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Ben Carson’s Opposition To Obama’s Desegregation Plan Is Incoherent


Ben Carson’s Opposition To Obama’s Desegregation Plan Is Incoherent

Bill Scher

The announcement that Ben Carson has been tapped to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development has come with reminders that Carson opposes President Barack Obama’s new rules intended to strengthen enforcement of the 1968 Fair Housing Act and reduce the number of people that live in segregated communities.


Carson himself is incoherent, clueless, and dangerous as a result.


Carson has always reminded me of Idi Amin.

Amin's mindset was understandable considering the had tertiary syphilis. What is Carson's excuse ?


breathing too much ether in the operating room?


As Seatower pointed-out, Ben Carson himself is largely incoherent - rambling answers (if they can be considered such) during the R'Con debates quickly became the stuff of ridicule - and rightly so - rambling blather seemed the norm for the good doctor, and were likened to "channeling Sara Palin" and her rambling blather.
I suspect that Trumps cabinet (especially Trump himself) after inauguration (barf...) will all hide and refuse to be confronted by questioning at press conferences or any other forum that might put them on the record. Press conferences may become extinct under a Trump regime, to be replaced by midnight tweets.................


News Alert! The entirety of the Republican platform and their leaders are incoherent. Whether it's their slavish dedication to reducing taxes and spending, the religious belief in the mythical (whether it be deity or markets), the idiotic and life-threatening, civilization-threatening climate denial or their worldview that all government is bad. It is all built on fiction. They all live in a fact-free zone, critical thinking-free world. Of course, the Democrats are culpable as enablers and the media for attempting to normalize it all.


They became extinct for Clinton too. She avoided them like the plague.
Trevor Noah does a great impression of Carson, half asleep most of the time.


We saw this under Bush as well. You would think Americans would remember that Obama "seemed" so much better because he spoke in whole sentences. How short are the memories of the American public?


We quickly saw, when he first caught the public's attention, that this man is incoherent, tending to ramble on about disconnected things, leaving people shaking their heads. Surely even Trump isn't serious about his bizarre choices to date, so what's his game?


Don't most of us remember?


He just wants money and fame. He is a completely vacuous candidate, who is willing to just lie back and let the corporate masters do whatever they want. The more things change the more they stay the same I guess.


You may be right, but I sense something different afoot this time. Sen. Sanders seems to have touched and enlivened a host of progressive voices and activists, especially among the young, who may have heretofore felt powerless but now believe that we can take over the system and are starting to find the levers of power do just that. This is the first time in my life (I'm a boomer) that I have ever had this sense of the possible. Of course, I could be deluding myself and the prospect of the next two or four years of Republican control is certainly daunting, but count me an optimist -- for now anyway.


I agree. The youth is certainly a silver lining in this whole ordeal of an election cycle. If only the future were decided and led by them, the future could be more hopeful. Lets hope the saying "it is always darkest before the dawn" will turn out true, with no small help to the efforts of these youth, and others of all ages.


Look, being poor is a matter of choice unless one is learning disabled. We all know that. If one is learning disabled or retarded then well is it a mistake?


What if one is learning disabled, and does not fit into society?


A talented doctor none the less.


They do not even look normal.


Wonder how he really was as a doctor? Since when is a doctor also a politician? Where is the skills match on his resume?


All I can say is that your reply to my comment is incoherent. Are you a Republican?


Ben Carson is the smartest person to run for President this year. He is one of the top brain surgeons in the world. Ben Carson does not want the government treating people differently based on race. This seems simple and ethical.