathy or compassion at all.


As a non-American, I just find the warped nature of these "pro-life" agitators completely illogical, cruel and interfering. So many are NOT anti-war, anti-guns, or against any violent interference in other people's countries, yet they decide to stop people leading their own lives with their own legal decisions. In the USA there is nowhere near the provision of free health care, maternal and child health clinics, child care as in many civilised countries, even much poorer than the USA. Many of the anti-abortionists are even against contraception and even sex education, both of which reduce the need for abortions.


Cynicism yes, misanthropic no.


Was your response intended for someone else?

Melmac's cynical hatred of humanity - likening us to breeding rats and wishing for our extinction, is sick - but so typical of neo-malthusians.


Thank you for your service.


I could not tell who you meant, but reading your other comments I appreciate your point of view.


Thank you for your rational and truthful statements rose merry. We who have stood outside women's health care clinics and escorted women and men into them, often not seeking abortions, but other forms of health care, know only too well the madness and danger those doctors and other medical practitioners face doing nothing, but practicing legal medicine. Even worse from a current political perspective the physician leading the polls of the Republican Party would deny women their legal rights to abortion and very likely stand in support of those who continue to threaten the lives of other also just practicing medicine.