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'Belligerent,' 'Rude,' 'Damn Frustrating': Dems Slam Meeting With DHS Chief


'Belligerent,' 'Rude,' 'Damn Frustrating': Dems Slam Meeting With DHS Chief

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly reportedly told House Democrats on Friday that he was "the best thing to happen" to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, in a closed-door meeting that lawmakers described as "damn frustrating" and "belligerent."


If Republican politicians don't put country ahead of party, these types will take control much sooner than we might otherwise think.


Marine Corps generals, especially a multi-millionaire retiree who served 45 years in leadership roles where no one dare question him or his orders (his authority), find it almost impossible to respond to any questions for which they have no ready, scripted answers and their ire (how dare you...) rises when asked. Over those years, he cultivated a hard-core demeanor of arrogance and condescension, which this meeting put on display. The Senate group who put him in charge of DHS should hang their empty heads in shame. Yet another anointee showing his true cruel, vile, unfeeling, obstreperous nature.


""If you don't like the law we are enforcing, and I don't like many of them, please, please, please change the law," he said."

From an otherwise bad meeting, that actually sounds like one sentence better than I'd expect.

Saying he doesn't like some of these laws sounds at odds with trump.


OK democrats, didn't you guys vote to confirm this clown. Great strategic thinking. And you wonder why progressive can't stand the corporate centrist side of the democratic party. These people are hopeless.

As much as I respect Bernie Sanders and the energy he is putting into resurrecting the democratic party, I think it is time to throw in the towel and start a new party. The depth of ineptitude in the democratic party is just insurmountable and to expect these clueless politicians going to save America from Trump is folly.


Agreed 100%.


Forget the party- help the people animals and nature. "Parties" do not help anyone but their donors.


Bernie is a seventy five year old senator from Vt. He has worked very hard, and probably is looking to retire soon if he can find some peace.


Oh gee poor snowflakes! They lost control of all three branches of government And 2/3 of the state governors and legislators. Oh and they are frustrated. And they hate that the courts have struck down DJT's immigration bill because that means that the ICE search for illegal immigrants and increased deportation is policy put in place before DJT became president. Oh wait.....


"Tense, rude, talking in circles...."

It's clear Kelly attended Trump University, and flunked out.


Sadly, today's Republicans will NEVER put country ahead of party. That's why we have had a Supreme Court vacancy for well over a year now.


Easy for him to say that, as he knows the Democrats have zero chance of passing anything in the House!


The Democrats quoted in this article are from the House of Representatives. They do not confirm Presidential appointees. Only the Senate does that.


I rarely have seen three guys who look more like they've got a stick up their asses.


Oh, now i get it. The dude is a jackass.




WILL? Try fait accompli. It's called fascism. "Authoritarianism" is a damn euphemism. No reporters, pundits or congresscreeps with real balls--hide behind using "authoritarianism."


It's not simply ineptitude. It's also cowardice.


Apparently you don't understand what fascism is and how it has crept up on this country, step by step. Read up on the characteristics of fascism. Or come out and declare yourself as a fascist.


I recognize what it is; was just trying to keep it low-key.