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Being Stupid in the Endless War on Terrorism


Being Stupid in the Endless War on Terrorism

The West is at war with Muslim terrorists, not Muslims, let alone Islam. That has been the mantra of the states waging war on terrorism. But much of the Muslim world doesn’t buy that, believing instead that the war on terrorism is part of a broader war to control oil and geo-political interests.


Who is being stupid?

Our leaders (i.e. Wall Street, the MIC, etc.) are not being stupid; greedy, dishonest, conniving, rapacious, and murderous, yes, but not stupid.

Are our politicians being stupid? In the long view, yes. However, one can make the argument that selling one’s soul is less stupidity than cowardice.

Is the US electorate being stupid? Good question. Generally speaking, ignorance is not stupidity but willful ignorance may be. We can deplore the constant bombardment of our population by the corporate media with pro-war, anti-Muslim, misogynistic messages but every one of us has the capacity to seek the truth. If we refuse to dig beneath the surface of the “stories” that we are presented then are we stupid or just lazy? Is there any difference?



A man I used to date told me that the guy who throws the first punch has a tactical advantage in a fight, particularly if he brings the other guy to his knees (or fallen down).

In parallel, the entity that launches the attack–in this case in the form of pervasive dis-information warfare–holds a similar tactical advantage since it forces the party under attack to defend itself. Metaphorically speaking, “he” is already on his knees.

In response to this statement from the article:

"On Monday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, said in a speech on security: “I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace.’ I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.”

This type of indictment puts the Muslim world on the defensive when the more ACCURATE frame is that of exposing today’s Roman Empire, an outgrowth of the old church-state for its reign of terror, its record of nations laid to waste, human beings sold into slavery, and unstoppable collateral damage that’s spanned centuries and remains ONGOING.

In other words, rather than argue against this idea that Islam is violent, it’s time to show that the armies identified so falsely with Christ/Christendom hold a FAR bloodier record than anything the Islamic hordes can compete against.

The focus on a few beheadings is done to assert barbarism while the murdered and dismembered bodies of all those women, children, and innocent men targeted by drones is not only sanitized; it’s kept off the radar entirely.

Those who control the frame control the narrative. Info warfare, indeed!


As if the issue is what the average John or Jill thinks or can discern from the mass of media mangled storylines.

The issue is about power and who frames the debates. The warrior ethos is being propped up, marketed through Hollywood, sporting events, and sadly, even religious houses of worship since it’s part of the War Industry. Our nation, having become eclipsed through equivalent deep state coup forces is interested in all war all the time. And the war-based “economy” requires a reliable enemy in the same way that a prison-state requires lots of laws in place to criminalize recreational activities in order to place lots of people into the for-profit prisons.

What fascinates me about the daily posters, many who wrote these same types of opinions prior to the recent transition away from Disqus (which, as I’d LONG argued, allowed in lots of trolls who used lots of screen names to repeat the same memes thereby presenting the illusion of consensus where there was none) is that they never talk about the church-state conditioning, or how deep the embedded religious loyalties (operating like competitive teams) go.

The “holy war” meme works because it’s had centuries of prior programing to draw from.

Since I often mentioned the power of a mind-control style mesmerizing media when opposing this “The Individual Is Responsible” messaging that was so prevalent in the message threads, I see that it’s now given mention. Those who want to turn the matter of State Power into that of people being stupid or ill-informed weave slight mention of this very thing into their posts to thereby anesthetize this factor.

You’re still pushing the meme that EACH individual is responsible. And that EACH individual has the time you apparently do, since you’ve been posting here most days during work hours. You must have missed all the articles by Richard Eskow, Dean Baker, and Paul Buchheit… you know, the ones that SPECIFY just how low salaries are going, how many previously well-paying jobs have been turned into temp. work without benefits, and that it takes both parents to support a basic middle class lifestyle.

People do NOT have time to ferret the truth out particularly when State Power has put more and more legal muscle to work to silence any journalist/reporter/truth teller/ whistleblower who does not march lockstep with Officially sanctioned narratives.

I’ll see if I can add a link to expose how fraudulent your frame is. (It’s Naomi Wolf speaking on the current U.S. status AS police state!)


You’re still pushing the meme that EACH individual is responsible.

Each individual IS responsible for his or her own behavior.

What is the alternative position? That we have no individual responsibility? Are you denying that each of us has at least some capacity to exercise active discretion in our consumption of news? You have accepted the “poor little me” paradigm of seeking blamelessness instead of understanding.

But the worst thing about this response is that it ignores my question. Who is stupid?

The bitterness in your posts is truly sad. Now my arguments are suspect because of the time of day that I make them? I’ve always used my breaks, lunch hour, and other down time to participate on this site. I work 12 to 14 hours a day and feel no qualms about taking a little time for myself when I can.

Also, you just made your two posts “during work hours.”



Responsible within diminished sectors. You conflate the individual with a small orb with that of the elites who run the show.

Here are the links:


Take a look at this and if you can process the information, we can discuss “it” from there.


I assume that “process the information” means to agree with you.

Either you do not understand the point that I made in my original post or you are being deliberately obtuse. I watched the first video in which Wolf (a) describes the global spread of corporate news which refuses to cover the growing police state and (b) says that the solution is for everyone to be a journalist. Point b agrees completely with my argument about responsibility.

Did you even watch the first of the two videos which you provided? It does not support your case at all. Your thinking stops at point a and either fails or refuses to entertain the notion that we as individuals can refuse to accept what we are told and do a little work and learn for ourselves.

I’m not going to waste my time on the second video. I honestly do not believe that you understand what I’ve written.



The endless war is just not for grabbing the oil or minerals it also includes to grab the tax-payers’ dollar which at present is the large source for Wall Street to supply money for the weapon making corporations and mercenary suppliers. Now the trend is to grab the public money, for example switching to the charter schools which even our President is advocating and private jail system since shamefully more than 1% of the entire citizens are living there permanently. These are the best ways to earn money by squezzing the public treasury. It would go for a long time. The majority population of this country are mute and illiterate and media shapes their mind. More than 90% doesn’t even know where is the Iraq or Afghanistan. You can show them any fake TV image and they would believe it. This is a wave to go after the Muslim for picturing them as enemy just like the communism in the past. So fifty years from now these corporate crooks and their allied politicians would look for another suitable target.


Apparently it was too much to hope that you would be banned from polluting this site, or at least temper your comments…