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'Bernie Blackout' Strikes Again? Despite Iowa Poll Average Showing Sanders in Solid 2nd, CNN Uses Old Poll to Show Him in 4th

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/bernie-blackout-strikes-again-despite-iowa-poll-average-showing-sanders-solid-2nd


I hope Bernie breaks up the whole CNN AT&T WarnerMedia cabal in his first year


Not only that. Polls show Biden slipping in SC and Bernie within striking distance. Panic stations in the borg.


We need to begin to ask ourselves, if Bernie does, by some miracle, win the nomination, will we ever hear about it in the main stream media?


“Looking forward to winning this thing without the assist.”

OK–time to make another donation to Bernie’s campaign.


Bernie will become the 1st presidential candidate from a major party who’ll be referred to as The Candidate Who Shall Not Be Named. Or, he will be called The Other Choice.
This is why it will be important for Sanders supporters to go to Milwaukee this summer, besides the micro-breweries and brats, of course.
With the lake so close to the convention center, as well, the Super Delagates will understand the phrase " going for a dip ", has connotations beyond cheating Bernie out of the nomination and, going with Biden on the 2nd roll call vote.
[ Snark. ]


Fuck the MSM. Quit paying attention to them. They have made themselves irrelevant.


But my Trumpian Neighbors tell me all “fake news” is anything negative about Trump. And, of course they assure me the media are “liberal” but have never heard of Common Dreams or Democracy Now etc.

I am certain debate audience televised audio responses to Bernie’s comments were muted to make him appear unpopular. They did the same shit to Howard Dean (doctored audio in the infamous Dean Scream Speech), and I believe also the replays of Michael Moore’s famous Fake President Oscar Speech (where audience "boo’s were amplified despite the live broadcast having shown greater audience cheering). Who moderated the last debate? Politico, founded by a far right wing former Reagan operative, and PBS Newshour and Judy Woodruff which are both best described in my opinion, as wholly owned subsidiaries of uber-capitalist and Tax Evader, Warren Buffet. (His BNSF Railroad may still be the largest contributor to the PBS Newshour.)


It’s so true. I’m 75 and Rachel was so my shero that I followed her Russia Russia Russia crap down to the last jot and tittle, even tho it seemed very McCarthy-ish. At first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing because her monologue as so muddled and devious, but then when the Squad tried to overthrow Queen Baloney, and Rachel giggled like a little simp in a pinafore torturing a cat and wondered aloud how these women who had just scored such a big victory at the polls would want to replace that neo-liberal skank for speaker, I could suddenly see how she did it. She just left out obvious facts and drew her corporate conclusions from thin air. And that majorly happens for us oldies. We are loyal to the Dems of our youth, trying to see where the party is going and all of a sudden, it’s like a pie in the face. So indeed, my cable is gone, my iPad is on fire, I love Jimmy Dore, I can spot a neolib a mile away, I love Aaron Matte and Max Blumenthal, Media Benjamin (still and always) Bernie (always) and Tulsi. New sheroheros.


Rachel Maddow and the other media personalities who amplified the Russia manipulation before Mueller pulled the rug out were not and can not be McCarthyites nor red baiting in any way shape or form. Russia is a mafia state and nearly a failed state from what I’ve read.
Their invasion of the Ukraine is VERY REAL and a very worrisome fact to Eastern Europe. As long as the Rich play their death games over natural resources, which is happening on both sides, this shit is real and must be acknowledged.
The Mueller report seems to make a case for Trump’s obstruction as well as a genuine case for Russian election interference. That he determined there was no collusion is in my opinion as much a right wing Republican LIE as when Robert Mueller went before Congress and told the world that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Remember that? I saw Trump in 2016 stand before the world on live TV and call for the Russians to interfere in the election. Within hours they were doing just that. I call that COLLUSION. We just saw Roger Stone convicted of lying to the FBI and Congress I guess, facing real jail time, after apparently being the go-between for Russian hackers and Wikileaks. I may be wrong about the finer details, but there is enough smoke here to definitely NOT take a dump on Rachel Maddow.
What bugs me about the media is their silence on Cambridge Analytica.


Used to be, “Here, this seems to check out. Post some reality, your friends can read?” Well, that’s not likely, living in this bad SF remake of “Idiocracy” or “Invasion of the Pod People?” Try waking up to Yves’ links on Naked Capitalism, Fair.org, Black Agenda Report, Caitlin Johnstone, CounterPunch, Intercept or Consortiumnews? And if you can’t find Mark Ames, Yasha Levine (just booted from Twitter) or Naomi Klein, there’s:


Who’d I forget? Help out, folks: ProPublica, Chris Hedges, Shadowproof, DeSmogBlog…


Who interfered more in the 2016 election, Russia or the mainstream media? Russia or corporate dark money? Russia or the DNC?


You cannot hope
to bribe or twist,
thank God! the
American journalist.
But seeing what
the man will do
unbribed, there’s
no occasion to.
(Humbert Wolfe).


IMHO, CNN is striking out as are most corporate media folks. BS and fear mongering keep the ‘up- clicks’ coming but truth doesn’t sell well.

I like the caucus. Bring in the voters.


Russia’s break in (hack) of the DNC emails and Trump’s obstruction of justice are as bad as the break in of the DNC headquarters at the Watergate Hotel by Liddy and his cronies in 1972 and Nixon’s Plumber’s cover-up subsequently. Trump’s withholding military aid to Ukraine is worse than anything Nixon did.
The crime was the break in.
Now describe please exactly what Cambridge Analytica did with all this data they were getting from Facebook, Manafort and the Russians? Also, what exactly was Manafort convicted of and Roger Stone? What was Stone doing with Wikileaks and the Russians? Did that really NOT amount to collusion? When Trump publicly asked the Russians to interfere and they did within hours, was that not collusion?
At least back then the CIA didn’t take the fall for Nixon the way they have now with Carter Page.


And if he does not…especially if “not” by chicanery or super delegate shananigans…what then does he do? Y’all know what I want him to do: Bolt and run anyway. Sampson, pulling down the Temple of Dagon.

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Send me a list of places to stay!

Tulsi gabbard and jimmy Dore are taking payola I’ll betcha. To hell with her if she can’t stand with the overwhelming number of her Party. She’s shilling for Trumpsters. And the article you provide means zero if getting Trump out of the White House would END all the reasons she wanted him censured.

Tulsi and Dore are Chomsky 101.