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Belgian Environment Minister Forced to Resign After Falsely Claiming Student-Led Climate Strikes Part of Ghostly Plot


Belgian Environment Minister Forced to Resign After Falsely Claiming Student-Led Climate Strikes Part of Ghostly Plot

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Belgian Environment Minister from the nation's Flanders region resigned from her post on Tuesday after sparking outrage by accusing students holding weekly climate strikes in Brussels and other cities of being puppets in an orchestrated plot.



I am actually GLAD that this event happened - the Belgian Environment Minister voicing, publicly, her beliefs, her skepticism, her flat-out bold-faced “meme” driven beliefs.

Why so am I glad? That seems to be strange, at first, huh?
It is because this incident has led to greater visibility, bigger publicity, more attention in other forms of media than before, and because it Is Making A Lot More People Think - including within those gilded and polished offices of bureaucratic officials everywhere, and certainly not only in Belgium, not only in the EU.

“Go Kids Go!” And all the rest of us - Time to “Get Up and Go!”

You know, another thing comes to mind - and I don’t know how this will come about, it will certainly take a lot of hard work by many of us, but it Can Be Done — I want to see a Football Match, with some of those multi-million-euro-dollar stars, you know who they are - where right at the beginning, before the match starts, Both Teams line up standing and Affirm, in Unison, that They Are With Earth and Humanity and Demanding Action!

There will come a time when this can and will happen, I feel it. And it is one of the things among many that will help Us - We Humans - and all Life - to Win and to Survive and Sustain.
(I will add more and invite others to help craft things, through what we are doing with SOUL - Survival of Organized Human Life - soul [dott] tdyn [dott] org if you want to find out more and contact us, too.



See folks, this is how you rid your country of lying, conniving politicians.

That is, if you get out there and organize and mobilize the citizenry.

Never ever look to Democrats or Republicans to organize such actions.

They’re most always going to be the “targets” of such actions.



Our American footballers don’t have the balls to take a knee during the national anthem on the biggest stage in sports – don’t count on them outside a few who put principle ahead of fear.



Kap’s a hero. I wish he would get more credit for being one.

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