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Bernie Barnstorms the Midwest


Bernie Barnstorms the Midwest

Ruth Conniff

More than 1,000 chilly Wisconsinites stood in the wind at James Madison Park on the shores of Lake Mendota in Madison, to hear Bernie Sanders speak late in the afternoon on Friday, April 12.

As the state flag, the American flag, and an Earth flag snapped in a stiff breeze, and a youngish crowd of Bernie supporters rubbed their hands and stamped their feet to keep warm, James Alexander, a cook and union organizer, explained that kitchen staff simply can’t get affordable health insurance.

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From the onset of the 2016 primaries it was apparent to anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome that 2016 was the year of the outsider.

Bernie got as far as he did because his platform was (and is) outside the DC mainstream.

Unfortunately the Democrats’ nominee (Clinton) was as inside as an insider can get, and Trump was able to successfully brand himself as an outsider despite having been second to none in benefiting from insider culture for decades.



Bernie, what a mensch.



I’m not impressed by, or do I support Clinton’s love of corporate money. But I hesitate to demean her potential presidency as some sort of diabolical failure without having seen how she may have led the country. I think on most issues, if you compare the way Trump has handled things with the way Clinton might have, you would see a huge difference.

But to the reason for posting. I was wondering how the republicans will operate when Bernie is elected president. Will it be another stretch of cold shoulder years like that of the Obama Administration?

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I must have missed the email from Bernies campaign that says Free Assange Manning Snowden and too many others. Someone please post.



F F35 bro



I just finished a comment that I now repeat at this article, it’s slightly relevant: The Supplemental Poverty Measure shows that 40% of U.S. families have pre-tax incomes above 4 times the poverty rate, but after taxes it drops to 20%. We need less tax in that range so more can stay above 4 times poverty. Four times poverty for one person is $50,000, for 2 persons is $64,000, for three it’s $80,000 and for four persons it’s $100,000, roughly. So about 20% of the nation drops from above to below 4 times poverty into the range 2 times to 4 times poverty. This is not a super wealthy group, their incomes lie in the 50th to 85th percentile of all incomes. Their “overall effective” tax rate (looking at ITEP figures, Who pays taxes in America? 2018) is between 25% to 29% of income. The ITEP report states that 30.4% is the effective overall rate of the top 1%. Glad to hear that? We all support that, don’t we. There is a study that claims that 56% of all growth since 1972 went to the top one percent, and their incomes tripled between 1972 and 2015; it’s called “The New Gilded Age” at the Economic Policy Institute. In the same period, of 43 years, the lower 99% had an income gain of 15%. The focus of higher new taxes should be on the top 7.1% of tax payers, all who earn more than $200,000 a year. The top 7.1% of tax payers earn about 38.9% of all income (says the Joint Committee on Taxation, Overview for 2019, page 34). The ITEP figures say that top-earning 5% pays 38% of all taxes (federal, state and local). So their income is about 38% of all income, and they pay about 38% of all taxes, says ITEP. This is not progressive, not by my standards. We need about 24 gradations of tax rates, and a higher corporate tax rate. The public should have the option of supporting candidates who make a case, like Warren and Sanders, for much higher rates on the richest, and others like Senator Sherrod Brown who would double the Earned Income Tax Credit, and others who would raise the minimum wage. It’s an urgent need. my blog: http://benL88.blogspot.com



MUST WATCH Bernie’s FOX interview today. I think he converted them.




Saw Bernie tonight (4/15) on Fox Town Hall and he fucking nailed it. The crowd there was definitely behind him and the Fox co-hosts were pretty much silenced. Fucking shame he has to go on Fox to get some media attention as the “liberal” MSNBC hardly even mentions his name.



See my post below yours.

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