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Bernie 2020 Campaign Has Corporate Democrats Running Scared


Bernie 2020 Campaign Has Corporate Democrats Running Scared

Norman Solomon

With a launch of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign on the near horizon, efforts to block his trajectory to the Democratic presidential nomination are intensifying. The lines of attack are already aggressive—and often contradictory.

One media meme says that Bernie has made so much headway in moving the Democratic Party leftward that he’s no longer anything special. We’re supposed to believe that candidates who’ve adjusted their sails to the latest political wind are just as good as the candidate who generated the wind in the first place.



What a pleasant way to select a president. A bevvy of candidates, each with his or her compelling personal history. Each possessing a different persona, honed by past accomplishments and reflective of various genetic lineages. But wait, among this glorious diversity, one thread runs through them all - they all ring the progressive bell, some louder than others, some more resonant, but all stem from calculations based on the Blue Wave, the one Bernie, you and I worked for.

By watching replays of Bernie’s stump speeches, a candidate can gauge the response and adopt the right words. Thus, we have many hitch-riders of the progressive wagon aiming for that winning sound bite, the Bern. At heart, they may be Clinton neo-liberals, like Kamala Harris, or even Republican light, like Beto O’Rourke. Or they could be a blank slate, like Amy Klobuchar. Why can’t anyone change his mind, you say? Of course they can; but new converts should learn, not lead.

So I have come up with a simple test, based on the supposition that no one else is confident of raising millions from small donors the way Bernie did. Therefore, the centrist hitch-riders will hedge their bet by not overtly upsetting the big money. And who are the biggest of big monies? Big Pharm., AIPAC, Wall Street, Extraction industries, health insurance, and ISPs. These six constitute my test.

Here’s how it works: When you have cornered a candidate, at a Town Hall, say, lower the boom with an air-tight question critical to the interests of the big six. If the candidate hem and haw, evade the question or equivocate, you have your test result: a big fat “F”

Fun, ain’t it?



Good points, though I wouldn’t call Klobuchar a blank stare. A look at her voting record shows she is basically a centrist Democrat, voting consistently for obscene military spending and she’s on record as not supporting Medicare for All. She’s been a tough on crime Democrat with a strong work ethic which appeals to moderate Republicans and it’s worked for her getting those swing votes. Should Biden decide not to run, she’ll likely be a frontrunner in getting party establishment support, something, sadly, Sanders is unlikely to get.



And it is that, the ‘party establishment support’, that is an even more fundamental test, if you will.

It is also a most sour memory for those of us who believed in and supported Bernie in 2015/16, and poses a troubling question moving now further into 2019/20.



It has me running scared, too, because he’s going to sucker all those fools again and wind up funneling all that support into, I dunno, President-Appoint Kamala Harris’ perfectly manicured rallies.



‘Progressive’ or ‘Socialist’ Democrats serve the same function as ‘liberal’ priests inside the Catholic Church. They enable institutions whose form & function are overwhelmingly oppressive & cruel to deceive well-intentioned persons into the belief that these dark ideological dungeons can somehow be reformed. They make it possible for these repressive rackets to speak from both sides of their respective mouths.

Imagine a ‘Liberal’ KKK leader, or a ‘Progressive’ member of the Nazis, saying they were working for ‘change from within.’ People would rightly see through this sham.

This is the same thing with the Democrats. The function of the party is to take good intentions, melt them down, & forge them into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.



Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! There is no one as qualified and experienced as Bernie Sanders. There is no one who is ready to lead this country like Bernie Sanders! You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace



How can we trust democrats? Howard Dean “the scream” was taken down by corporate media and now he is one of them. Obama screwed us with a few crumbs. Booker and Harris can they be trusted. Amy and Sherrod say we can’t do it???/ when many nations of the world already do it and some for a long time. HOW CAN’T WE DO IT AMY AND sHERROD AND THE REST OF THE PEOPLE SAYING WE CAN’T.
Why doesn’t Bernie and Elizabeth Warren now and say they are running together. Bernie/Elizabeth or Elizabeth/Bernie then get a Speaker of the House who is progressive and younger.



