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'Being People-Funded Frees Me to Put People First': Ocasio-Cortez Touts Highest Portion of 2018 Small-Dollar Donors


'Being People-Funded Frees Me to Put People First': Ocasio-Cortez Touts Highest Portion of 2018 Small-Dollar Donors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Being people-funded frees me to support policies that put people FIRST, and speak openly about closing lobbyist loopholes," Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) declared Tuesday, responding to a new analysis showing that she had the highest portion of small campaign contributions of any member of 116th U.S. House.


This is a good top ten that rep Cortez leads. I am surprised to see rep Pelosi there.


Ocasio Cortez more dangerous to our political class than the Russians are or ever were.


A Republican came in third? What’s going on here? I suspect this list is meaningless as we head toward a new session of Congress. Centrist Connor Lanb came in fourth? What does this mean? Basically this seems like an excuse for yet another article on Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez. We know she has a gift for getting publicity. Pretty soon we will see how she performs in Congress.


WTF? Get out of here.


Citizen participation – something you party hacks just don’t seem to get.


Yeah, maybe to YOUR political (and economic) CLASS – but not to MY political (and economic) CLASS!


Finally, a politician with a strong sense of ethics.


Careful now, her marginalization and sell out – which I hope she can avoid – will hardly be surprising.

To her credit though, she’s miles ahead of everyone else on that list.


Yeah something that a lot of people won’t recognize or comprehend it’s so foreign.


I might be wrong, but I think plebtocracy is referring to career politicians, not progressives or liberals, in his post.


Perhaps Lrx is right. I would expect a number of other progressive Democrats to show up before any republican or Conner Lamb. That they didn’t makes me question the useless of the metric.

I also look forward to seeing what AOC will do and I have every reason to be hopeful regardless of a few mistakes she’s made.


So were told. Just follow her right back to the Democratic party.

Let’s not forget Obama and Bernie Sanders so quickly. They were both extremely convincing - said all the right things and heck Bernie still does the fake take on the power elite. Follow actions, not words. Bernie pandered for war with Russia for 2 1/2 years until the polls showed the progressives still weren’t having it, now he’s playing catch up, Obama was so convincing and doing the opposite that he had to be a sociopath. Come to think of it, so was Bernie.

Don’t trust these people saying the right things so fast this time. Talk that we all respond to has proven to come from liars in that party. “new” dem caucus indeed. be very suspicious.


Clearly you are badly misinformed.


So far O-C is following the script of an Elvis movie where the righteous one is tested by criminal elements and prevails over them to be the hero of the people around him. She could be our Elvis if she isn’t lured to the love of money.


Since you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, get involved there and stay out of our politics.


Yes, too bad she is in the corrupt, Democratic Party! Who will use her just like they used Bernie.


That definitely is a sticking point, aligning oneself with the Democrats.

I had really hoped some of these “new” progressives would have joined a real progressive political party, not a “fake” one.


Blockertoo, like Obama who said all the right things and didn’t have a track record, Ocasio Cortez is too new to know if it’s trustable. The last time an election rolled around I kept sending money to Bernie because he said all the right things and acted like he was taking on the power elite. That wins votes. But, I got Berned and no longer trust these out of the gate liberal talkers.

She’s a Democrat. Be very suspicious. This is what they do. I believe that party is so sold out that if she were serious and actually did go for change, they’d kill her.


Like I have posted so many times, what will it take before most Democrats leave their party and realize the dems. con that they are the opposition party. How many Democrats like JFK, MLK, RFK and Paul Wellstone that were serious about real change have been assassinated or died under suspicious circumstances? And I have no proof, but maybe that is why Bernie was somehow sent the same message and backed the corrupt Democratic Party and HRC. Bernie is not that stupid! He had to know that he was a far stronger candidate against Trump than HRC and yet his infamous remark: “WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP TO BECOME POTUS”.People that were Bernie delegates, in Philly, have told me that is why Bernie sold out, because the Democratic, political, elite saw he was potentially, a serious political, threat to their political power!