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Bernie and Hillary Duel as Democrats Debate


Bernie and Hillary Duel as Democrats Debate

Jon Queally, staff writer

The battle for the Democratic presidential nomination hit a new gear—though it may have ended for some—on Tuesday night as the party's five candidates seeking the nation's highest office squared off in their first televised debate from Las Vegas.


The best thing is that all of these candidates actually have records that speak louder than words spoken on the campaign trail. Though weak on foreign policy, Sanders has a far better and more consistent record on issues. The media narrative for the day in the corporate press is that Clinton "won" the "debate" because they do not want Sanders to be elected. As for "This is the United Sates," what an ignorant and smarmy comeback. Hey, this is America where people are stupid and doctors are a luxury commodity?


Sorry, Hillary, I will never vote for anyone who voted for the Iraq War and continues to justify the more than one million dead Iraqis since 1991, not that Bernie is much better in relation to the MIC and Israel... This lesser of two evils thingy really stinks!


Who used "we, us, ours" more than "I, me, mine"?
Hint: It was the socialist...


Hopefully this was a reality check moment for Webb and Chaffee, both of whom continue listing along like prima donnas awaiting prince charming electorate to come sweep them off their feet. Enough of the sissy self-preening, you two! O'Malley was his usual, "which candidate should I run to be VP for, Hillary or Bernie?" self - he needs to be politely and effectively dismissed for his irrelevance.

Hillary is still Hillary: manipulative, calculating, triangulating, plodding, devoid of vision, pandering to women - ("we can elect the first woman" - and make the war against women dominate the next eight years by putting one of the world's spiritually ugliest beast into the highest office just because the beast has the politically correct plumbing). Bernie needs to go after that vicious moral character disaster.

It is understandable the mainstream media sings her praises. They are trying to save her from herself (after all, the GOP is self-immolating), so she can continue Bill's and Barack's policy of "let's save capitalism's wars against nature so we can sustain the pretensions of having the greatest nation on earth" while the empire dies from the inside - the result of those wars against nature, the most vicious one being the wars against human nature, led by the mainstream media.


The Clinton's have been the beneficiaries of a system of capitalism that as run rough shod over millions of hard working Americans - causing the loss of millions good paying middle class jobs, the loss of homes, causing the break-up of families and yet they like many others in their class try pretending that somehow they are not in anyway personally responsible, but just somehow regular everyday people.
Remember folks they could afford to pay $1.3 million dollars for their daughters wedding.
They used their politic position to personally enrich themselves off Wallstreet while 73% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
She is not part of the solution, but part of the problem!
People with their wealth have developed a sense of entitlement.


On foreign policy, Clinton was downright evil but Sanders blew it for me as well with his anti Russia pro Israel, pro MIC stance, Clinton inadvertently blurred out her disdain for Putin and how much better dealing with Russia was under Medvedev. It was telling that the US was interested in removing not only Assad but also Putin. Neither one seem to care how ISIS is in retreat only after 1 week of a Russian aerial assault and both still want to topple Assad and support his opponents.
I think that US foreign policy will be decided by China and Russia regardless of who gets into the white house. The US is becoming less relevant in the international arena especially since invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.


I'm certainly thrilled that the highlight of the evening was that Democrats can clear the outrageously high bar that is the GOP primary contenders' idiocy.

So here we have a review of the debate emphasizing how different it was form the other party's debate, as if that's the purpose of these theatrics.

I guess when your highest executive office is being sponsored by Facebook, this is what we get now.


And, of course, not a word about Sanders' Neocon pronouncement on supporting Obama's illegal Syrian airwar.

“I support President Obama’s effort to combat the Islamic State in Syria,” Sanders said, “while at the same time supporting those in Syria trying to overthrow the brutal dictatorship of Bashar Assad.”

What kind of leftist says that? What kind of socialist?

The kind that will endorse the Megathatcher the moment he drops out of the race next Spring - that kind.


You will not have to worry about voting or not voting for Sanders. By spring he will be out of the race and will ask all his supporters to vote for Hillary instead. It was obvious last night with Sanders defending Hillary with foam and passion about her e-mail mess. Hillary grinned and after that they shook hands, lovingly looking in each other's eyes.


While most of it was boring, it was also eye opening what is really going on.


You do pigs an injustice.


Hillary should send Bernie a dozen roses for his stupendous gift of his email remark. Most people don't trust Hillary, and for good reason. Her email flip flopping is a large red flag for this. By saying it is not important, he let her off the hook in a big way. Now it is basically off the table for discussion, to Hillary's vast benefit.With her honesty basically vouched for by her only opponent, she's got this one cinched.

As someone told me once, you don't bring "Roberts Rules of Order" to a knife fight.


So do the intelligent thing. Vote for Jill Stein-the Algebra Nun as someone called her a while back. She's perfect, and perfectly irrelevant.


Good question.


No. If Bernie falters, go to plan B; write in None of the Above. A victory for none of the above would reestablish the integrity of US citizens who have acquiesced to endless US atrocities against innocent families.

Imagine how rich americans would be if cowardly pentagoners didn't spend all that borrowed money to bomb innocent families as the easy way to increase their own budget growth?


Given what "strong on foreign policy" has come to mean in the last decades of rightward lurch in this country one could only hope that Sanders is much more "weak" on foreign policy than he actually is.


Sorry-if Bernie falters, I'll vote against whichever malignant turd the Republicans put up.That's as positive as I can be.That means voting for the odious Hillary. I'm an active voter, and have been since LBJ ran against Goldwater. I have no problem with voting for the lesser evil-especially as the greater evil is going to be so much greater this time around. I'm a realist.


I would agree, though the CIA has been running that for some time.


Nicely put.