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Bernie 2020 Campaign Has Corporate Democrats Running Scared


One step further would be to tell the politician that if you get a bullshit, or non-answer you will be walking out, and that you encourage others to do the same. And then do it.

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Bernie has been missing from the MSM talking heads reporting, kind of like during the last campaign. When one of the other candidates are mentioned, others are mentioned as well. Not Bernie. It will become obvious after his hat is in the ring, whether or not he is going to get a fair share of press coverage.


The “Democrat” Party (it hasn’t been the Democratic Party since the Clinton sold it to the Koch Brothers) is still a private club! And therefore they will do the same thing to him next time that they did last time. Look, The ‘party’ is already talking about ELIMINATING AOC’s district in order to get rid of her.

I remain hopeful that Bernie will do an end-run around the Corporate ownership of the Democrat Party and run Inde.
Bernie 2020


the best rises to the top and stays there - the creme de la creme. Thank you Bernie - ready to go to work again. Just say when.


Lots of great input here. But me thinks Bernie got as far as he did in the 2016 primary because the DNC was clueless to his political clout; they thought they had it in the bag with Hilary. That won’t happen this time, and should it, the DNC will simply resort to a new bag of tricks. Ditto any progressive candidate. (I hope I’m wrong!). There’s a reason Eugene Debs ran for president from a jail cell, and Ralph frozen out like he was.


I’ve been concerned since even before the election if the small donation plan actually worked. Whether it needed help. How much might have been left over after the election. And maybe most important, can he raise that kind of money that way again?

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How do you eliminate a Congressional district? They’re all redrawn, not eliminated. Based on the upcoming 2020 census; and NY will probably lose one, for sure. But it will be up North, where the Republicans are more numerous, though in a shrinking overall population base.
I think A O-C will be a big plus for the NYC area. Who would you like to wake up looking at on the TEEVEE, A O-C or Cuomo, A O-C or DeBlazio?


As for Tulsi, I personally like her and find her more believable; but I wonder at how her relative youth and inexperience would strike voters. Perhaps that’s a non-issue and in any case I’d be pretty happy with that ticket.

In any case, I don’t think Liz Warren is in this to run as someone’s running mate. I doubt she’d be content with anything less than the top line. My own view is that any true altruist should be willing to take any role that benefits the people; and also that if any Democrat is truly as progressive as they might wish to be seen, they’d get behind Sanders, unequivocally and immediately. As Liz has announced her desire for the Presidency when Sanders is clearly both more progressive and more universally appealing, suggests to me that it’s more about ego than about bringing meaningful change.

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Bernie or bust.


Thanks for your responding Tony. I guess I need to read up on Tulsi Gabbard. I remember I think reading something negative about her so I put her out of my mind. I am a boomer and can’t remember everthing I read and/or if I remember it right. I stopped
paying attention to her. Me Bad.

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New York Democrats Could Eliminate Ocasio-Cortez’s District After 2020

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If he didn’t have them scared the last time, why are they scared now?


Notice how little (if any) credit Bernie got for not relying on corporate donors.
If ALL candidates for ALL offices weren’t obligated to rely on them, it makes sense that politicians would then not be required to satisfy said corporations’ wishes. Or am I missing something?


A O-C polls higher currently in NY State than DeBlazio right now. The Dimocrats are good at shooting themseves in the foot, shooting the messenger but this would be shooting themselves through the head. The Congressional Club of New York; Nadler, Engel, Watts and Co. are so " bought and paid for " they really are the best examples of political whores in a gerrymandered house of ill repute. BTW- Is that Anti-Semitic?
Cuomo got kicked out of the upcoming POTUS Sweepstakes by an actress, so maybe NYC is finally ready to move beyond The NYC Men’s Club for Hacks.
We’ll see I imagine.


As soon as Bernie announces I’ll be going door to door in my neighborhood.

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Or, at a minimum, chair of the SEC.

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They are bought and paid for - they are “pragmatic centrists”. And, it’s still a PRIVATE CLUB. They would rather see Trump in again (for several reasons) than anyone that would break up the Status Quo.

Here are the fundamental problems: Link
another link


The intra-party fight to replace Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn will be quite interesting to watch unfold. The replacements will face a situation where the planet is unraveling at speeds that would impress jet sled builders.


I could say the exact same thing about Republicans…


Warren would also make a good USSC justice nomination as well. Perhaps Sanders (and the rising Progressive Congress) needs to add a couple more seats to the USSC after he wins the White House (just to address the disingenuity of the last several appointments stolen from the American people)!

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