What do you think of idea of Bernie and Liz come out right now as running mates?



Unfortunately, Most Democratic voters are no better than most Republican voters are at recognizing and rejecting the liars who want their votes but serve the interests of their corporate masters.instead of the voters who elect them.



As opposed to getting suckered into a Howard Schultz/Dr. Jill Stein " fusion ticket " based on personal Fair Trade Coffee tax credits and the Fight For 15; that is, a Federal $15,000 Tax Credit on the first 2 Teslas you purchase. And, park in front of the New Day Spa & Hot Yoga Center you own, of course.
I’ll stick with The Sandernistas and " shake the short change from the old fruit jar " suckers, so to speak. In fact, I’ve started filling a second jar in anticipation of the Bernie launch. $250 for the Primary and $250 for the General; just like every other Sandernista Sucker should do.
Putting your money where it has a realistic chance of doing the most good, for the most people, is of paramount importance in the next 12-15 months. Bernie did it once, he can do it again.



Well, good for you? I guess?

You work way too hard at this sometimes.



This is, unfortunately, true. I will say though, the data shows that the most conservative voters in general are older, white, and middle to upper class. They also vote in large numbers. Communities of color, poor people and lower middle class, working class and poor people, as well as the young, vote in lower numbers. It is a reflection as to who the system works for, as low income people, communities of color and young people have little actual representation. It doesn’t seem to matter as far as the identity of the rotten politician either. There are plenty of Democrats that happen to be African American that support policies that have decimated communities of color, working and poor people. It would help if the media in this country wasn’t the capitalist version of Pravda, but it is, and because of that, because of the ownership structure of the media an the class bias of the journalists in print and on TV, the public (if they happen to get most of their information from the dominant media) is hopelessly ill-informed about issues that impact them.

All in all, Trump entered office with support of about a quarter of the voting age population. Clinton in 1996, when horrible Democrats like him took control of his party, saw turnout at the lowest levels since before the Great Depression. In this country, since this system is so corrupt and rotten, most people simply don’t bother voting, which means whoever gets actual power doesn’t have an actual mandate to do much of anything that they do. It would help if, at least, the parties were internally democratic, but the Democrats might be even worse than the Republicans in that regard. I try to be optimistic, but sometimes a person is just lying to themselves when they try to justify something that has little to no factual or logical backing. Like, the Democrats can be reformed, or this or that politician (Beto, Harris, Booker) can be made to be something they aren’t. We need to dispense with these illusions, but I don’t expect many Democrats to do so, since many of them are upper class, upper middle class, white and relatively older voters that are fine with 45,000 of their fellow Americans dying because of this healthcare system, and fine with leaving a planet in the process of ecological collapse, fine with the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure gap they’ve left their kids and grandkids, fine with the rotten economic and political system they have handed over.



I think Bernie would be better suited to take on Tulsi Gabbert as opposed to Liz because she’s a far more aggressive voice than Liz and seems to stick to her guns in a way that Liz doesn’t.



The d-party can breathe a sigh of relief. They now have their scapegoat for their loss to Trump in 2020: the Bernie Bros who talked about socialism too much.



That only took my assistants about 8 minutes.
What? Me work? Come on, who’s zooming who here, Howard? :):):slight_smile:



But, it’s not Socialism according to the GPers posting here. It never was pure enough. It’s more like FDR’s New Deal for Sheep, Lambs & Old Goats, right?



Agreed. Liquid Democracy and Blockchain secured Cellphone voting can turn things in the opposite direction. The young depend on smartphones. Old cons, not so much.



I agree. Liz could make a good Attorney General.



The great irony of the CBC: supporting the murder of other black people, living outside of the U.S., by the Obama Adm. Also, their silence on the Venezuelan creeping coup is particularly weird, since 54% of that population isn’t Euro-White by lineage.
Who was MLK, Jr., again? Oh yeah, a black song writer and minister of the house of worship The Brothers & Sisters of The Holy Benjamins.