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Belgian Cats to Terror Threat : We Got This


Belgian Cats to Terror Threat : We Got This

Bravo Belgium. After terrorism threats prompted a security lockdown and call for social media silence on police actions, gleeful Belgians decided to get on with their lives not with fear but....cats. Admittedly, even for the dog-lovers among us, hilarious cats. Under the hashtag #BrusellsLockdown, scores posted memes of chill cats as Darth Vader and Superman, wielding swords and waffles and Hovercats. "What did you do in the war, Daddy? I posted cat pictures on Twitter, son."


"Help us, Obi Wan Catobi, you're our only hope."


Funny, you are.


In the interests of fighting terrorism, it is now illegal to own a cat. National Security is at stake. Or steak, as cats like steak.


Since so many are presently having cat-niptions over possible threats, this is very fitting


many recs, kitteh jedi.


a radical once told me: "they can take your family, your shelter, your money, your job, your freedom and even your life. Fine. But never, ever let 'em take your sense of humor. When that dies, there's no point in continuing, because the best of us has just been eradicaed."

I've lived that ever since. Mocking can be a great tool for discrediting stupid policy.


I don't know. I've got a cat feline about this.