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Belarus: Another Win for Non-Violence?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/belarus-another-win-non-violence

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… military force deployed across borders to decide political outcomes elsewhere…
is something the old Soviet Union used to do with complete impunity
—East Germany 1953, Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968—and as late as 1981

This shoot-from-the-mouth assertion is ahistorical. These invasions cost the Soviet Union dearly:
Communist parties around the world lost members in droves, especially after 1956 and 1968,
and the USSR’s international standing suffered immensely. Domestically, these blunders no doubt
contributed to rampant cynicism and dissent that sunk Gorbachev’s efforts to reform the system.

Dyer knows better than to write such glib stuff.

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Nice. CD spreading some MSM imperial propaganda. I’ll wait now for the upcoming piece on the insignificant Russian “pro-democracy” advocate (but in reality far-right stooge of the Western empire), Alex Navalny, supposedly presently “in a coma.” (With, obviously, all the neon arrows pointing to Pooty-Poot.).

I am so, so tired of this.

Gotta love those leftists for fascism here on Commondreams…

Gotta love those leftists for the American Empire here on Commondreams…

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Or, you could call them just plain fascists for fascism.

You would seem to prefer just straight-on fascism, so long as it’s waving the DNC flag.

Sorry, Yunz, but you (youns) can only handicap yourself with so many lies before you’re no longer a leftist.

The powers that be love your kind. You (youns) allow them to pretend that they’re not fascist.

So you think that authoritarian, violent, political opponent murdering presidents-for-life are a good idea - to the degree that you spit in the faces of our would be fellow leftists facing far greater danger than any USAn leftist faces?

One flaw in Dwyer’s argument is that nobody seriously doubts that Lukashenko actually won the election. Certainly his claim to have done so is far more convincing than those made by the dictators in Honduras and Bolivia-both of whom were vaulted into power by exactly the same forces as those promoting regime change in Belarus.
Then there is the case of Ukraine where the elected government was violently ejected from power and the subsequent elections featured massive disenfranchisement of those areas and classes likely to have voted against a real fascist regime.
And then there is Haiti, where, in the name of democracy the overwhelming choice of the people was removed from power. And his party outlawed.
Or Brazil where the PT President was removed and her likely successor jailed in a US inspired double coup purporting to be a legal investigation.
These ridiculous attempts to justify US regime change campaigns on the grounds that they lead to democracy in the long run are very dated- these arguments might have convinced the wishful thinking and the uninformed before Libya and the subsequent attacks on Syria but they are no longer credible. Nor are their authors.


“Gotta love those leftists for fascism here on Commondreams…”
Self congratulation never looks good.

I oppose the machinations of the American Empire and the Military Industrial Complex and the CIA and all it’s cut outs that will spout democracy etc. when it’s too the advantage of the Capitalist Imperialists to overthrow a regime when they’ll gladly overthrow a democratically elected leader too.

I oppose progaganda that paints a situation like the one in Belarus as only a popular uprising for democracy and ignores the machinations of the American Empire.

I, vehemently, oppose those who claim we who speak against the machinations of the American Empire are spitting in the face of folk in other nations when I oppose propaganda usage of their struggle to advance the Empire and hiding the reality of how the Empire is engaged in such machinations.

USA out of trying to control what happens in Belarus! Let the Belarussians determine their own fate.

I am not for authoritarian, violent, political opponent murdering presidents-for-life nor think it is a good idea.

I am also not for USAn leftists without any skepticism accepting narratives created by the MIC and it’s fully owned corporate media.

I don’t fully know what’s going on in Belarus. I don’t know if the election was fair or not. I don’t know if Lukashenko won or not. I don’t know if the people protesting are really a majority or not.

But I do know that the Empire longs to rip away every friend of Russia from Russia, to enfold all former USSR states into NATO, and to convince everyone in the USA to support this with a raging hatred and fear of Russia. I do know that such aggressive belligerence has led to an antagonism that is at such a level that concerned scientists now put the nuclear clock at the closest to midnight it’s been since the end of the First Cold War. I do know that there are leftists in the USA who use opposition to fascism as an rationale for supporting the Empire’s desired narrative. I do know that this narrative in the USA media is about forming a consensus towards intervention to overthrow a regime when it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.