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Bernie Bashes Billionaires in Big Apple, Challenges Dem Establishment in NH



No candidate, or even politicians generally, dare to voice the disparities in American society, the nature of vulture capitalism, the usury of TBTF banks, the obscenity of executive pay, and many other domestic issues - except candidate Bernie Sanders and we, regardless of the warts that almost all politicians have and Bernie is no exception, must respect his courageous efforts to educate and energize the public. The RepubliCon candidates show their shallowness, ignorance and craven pandering at every turn and deserve nothing. This goes beyond party to the nature of our society, the role and power of big-money to corrupt our political system, and the greed that drives almost everything that our nation is driven to by our so-called leaders.

The international aspects to Sander's candidacy, his policies and efforts, must be challenged when necessary and that is our responsibility - the electorate. We will do a better job of that and the ultimate goal of real change in so many areas of policy from a position of unity and strength than division and dissention. We have of course been snookered before and this election cycle will be no exception and will make or break many aspects of America - and the world......


Bernies best running mate?:smile:



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It's so nice to see a guy run for President and look like he's having too much fun.


Where does O'Malley's campaign funding come from?



Bernie just cares about the country, not himself. Clinton on the other hand, just cares about herself, right behind power and money.

You can smell the difference.


Thanks, but to many like me that are disgusted with the oligarchy takeover of our government, that makes him part of the problem.


The outstanding point about dear Debbie here is the resistance she and the DNC is facing for their continued pandering to Hillary. We have had it with the same ole same ole and the crowd let her know in no uncertain terms. This is what a revolution looks like - people standing up, protesting and demanding change. My feeling is this is only the beginning and the pressure will continue to build. It is way past time.


OK, all you Sanders folks - Sanders says he would prefer to be called a "progressive" instead of a "socialist" or a "liberal" - so remember that ...


The great American socialist Michael Harrington knew the name of the game, the name of the game is change, the transformation of a society to one in which all are haves. He suffered, as Bernie is suffering, from the outrage of the Stage Talk socialists of his day, the secular Calvinists waiting for the inevitable final synthesis.

He understood the historical context in which American politics operates, and that the most practical solution for socialist goals, was through the Democratic Party. When he supported George McGovern the entire socialist world came down on him. Harrington said, and it is true today, that the socialists were not gaining in numbers, and working through, and transforming the Democratic Party, was a better alternative.

Ironically, it is an even more practical idea today. Now the two parties are but shells, standing for nothing, waiting to be occupied by the highest corporate bidder. I like the hermit crab analogy, the hermit crab looks for an empty shell and makes it home. Why not occupy and thus transform the Democratic Party. Go Bernie, transform that old party of Roosevelt, with its mixed economy, to an economy of no have nots. No matter what you call it, socialism is the flip side of democracy.

To this day, the sainted critics at Counterpunch, and other habitats, never mention America's home grown socialist, Michael Harrington.

  1. Counterpunch does, in fact, produce the occasional article supporting attempts to takeover the Democratic party, so while they may frustrate you in their opposition, the reality is they are far more editorially open then most liberal sites--even this one.

  2. Harrington turned out to be way wrong. I should know, I was part of the second wave of leftist exiles from the Dems in the 90s. The first wave was during the '88 run, when more rules changes made it even harder for marginal left candidates to get nominated. The Clintons and their hideous DLC finished the rest of us off.

  3. Pro-capitalist liberals wildly outnumber anti-capitalist pinkos (I am one). How do you see reds even gaining numbers in that party without driving out hte majority who would, in turn, reform yet another party and trounce the reds?

  4. Socialism can't be won right now through the political process. It's simply not possible. It can be advanced through hard work countering decades of propaganda, but that's a long term project. Somehow we have to pull the left-leaning liberals off the fence regarding their devotion to capitalism, and that's a very difficult task. I've been working at it for years, and the results are disheartening.

In any event, I have no animosity for those who try to take the route you suggest. I am saying there's a history of that with Democrats going back to '32, and that this history indicates that such a thing is nearly impossible.


Thanks for the reply.


"To this day, the sainted critics at Counterpunch, and other habitats, never mention America's home grown socialist, Michael Harrington."

They fail to mention time and again when speaking of Einstein that he was a socialist.
He believed and wrote that in order for humanity to advance, it would eventually have to adopt socialism.
He described the negative things he saw with capitalism as "the evils of capitalism."

If you have not look up an essay he wrote that was published in Monthly Review in 1949 entitled, " Why Socialism".


NO! If you want geographic balance, then Ohio Progressive Dem. Sherrod Brown is the man. If you want racial balance, then CA Congresswoman, and progressive Barbara Lee is your candidate.


He is also challenging the DEM establishment while running in that same establishment.


EXCELLENT post with an accurate perspective.


Bernie Sanders needs to read the book if he as not already.

A small excerpt from Michael Hudson's new book “Killing the Host”

“Today’s banks seek to prevent discussion of how over-lending and debt
deflation cause austerity and economic shrinkage. Failure to confront the
economy’s limits to the ability to pay threatens to plunge labor and industry
into chaos.
In 2008, we watched a dress rehearsal for this road show when Wall
Street convinced Congress that the economy could not survive without
bailing out bankers and bondholders, whose solvency was deemed a
precondition for the “real” economy to function. The banks were saved, not
the economy. The debt tumor was left in place. Homeowners, pension funds,
city and state finances were sacrificed as markets shrank, and investment
and employment followed suit. “Saving” since 2008 has taken the form of
paying down debts to the financial sector, not to invest to help the economy
grow. This kind of “zombie saving” depletes the economy’s circular flow
between producers and consumers. It bleeds the economy while claiming
to save it, much like medieval doctors.
Extractive finance leaves economies emaciated by monopolizing their
income growth and then using its takings in predatory ways to intensify
the degree of exploitation, not to pull the economy out of debt deflation. The
financial aim is simply to extract income in the form of interest, fees and
amortization on debts and unpaid bills. If this financial income is predatory,
and if capital gains are not earned by one’s own labor and enterprise, then
the One Percent should not be credited with having created the 95 percent
of added income they have obtained since 2008. They have taken it from the
99 Percent.” - Michael Hudson ( Killing the Host, 2015)


Well considering that his voting record, with a few exceptions, doesn't reflect that, pardon me if i take his rhetoric with a grain, or maybe a whole shaker, of salt ...


It would be a big improvement if Bernie's supporters would refrain from chanting his name or at least only doing so at his introduction. Instead, chant about the programs we want to see: More democracy, Single payer, Social Security, Peace Now, and so forth. This is not about Bernie and we have to be perfectly clear that with Bernie or not these are our demands.