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Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Among Those Arrested at Vermont Protest of F-35 Fighter Jets


Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Among Those Arrested at Vermont Protest of F-35 Fighter Jets

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of a Tuesday referendum in Burlington, Vermont on whether local officials should fight plans to base F-35 bomber planes at the city airport next year, protesters—including the co-founder of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream company—were arrested Saturday for a demonstration featuring a simulation of the jet noise that will be generated by the aircrafts.


This independent bernie’s favorite plane and he fought hard to have the national guard get them. If they are serious maybe they should go to his home and office to protest


The F-35 is a joke, a really bad one. Wingspan too short, not maneuverable (in simulated dogfights with twenty-year-old F-16’s the latter wins easily) pilots hate them and say the computer systems are garbage. One and a half Trillion (yes, trillion) dollars for a weapon system that isn’t needed and doesn’t work, except to provide security for Lockheed Martin’s shareholders, and the senators (and yes, Bernie, you’re one of them) in their pocket. Capitalism at its most self-destructive.
Imagine what we could do with that much cash if we weren’t determined to throw it down the drain.


I guess we will all have to remember when speaking to someone from Vermont, speak loudly or know sign language.



Well like the propaganda we are fed adnauseum that noise is the price we pay for freedom!


Good for you, Ben Cohen. He could easily stay at home quite comfortably, but evidently decided that he could not. So kudo’s to him and to ALL those who are taking a stand.


To paraphrase Nixon, well if the military does it, it’s legal…


Oh Bernie, where are you?


I would be more excited about what they are doing if they were against something more substantial than ‘noise’. How about the immorality of weapons of war and how the F-35 represents that. Come on Burlington, surely you are better than this.


Taking a stand against ‘noise’?! How about protesting the very bases themselves? If it’s about the economy, find a way to offset its loss, don’t just demand quieter, kinder, gentler fighter jets. C’mon man…


Definitely what I’m alluding to.


Well could be that these fine residents know how fucking futile it is to fight against the war machine at this point. I mean seriously, can you blame them for wanting to fight against the noise?

Perhaps you can direct me to activities you are taking part in, in terms of protest, that are challenging the weapons of war.

Ben Cohen HAS protested these weapons of war, for the record.


This is a good example of why city and country governments need to develop detailed benefit/cost analyses of any major decision that can affect the population. The negative externalities of these jets will far outweigh the benefits to whomever, hence allowing them would be a short-sighted detrimental decision. Unfortunately, these analyses are not often conducted, and business people only think in terms of dollars and cents.


Ok, let’s both take a stand. Don’t just bitch at me….C’mon, man


Oh, the Irony. Time for Ben & Jerry’s to Clean Up Its Own Swamp?

Ben and Jerry’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of UNILEVER.

Whoopie-pie-de-doo-doo … can you say feeeel goooooooooood?


My thoughts exactly. I love Bernie, but his support for this POS boondoggle of a plane that’s not needed has got to change. The Empire must be dialed back. They can start by canceling the F-35.


Not one mention of Sen. Leahy in these comments. Ya’ know, the Senator with way more seniority and rank ( clout ) than Sen. Sanders. Trolls are usually more sophisticated than this so what happened; really, your assistant mgr. take Sunday off?
I think you should look into Sen. Sanders and his economic platform. It’s about living wage jobs and redistribution of government monies, including DoD/MIC development and spending. Especially so in a small rural state with, arguably, a strategic location for defensive purposes in the U.S.
BTW- Bernie didn’t design the F-35 but he did call for DoD cuts in 2016. However, Bernie Bashers could care less about these inconvenient truths, he’s not perfect but merely good or better. Kind of like B&J’s price point on Chery Garcia. I’ll still buy the best deal overall, but I know that going forward, some of my joy has been taken from me.:cry::cry::cry:


Who would not want a decibel equivalent table? Thanks.


I thought Ben and Jerry no longer own Ben and Jerry’s?


Bernie supported F35 parts manufacturing in Vermont. For jobs. Same reason for opposing immigration reform in 2007. He’s good, he’s just not perfect.