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Belated Pushback on Saudis’ War on Yemen


Belated Pushback on Saudis’ War on Yemen

Jonathan Marshall

If there were an Olympics for waging bloody wars, Saudi Arabia and its Arab coalition allies would surely win a medal for their relentless bombing of Yemen over the past year and a half to crush rebels who seized power in 2014.


For Obama to have chosen the summer recess to begin the thirty-day period for Congress to respond is 'treachery most foul'. We have come to the point where we might just as well rename the USA 'Murder, Incorporated'. We 'protect' citizens of other countries, our own country and the environment by waging death and destruction wherever we go.

To be an American in these times is mortifying.


This is encouraging... in that not all elected officials march lockstep with Mars Rules:

"The letter also chides Obama for ignoring a vote last June by 204 members of the House, including 40 Republicans and all but 16 Democrats, “to block the sale of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia after reports of their use in civilian areas in Yemen.” (More than 108 nations, not including the United States, have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions, pledging never to use or transfer such vicious weapons, which are notorious for killing and maiming civilians.)"