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Ben Carson’s Redecoration of HUD is Worse Than You Think

Ben Carson’s Redecoration of HUD is Worse Than You Think

Richard Eskow

Ben Carson, the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, received some unwanted attention this week over a $31,000 dining room set that was ordered for his office, reportedly at his wife’s request.

The average income for a rural household receiving rental assistance from Carson’s department is $10,504, roughly one-third the cost of Carson’s newly-ordered office decor.

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If I had a cross stuffed up my ass I would seek cushy chairs for my tushy, too.


I could understand if Carson’s expensive chair is a dentist chair seeing how whenever I hear him speak Carson appears to be under the influence of ether or some other numbing agent.


Oh, my…I had to stifle my laughter so that I didn’t wake neighbors. Thx!

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Carson and Donnie jr have the same coach? Donnie in his admiration for the poor of India giving him broad generous smiles…

I have a really hard time believing all the stories of what a wonderful surgeon Carson is.


Good instinct. I had the same thought earlier this morning and found the information cited below. It is not consistent with the Republican/Fox narrative that has been disseminated for so long.

WO, for some inane reason, I opened email as soon as I woke up today. Mistake. Left me with a cloak of nauseating antipathy. Carson is only a notch or two above the horrific Nazi criminal Dr Josef Mengele. Carson was a brilliant surgeon who experimented…EXPERIMENTED!!!..on twins???

The only way I might’ve felt different is if the article had said that both twins of each set were going to die sans surgery anyway.

What monsters are behind the abominable choices of subhumans named to the Cabinet and other posts of the Orange Cabal?

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