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Being 'Let Out' May Not Equal Freedom As Release of 6,000 Drug Offenders Begins



Good news - lots of accommodation now for the lying, rapacious politicians and corporate monsters.


Choking on the crumbs


"What's to do when a 'stab' and a 'pat' on the back look like the same thing"? Bruce Cockburn


They need to let many, many more people out They also need to institute a universal basic income with equal access to health care (single payer) so that people have ... money to live on. The released prisoners, the ex-prison guards whose duties are no longer needed, and all the other Americans who don't enough to live on. Those are the two social safety nets programs needed in our society. Then we can begin to talk about the other kinds of programs. (Since, for example, job placement programs are baloney if there are no jobs to speak of, anyway. People need a permanent form of protection from poverty, whether they're just getting out of prison or otherwise.) Besides that, consider the amount of money spent on prisons that could go towards a universal basic income. With ONLY 6,000 prisoners released, that is at least 330 million dollars per year freed up per prisoner, figuring an average of 35k per year per prisoner plus 40k per year for the guards no longer needed at a cost of 1 guard per 10 prisoners being paid 50k per year to do so unnecessarily. 330 million dollars pays a liveable basic income of 35k per adult to 9429. people, which is 2,828. people more than those in this example, while including them as well. A rough estimate, sure, but close enough to make the point about a real program for ALL Americans that could be funded in many ways, including real prison abolition/reform.


I guess many will join the military. Its a jobs program after all.